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Not Actually Gay

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I am a bisexual but because of the three years Emily has lived with me, most of the people I know and most of my friends consider me gay. Emily knows Ray and Pete are childhood friends and also knows I am with them every other Friday night. Ray and Pete also think I am gay and that's what started everything.


It was sometime around April of 2010 that I went back to Rays apartment with them. They are brothers and I have known them since I was in fourth grade. We were always good friends but had never had any kind of sexual experience until that night. They began discussing with me about the way Emily and I have sex and the things we do to each other. I never told them I was gay and never said I was bisexual either. They just assumed over the years that I was only interested in women. He was only joking around but Pete ended up getting undressed and walked into the living room naked. He asked me if he turned me on and insisted I tell him how I felt about a nude male. I told him I had no interest in him or Pete and suppose that's what prompted Pete to also take all his clothes off. It was quite funny and they strolled around that way for almost an hour just joking around. I'd say they asked me thirty or forty times to also get undressed which I just shook my head no.

They kept it up and to be honest about it I felt a little aroused just by looking at them. Not that either have an extra large penis but both are good looking guys. They just kept saying it wasn't fair that I was still dressed and repeatedly asked me to strip for them. It's not like I was an innocent virgin at the time and the more I thought about it I couldn't see any harm. In all the years I knew them they had never seen me naked and it was many years ago that only one time I did see Pete naked which was just an accident, and remember him being very embarrassed about it. They jokingly applauded as I started getting undressed and I think surprised at how well I am built. My breasts are not large but a decent size and the fact I have been shaving my pubic hair for many years was entertaining to them. I did tell them its ok to look but don't touch and they never tried. What we did do at Ray's suggestion was to masturbate ourselves. They were just standing there looking at me and Ray was the first to get an erection. He said I know I can't touch you but why don't we jerk off. We only laughed when he said that and I mentioned jerking off was out of the question for me. They both looked at me as they masturbated and I have to concede that I was turned on and highly aroused. I had no problem having an orgasm in front of them.

Two weeks later we again went out and ended up at Ray's apartment. I don't know why but they still think I am totally gay and I let them believe that. That night I masturbated both of them and allowed them to masturbate me. I am sure they both wanted to have intercourse with me but they are such good friends I didn't want to get that involved sexually. I insisted I was gay and told them I had to think about a girl touching me when they were. I lied and said I had to pretend they were woman and that by me jerking them off had no sexual feeling for me. I told them the only reason was because they were my friends and I like them very much. In reality I very much enjoy seeing them get an erection and holding their hard penis. Its fun to me just seeing and knowing they are aroused and I love seeing them ejaculate.

When they masturbate me its usually the two of them touching me at the same time. I just lay there and let them take turns fondling my breasts and fingering me. I close my eyes and tell them not to talk but let them explore my body every time now. I've been bringing dildos with me most of the time and let them use them on me both anally and vaginally. I don't admit it to them but my orgasms are often strong and tremendous. They both know Emily well but know better than to ever say anything to her.

Pete and Ray often tell me they wish we started doing this many years ago. When I think about it I don't know why it didn't happen sooner. We told each other almost anything our entire lives and it was never limited to any subject including sex. I even remember in our teen years talking about masturbation and not just that but admitting to each other that we did. I'm inclined to think because of how close are families were that we never had any sexual contact all these years. Both of them have girlfriends that I know. Emily and their girlfriends I'm sure think my relationship with Pete and Ray is strictly platonic. We still see each others parents mostly on holidays and I'm sure they have no inclination of how our close relationship has gotten more close and intimate. Aside from our masturbation we are truly friends and would do anything for each other.



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