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No Shame Elaine

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This is for Elaine of 'I Should be Ashamed' #35824



Elaine. I thoroughly enjoyed your story about letting your obviously smitten landlord savor the pleasure of watching you enjoy yourself and putting on a performance for him. I commend you on your kindness. You enjoyed the experience and I'm certain that you provided that man with many wonderful orgasms whenever he thinks of you.

Your story reminded me of when I lived in Madrid and my third floor bedroom had a large set of floor-to-ceiling French doors opening onto a small balcony. Those doors were often open and across the narrow street were similar balconies opening onto bedrooms of my neighbors. Since I often lay on the bed to masturbate it soon occurred to me that I was in plain view to anyone on a couple of those balconies. One in particular was used by a very attractive girl about 18 years old. She had long black hair and a delightful figure. When I realized that she was often there and the way she moved to one side on the balcony told me that she had moved to get a better view of what I was doing.

Her watchful presence always excited me more. My heart speeded up and I made an effort to put on an exciting show for her. From my position I could see her in a dresser mirror. It made me so hot I had to stroke slowly to avoid cumming. I'm sure you know the feeling. I profiled for her with pre-cum drooling down over my fingers. She apparently was getting hot too because she moved her hand to press it against her skirt and began masturbating herself thinking the balcony was shielding her but I saw it very clearly. I could see her open mouth and darting black eyes, looking quickly toward the other apartment windows to make sure no one else was watching her.

When I came for her I almost screamed it felt so good. I ejaculated streams of warm cum all over my chest. She immediately ducked inside and watched now from partway behind the curtain but I could see she was under her skirt now rapidly fingering her wet cunt. I saw her thrust her hips forward several times and then she licked her fingers. I made myself come once more while she continued with her own feverish rubbing.

One evening she was on the balcony with her boyfriend behind her kissing her neck. I turned on a small lamp and while he slipped his hands under her skirt and played with her pussy, he never glanced my way but she kept watching me as I jacked off at the scene she was making for me. Another time she was on the balcony with a younger girl. I walked out and leaned on my balcony wearing a pair of sweat pants. I had a huge erection. She talked actively to the girlfriend. They both looked over and smiled, She apparently wanted me to put on a show for them because she smiled and held up her hand and made a jack-off sign to me.

I grinned and rubbed my cock through the sweat pants, then stepped just inside my room and pulled down my sweats. Both girls grinned and watched intently.

I took out my long cock and stroked it for them. I didn't last long. I was too excited. When I began ejaculating I turned so the girls could see it squirting out onto the floor.

By then both girls had their hands under their skirts. I could see their bare legs and one had her hand inside her panties, the other was rubbing outside hers. When I finished they whispered together, waved and then went into the bedroom together. I didn't see what followed but I knew they were enjoying it together.

Please, Elaine, favor us with more experiences. I cum hard reading them and wishing we could excite each other to a mutual. Enjoy yours.



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