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Nobody Will Know (1)

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Parked in the dark, my friend and I promised not to tell anyone what we were going to do.


When my friend Gary and I got our drivers' licenses, we started hanging out much more than we ever had before. We were both in a play in the local little theatre group, and would drive there and back at night for rehearsals. Of course, we never wanted to go home if we could stay out later and we'd drive around talking about girls, and driving past some of the girl's houses kinda peaking in windows and thinking about how hot they were. Larry had a way about him of asking sort of personal questions, like about how I really felt about certain girls in different ways......like personality, and bodies, and whether they were sexy and how I would like to touch them and make out and maybe have sex with them. I answered him really truthfully, and it was often (and increasingly) arousing to talk about those things.

Well, one night we were outside a certain girls' house and he asked if I ever masturbated thinking of her, and of course, yes, I had......lots. And he asked what I fantasized about when I masturbated thinking of her, and then I was telling him all sorts of things......how often I did it, where (in bed, in the shower, in the back yard, sometimes at school in the toilet), and things like that. I was very shy about masturbation, and had never told anyone such intimate things before, but Gary was really easy to talk to. We talked about our dicks, too......he was short and small, but his was really way bigger than mine, and I always kind of felt his was a man's cock and mine was boy's. Well, we both were feeling pretty aroused; in fact, I was feeling an overwhelming urge to let Gary see me masturbate, though I couldn't say anything like that, I really wanted it. In fact, I had had fantasies of masturbating for Gary many times before.

Of course, all Gary had to say was let's masturbate, and thank god he did! I said we couldn't do it right there, in front of this girl's house, I mean, we had to go some place secret where nobody could see us. Gary took us to a place near a lake where he'd parked and made out with a couple of girls. He said nobody would know. I was shaking with anticipation. I don't think I'd ever been like that before, felt like that, so intimate, like a virgin, and so turned on, too. So much desire. We couldn't stop talking. It was dark, and we pulled our pants down enough to do it, and we sat in the dark talking and stroking ourselves. Gary would ask what I was doing and I would tell him, and then that would remind me of some hot time I masturbated and I would tell him all about it. He told me a few things, too. Like how he watched his sister dress and masturbated. He had a way of peeking, and he promised he would let me, too. When I heard that, I told him I was about to orgasm......he told me......No, wait!...... and I let go, feeling my cock throb in the air, for the longest time before I could touch it again. All the time Gary was talking about how his cock felt, and my cock was throbbing in the air feeling just like his.

Finally he said, ......Let's orgasm!...... and he started groaning and I could hear his hand slapping faster and faster. I couldn't hold it longer, and I had the most amazing orgasm I'd ever had! My legs started twitching uncontrollably and my cock was spurting over and over. Gary was moaning and then grunting and I knew he was shooting but I couldn't see it. Wow, it was so awesome. He turned on the dome light and started looking around for something to clean up the cum, and I saw his dick, still half hard, and big gobs of cum on his stomach. He looked really hairy, too......long dark hair. My hair was short and light, and he shot way more cum than me. My cum was all in a little puddle. But I'd never felt so satisfied....



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