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Not a Sin

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Moms just don't understand!!!


My name is Chad and I am now 20 years of age; however this happened four years ago when I was 16. I was over at a friend's house for a week, this was the first time that I had been allowed to spend the night away from home. I have never known my father and my mother was very protective of me - she home schooled me and the only place I ever got to go was church.

I was staying at John's house because my mom and his mom were going to a weeklong training session out of town for school nurses. John was 14 then and the other three guys that were there for the week were John's 15 year old brother and their 15 year old twin brother cousins Matt and Mark. This made five horny teens. But, at this time in my life I lived with the idea that jacking-off was a sin, something that my mother taught me.

John's dad and his twin brother were 40 and their dad was also at the house for the week and he is 65. John's dad and uncle can best be described as being 6 ft. tall with perfect bodies. They looked a lot like the new blonde guy that plays James Bond. John's granddad had the same look, but looked a little older. We all gathered at the same time, because John's dad had come around town and picked up all up in his van. After everybody got settled in the house we all moved out around the pool, to my surprise the whole group began to strip and get in the pool naked. My first thought was, 'great my first time away from home and I am surrounded by perverts.' I eventually made myself take off my clothes and I joined the naked mob in the pool. Five naked teens and three naked old guys. Nobody touched anybody else except there was some horseplay.

Pa, John's granddad, had been cooking steaks on the grill. Still naked all eight of us gathered at the table in the pool house. We ate like pigs and by the time we had finished we were all dry. Taking the lead from this horde of naked guys we all gathered our clothes and headed to the house - still naked. The dads and granddad all disappeared into bedrooms. That evening the five of us gathered in the large den to sleep. We pulled three mattresses from the bedrooms and put them on the floor. We had a lot of horseplay, still naked.

Around 2:00 a.m. we all began to run out of energy to go any further and the lights were turned out and the TV off. That is when I got really surprised - Matt, Mark, Luke and John all stared to jack-off. Nobody said anything, Luke had gone to his room and retrieved a bottle of lube, passed it around and they all just started jacking-off. I was in a fog - sure I wanted to join in, but my mother had told me that jacking-off was a sin. Either the guys that I go to church with don't care if jacking-off is a sin, or they don't think it is a sin.

I got so horny I did not care what I did I was hard and I started to jack-off thinking that I was surely going to go to hell. We all jacked until we were all satisfied with great gobs and guy juice all over our stomachs and chest.

The next morning I saw Pa leave his bedroom and head to the pool. Pa is a retired Baptist preacher and I slipped out to the pool with him. I began to talk, but I broke down and started crying, yes, just like a little girl. Pa questioned what was wrong. I managed to stop and I ask him about the right or wrong of jacking-off. Pa looked at me and told me that jacking-off is a wonderful gift from God, that is was something that I should be doing and doing a lot.

I told him what my mom taught me. Pa was careful, but he told me that my mom did not have a dick, she is not a male and she does not understand the male sex drive. He told me that he knew that his grandsons jack-off and that they jack-off a lot. I smiled and said, yes, I know. For the rest of the week and since that talk I have not worried about jacking-off being a sin. I jack-off all of the time and love it. I am waiting until my wedding night for sex, but I ain't wanting for daily orgasms. I became a much happier guy after that talk with Pa. Pa warned about not including porn when you jack-off and to keep your hands to yourself. I love to jack-off with friends, I keep my hands to myself, and I don't do porn. Thanks Pa.



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