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Not Entirely Sure I Enjoyed That

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This isn't a hot one, this is a complicated one.


So, I've always had a bit of a thing for public baths. When I was little, and could still hide my tiny erections in my trunks, I'd often be rock hard all the time while I was there. Lately, as an adult, I've started swimming for exercise, and have on occasion masturbated in the showers afterwards, because, hey, I'm naked, I might as well!

Through this, I've always wondered what would happen if someone saw me. Would they be disgusted? Would they call the staff? Would they join me?

Well, today I found out.

I'd been sitting in the sauna, getting so relaxed I was just a walking ball of soft muscles. I got in the shower, and felt kind of frisky. The shower room was completely quiet, so I figured it was safe. I started stroking my cock, and as I shampooed my body, standing in front of the mirror just outside my shower booth, started getting hard for real. My cock doesn't rise until it's completely hard, instead it just hangs there looking heavy and thick for a long time, so it could potentially still be mistaken for just a really big cock.

All of a sudden I spotted some movement in the corner of my eye, and saw another man coming round the corner. So I quickly got back in my shower booth and start rinsing off. Suddenly I heard the guy, who's evidently gotten in the booth right opposite from mine, say


I opened my eyes slightly, and saw that he'd stuck his hand down his trunks and was furiously jerking his cock. He sort of indicated to my cock with his eyes and said something about the size being 'all right'. I wasn't sure if he meant my size was all right, or if he was asking if his size was all right. His cock was considerably smaller than mine, and didn't really seem to be that hard.

This is where I start to get confused about what I did because I wanted to, and what I let happen. At first I thought 'hey, this is what you've fantasised about before, go with it!', so I did. I started stroking my cock openly, though considerably slower than the other guy. At one point I just stood there, turned to face him so he could look at my body while he stroked himself.

What started to irk me though was that there was nothing sensual about him. He was just jerking, not stroking, and made it all feel kind of dirty in a way that started to turn me off. I wasn't repulsed by the fact that a guy was enjoying my body or anything, but it certainly didn't do anything to heighten the experience for me.

So I decided to finish up quickly, not even rising to a full erection, and my cum mostly just dribbling out. I doubt he could even see it happen from the other side of the room.

As I was finishing up, he seemed to be just gearing up. He turned around, leaned against the wall and presented his ass, spreading his cheeks for me to see. I just glanced at him, trying desperately to not make eye contact. At this point, I just wanted to get out of there, and was deeply regretting I hadn't done a few more laps, or sat five more minutes in the sauna before taking my shower.

However, all would be fine if the guy hadn't then continuously sought eye contact with me both in the shower room and in the changing room, even in the lobby as I was putting my shoes and jacket back on. He even went so far as to wait outside the exit, clearly seeking contact, to see if I was up for something more.

Unfortunately, even when I'm enjoying a sexual experience, I tend to clam up pretty bad. I can't find words for what I want to express, so actually telling him 'hey, that was cool, but I don't want anything else' was completely out of the question. Eventually, I walked out, tried very hard not to look at him, and went around the block, deliberately in the opposite direction to where I was actually going.

I feel really bad about this, because I felt like I acted like a complete homophobe, when I immediately started trying to ignore him as soon as I'd gotten off. But I just couldn't get past the fact that it felt more like he was just perving on me, in the basest way, than that we were both enjoying some sensual masturbation in the shower.

Too bad too, because the pool was full of gorgeous ladies that made my thoughts run wild and my cock swell already while I was doing my laps.

Now I feel like I need to drench myself in naked ladies on the internet or something, but it's not like that's going to erase the image of this man presenting me his ass, or waiting outside, or saying 'see you around' as I left the changing rooms. But I don't want to think about it that way, because then I'm just another homophobe who refuses to recognise his own sliding scale of sexuality.

Needless to say, my orgasm was less than stellar.



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