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Not at My Best

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I do a lot of weightlifting to stay in shape for basketball, and my school doesn't let kids come in on their own time to lift. My mom got me a membership to a local gym, so I've been working out there for a month or so. One night I went down there somewhat late, so the place was rather empty. I got a good lift in, and finished up by running a few extra miles around the track. Soaked with sweat, I entered the locker room and stripped down to shower.

I took off my pants and boxers, and laughed to myself at what I saw. It was clear that my blood had rushed pretty much anywhere but to my genitals. My penis was drawn back into a skinny stick, and my testes were pulled up tight in my sack. I stood up, glistening with sweat and my penis in poor form. As I walked nude over to the showers, the door cracked open and another guy walked in. I walked right in front of him, and he took a good look down at my genitals.

I turned on the water, and got in without thinking to wait for the hot water. I scrambled out from under the shower head, and eased myself back under the freezing water. I closed my eyes and let the chilly water trickle down my body. The shower was unbelievably relaxing. After working hard for so long, a cold shower helped to bring me back quite well. I opened my eyes and looked around to make sure that the other guy was not around, and slowly began to touch myself as the water flowed over me. My penis had shrunken tremendously into a near nub as a result of the cold shower, and my scrotum was pulled tight around my balls, hugging them up into my body.

As I touched myself, the guy I had bumped into strolled into the shower. He took off his towel well before he got to his shower, revealing a meaty cock that must have been five and a half inches long flacid. I felt very exposed, so I started to rush myself so I could get out.

He must have noticed my haste, because he called over to me from the other end of the showers, 'Having fun yet?'

I figured that he was ok so I relaxed. 'Yeah, I guess.'

'That cold shower must be nice!' With that, he got out from under his hot shower and walked over to me. When he got to me, he looked down at my cock and commented about how small it got. I was embarassed, and defended myself saying that I was usually much bigger. Without my expecting it, he got under the cold water with me. I was oddly excited, as his thick cock would occasionally rub my leg. In only a matter of seconds, his cock shrunk vastly. I stepped out to watch as his five inches went down to a nub only one and a half inches long. At the time, mine was basically a nub. I had about a quarter or less of shaft, and the rest was just the tip. Even in our shrunken states, his cock was half an inch or so bigger than mine.

I got back into the shower with him, and we began to get more playful. We reached down and fondled each other's tiny penises, laughing the whole time. I began to get really horny, and my shriveled cock tried desperately to expand into an erection. The result was a stiff, three inch cock about half as long as I usually am. He was in the same state, but his was about four inches long, and a little thicker. I fondled him up close. He turned off the water, and I began to masturbate him. It was a good, long handjob, and he got really into it despite the state of his penis. He began to grunt throw his hips into my hand as I got him closer to cumming. When he felt it about to blow, he shoved his hips forward and shot a few ropes all over my legs. A lot of cum was left to trickle out the tip.

We left the shower, and I laid down on a bench to do myself. I got off somewhat quickly, and blew my load straight up and back onto my chest as he watched. He ran and grabbed a towel, and wiped up most of the cum from my chest. He took his finger and scraped up a little bit of what was left behind, and took it up to my lips. I resisted, then opened my mouth and licked off the cum. We dressed together, and he gave me his number in case I needed a buddy. I still haven't called him, but I will soon.



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