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Not Exactly Edging

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I don't think you'd call edging what I've been doing for some time now. I've been masturbating to orgasms since I was eleven. The only time I had difficulty with very frequent masturbation was when I spent four years in the military where they certainly encourage masculinity, but not masturbation or so it seemed. At least, in most cases guys are far too close together for much privacy to masturbate, and yet, we managed to get it done to some extent.

Married almost forty three years now and still have intercourse about twice a week, I still thoroughly enjoy masturbation too and at times, it is as enjoyable to me as a good fuck, and yet, I am certainly no longer able to have an orgasm every day as I once was.

A habit from my business years, I am generally up by 4:00am. or sometimes earlier and as my computer is in a seperate room from our bedroom, I have total privacy to surf and virtually do whatever I want. After I read my messages, I usually come to this web-site and sometimes end my surfing on this site never leaving it, reading some of the truly great stories here. Oh sure, many are obviously figments of somebody's imagination, and yet, is that so bad?

Other times, I'll surf and find a good site which to me, is females having orgasms. You see, after years of 'me' sex where I was lucky to last three minutes whether masturbating or having intercourse, about the age of forty, I realized what I was truly missing. The female orgasm first.

I think the most beautiful sight in all the world is the face of a female in the throws of an orgasm, and all are different enough to keep the beautiful look just that. The look of what one might mistake painful bliss. Often the roll back of her eyes. The gasping and panting and the involuntary movement of her body as her orgasm is upon her. This truly is a sight for all ages, and how disappointing to have sex with your lady and not experience that emotion from her.

So, I go to such a site or slip in a CD that has women having orgasms for my final step of the morning. Masturbating, but not exactly edging.

Now to get to the state where I am aroused to the point of wanting to orgasm myself, may take me from five minutes to as long as half an hour at times. All the while, stroking my cock very low, at the base and in my case, take my little pinky finger and massage my scrotum as I slowly stroke my ever increasingly sensitive cock. Depending on my frame of mind,(our biggest sex organ), sooner or later I will feel a build up of tension deep inside. No, not my balls but much deeper. Yes, at times, I'll include anal play but need to be very careful with that not to cum too quick or too much. When I get close, I usually stop for a minute or two. Let those feelings sink back deep inside again and distract myself from looking and listen to a woman having an orgasm which often can set me over the edge. Then I'll go back and do it again and sometimes do this four or five times. That's about all I can take.

Next, I'll go slow until my feelings match those of the beautiful lady about to have her orgasm and as she gets closer, so do I. You can almost always tell when they are so very close too.

Now is the tricky part. I must remove any anal play by this time and switch from a very low grip on my cock to one that stimulates the part just under the head of my cock and upper shaft. As the lady on the screen orgasms, I too can orgasm without any further stimulation and it's at this point that I must stop any manual manipulation of any part of my cock as now, semen will barely come to the top and perhaps a half teaspoonful will ejaculate in a very slow roll. All the while, I know (done this often before) that if I continue masturbating, I'll cum very hard with a huge amount of semen. No, I just thoroughly enjoy the sensation I have, and, at my age, I can do this day after day without fear that I won't be able to cum that night.

No, the feelings to me are not quite as good as a very hard cum, and while I am very prolific in the amount of semen I ejaculate during normal sex or even normal continual masturbation, often still shooting several inches on my first spurt, I still love this great feeling that I can repeat as often as I want. Yes, even half an hour later and do it again. Any other guys do the same thing? Just curious.



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