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No Regrets

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I was bored, home alone, and horny. (What 15 year old isnt?) I had never had a girlfriend or even got to second base. I needed... I don't know... SOMETHING.


I remember I had been mooching around the house in a terrible mood all day. My dad (mom left when I was a baby) was at work and Anna, my sister was out. I was thinking about jacking off and getting in the mood by thinking about an imaginary girl stripping off for me. That particular day though, I had read something about a girl's 'scent' and how arousing it was. I had gotten nice and hard but that image wouldnt go away. What WAS it about a girl's smell down there? WHY should it be nice for guys, after all, that's where they pee, right?

Then I had THE worst idea. I decided to find out by going up to Anna's room and seeing if I could find a pair of her used panties.

It didnt take me long to find her hamper and there right on the top were a little pair of pink cotton bikini-style pair. I stood there, idly massaging my hard on and fingering her panties. I turned them around in my hand and looked inside them. The crotch was stained and I wrinkled my nose in disgust. Still, thats what I was there for, right? So wanking very slowly with one hand, I brought them up to my face and smelled.

OHHHH MYYYY GOOODDDDDDD. U felt the rush of orgasm uncontrollably and the only thing I had to catch it all in was Anna's panties. I came right into them. And there was a lot of it.

When I finished I was well into panic mode. I was standing in my 16 year old sister's room, and had just come in her panties. There was NO way I was going to get out of this. If I washed them out, she would know they were clean. So I decided to put them back and hope to hell that she would think it was one of her friends. (She had a few male freinds but no-one close)

The next day was awful, everytime I saw her and she looked at me I expected trouble. When bedtime came I was lying in bed. (OK. Hard, I admit) when I heard a knock on the door. Anna came in and sat on the bed and to my horror, she stroked my head. She said 'You, little brother, are a dirty little cunt. I know exactly what you have been doing with my panties. Was it the first time?' I muttered, 'Yeah, first and only.' Anna reached forward and shoved her hand under my pillow and whispered into my ear 'Maybe.' and she left.

Under my pillow I found another pair of her panties. Just as she got to the door, she lifted her skirt and showed me a totally smooth pussy. She said you've smelled one, now you've seen one.

That was the start of us exploring a few things together over the next three years. We were both very much loners and didnt mix well with other people on a serious level. We had a few friends each, but we both seemed to back off when anyone tried to get close. Also, our dad was so fearful of losing one of us that he put other people off. I guess in a way it was innevitable that we would experiment.

We masturbated each other in a huge variety of ways over the time we fooled around. We experimented with other things too that are SOOO not for here. I have to say I regret nothing. In fact, in many ways it was a safe way for two young people to explore their bodies and what they like.



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