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Northern Exposure

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If you've read any of my other experiences I have posted you know I love exposing myself while I'm jacking off. The look on the women's faces when they first see me butt naked and jacking myself off is the most exciting feeling and if they watch long enough to see me cum they really get a show. It's going to take me a while to write this cause I'm jacking off with my other hand. I really love jacking off and both my x-wives and all the women I dated caught me doing it all the time. When they would catch me they would get all upset and say it was the same as cheating on them. When they would walk in on me I wouldn't even stop and they would see me shoot off all over myself. I'm stroking it right now and it feels so good.
This one woman I dated for a while had this friend that came over to visit her all the time and she would just walk right in. I was in Tina's family room butt naked and jacking off when Christen walked in. I don't know how long she had been watching when she said 'Tina told me that you liked to masturbate a lot, but she never told me that you were that well hung. I guess she wanted to keep that a secret. Are you going to make that big guy squirt any time soon?' I told her if she would come closer so she could see better I would cum all over myself for her. She was wearing short shorts and came and sat right next to me on the sofa. She put one arm around my shoulder and started rubbing my leg with her other hand. She moved her hand up and started playing with my balls. This was all I could take and I started cuming. She was helping me along by saying 'come on Jack, milk that fat cock for me.' I had squirted all over her leg and hand and she had pushed my hand away and took over the stroking duties. And as luck would have Tina walked in on us while Christen was still stroking my cum soaked cock. The shit really hit the fan.
My favorite way is still to ride around in my car butt naked and expose myself to unsuspecting females while I masturbate. Like the guy that posted 'The Great Outdoors #2' most of the women get pissed off and call me names or flip you off but I just keep doing it. I have picked up a few girls hitch hiking and several have been O.K. with the idea of me jacking off while they watched. They would watch with interest as I sat there beating my meat. A couple of them talked to me while I was doing it. They would ask me if it felt good and was I going to make myself squirt. They would look at me really amazed when I would start cuming. The first girl I ever picked up like this was in a shopping center parking lot. I saw her walking through the lot and I pulled up beside her and asked if she needed a lift. I was naked but had thrown my shorts back over myself to cover my cock. She said sure and got in. She looked down at the exposed side of my ass and said I looked like I was enjoying myself. I said I was and did she mind. She said she didn't mind at all and for me to go right ahead with what I was doing. I pull my shorts off of myself and started jacking off again. I told her this was a big fantasy of mine. She told me she thought she was enjoying as much as I was. She said it was such a turn on to watch a guy jackoff. She said if I wanted to she would like it if I came on her tits. I pulled behind this building for some privacy. She was out of her top in a flash and I had the perfect view of her gorgeous tits. She asked if I wanted to suck on them and I was like a baby nursing. I could tell she was enjoying it as much as I was. I started playing with her pussy through her shorts and in a flash she was out of her shorts too. My fingers were all over her pussy as I sucked on her tits. She was squirming all over the front seat. She looked me in the eyes and said 'I want you to fuck my tits right now.' She laid down on the seat and I straddled her. I laid my cock on her chest and she pushed her tits up on each side of it. My cock was still covered with lube and it slid easily between her beautiful tits. I reached down and started playing with her pussy again while I was fucking her wonderful tits. Each forward stroke the head of my cock brushed her lips. One thrust she licked a big drop of precum off my pee slit and the site of that sent me over the edge. The first squirt hit her right in the eye. The next one I was on a back stroke and covered her beautiful nipples. On the next forward stroke she grabbed my ass and shoved my exploding cock in her mouth and started sucking me dry. When I finally stopped cuming in her warm soft mouth I returned the favor. I sat her up in the seat got on the floor between her legs and started eating her pussy. She went ballistic and covered my face with her pussy juice. I must have eaten her pussy for half an hour when she pulled my head up and said 'please, I can't take any more. I have cum so many times my pussy hurts.' I sucked her swollen clit in my mouth one more time and her butt sprang off the seat and shoved her pussy in my mouth. We sat in the car naked for a long time catching our breath. I dropped her off and never saw her again but I still use that memory to blow my cum everywhere.



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