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No Ordinary Friend

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My Father is a Parole Agent and my Mother is a Social Worker. They came into contact with many different families when I was growing up. Both of my parents, but especially my Mother would become attached to a family and would often go beyond the call of duty to help when it was needed. I met many of the children from these families when I was growing up, but one of them stood out above the rest.

My mother had a case that involved a father and son that were essentially homeless. I remember that the Dad would find temporary jobs and when he made enough money would pay for a motel. Sometimes he'd make enough to stay in a motel for a month and other times he'd make enough to stay for only a week. When he did not make enough money he and his son would live in their car. My mother really got into helping this family, she would always try to find jobs for the Dad, sometimes would give him money for gas, bought him a suit for job interviews and helped in any way that she could.

The kid's name was Jeff and he was 13 years old when I first met him. Very thin build, not very short but at the same time not very tall. The thing that stood out about him the most upon meeting him was the fact that he had green hair. Some days it was red or blue and sometimes it was a combination of colors. Although Jeff was obviously poor he owned a few big boxes of spray on hair color. His real hair color was blond but one hardly ever got to see it because he enjoyed spraying these various colors into his hair. When I met him his hair was green.

I remember thinking that Jeff was very clean because before my Mother introduced me to him she gave me this big speech about how he was homeless so I expected a dirty kid. Instead Jeff was neat, I remember a clean white t shirt and some blue jeans and the only sign that he might be homeless was that his shoes were worn but not any worse than some of the kids who lived in my neighborhood who skateboarded.

So Jeff and his Dad came to my place to eat that night and although he was 13 and I was 15 we were banished away to what was essentially a kid's table while our parents talked and I could see that whatever they were talking about was serious because Jeff's Dad was crying and all the adults were hugging each other. Jeff and I were sitting alone in an awkward silence. Then I commented his green hair and told him that I thought it was cool. That opened him up and he began to talk and then he mentioned having lots of boxes of spray hair color at his 'house'.

'But I thought...'

'It's O.K., I know what you are going to say. Things suck right now.' Jeff replied

Then he went off into a story about how his Dad was about to open up his own construction company and how after that they would buy a mansion.

'Cool' I said.

After that it was like we had been long lost brothers because our conversation just flowed so easily. In fact we ventured pretty close to sexual territory and I wanted to see if I could get him to go there. I don't remember the exact path that I took, but I got him to make some jokes about masturbation and pubic hair. Then before I could see where this would lead it was time for Jeff to leave.

There was something about another boy close to my age talking like this, joking like this so freely that I really liked. So when the week went by and my Mother had decided to send Jeff and I to an amusement park I was excited to see him. We drove to the motel where Jeff was staying at and knocked on the door and once again Jeff was wearing a surprisingly clean white T shirt and blue jeans except this time his hair was bright red. Jeff looked at me and said that he was only staying in the motel temporarily until his Father bought the construction company.

My Mother drove us to the amusement park and pretty much sent us out on our own. Anyway we both loved thrill rides and had a great time but the biggest thrill came when we had finally decided to use the restroom. We went into a restroom and he was standing far back from the urinal so I decided that I might as well pull up next to him and see what he had. I remember that his penis was circumcised and somewhat fatter than I had expected. He looked at me looking at him and said 'I'm growing some hairs' and then he pulled one of the few curly pubes that he did have growing at the base of his dick. That made me rock hard so I at this point forgetting I even needed to use the restroom pulled back from the urinal and gave him a view of my hard dick. He looked at it and said that I had a lot of hair. Nobody else was in the restroom and I'm not sure that I would have cared either way. He began to pull his dick until it became engorged as well and he seemed to be about the same size I was. We tried to get back to normal but less than 10 minutes later Jeff suddenly had to use the restroom again and so did I. We went into another restroom and Jeff complained it was too crowded so we walked around the park ignoring all the great, fun stuff to find a suitable restroom and when we found one we just stood at the urinals with our dicks out looking at one another.

Then that night on the drive when my Mom and Dad picked us up Jeff moved his hand towards me in the dark backseat of the car and put it over my crotch. Finding the outline of my penis he squeezed it and sent an electrical shock through my body that immediately caused me to become erect. I was filled with mixed emotions at this point of cautiousness, fear and excitement. The car drove on and I eventually would return the favor before we got home.

The car pulled in to my driveway and I knew that Jeff was spending the night and my heart began to race. We got into my room and Jeff stripped down to his boxers. I admired his body he was so much thinner than I was and I could see the beginnings of a six pack forming in his abs. His skin was smooth and having spent the whole day at the park he eventually had to wash all the color out of his hair, so his blond hair framed his face well and back then I probably would have described the sight as 'amazing'.

We were in my room and the door was closed and he was standing in his boxers. I sat on the edge of my bed and he walked over to me as if to ask 'what do you want to do?' Methodically I pushed my face into his stomach and inhaled and then I massaged him. I could see that his penis had become erect and pushed through the hole in his boxers so I took them off and began to just examine him close up. Then I took my penis out and began to compare only to find out he was indeed wider than I was but I had him beat in hair. We were both circumcised.

I didn't even give a thought that my parents could have walked in on this activity. However my Mother and Father rarely ever walked in without knocking and waiting for me to open the door, yet still the risk was there. I was interested in exploring Jeff and he seemed willing to let me do it so I continued my journey that covered his pubic hair, testicles, butt cheeks, abs, and of course his penis. Then after this went on for a while his dick began to jump every time I touched it so I kept touching it and rubbing it until one giant glop of cum rolled out of the tip followed by much smaller amounts. Jeff pulled his boxers up and got in bed. I sniffed the cum and jacked off and looked up to see that Jeff was very interested in watching me.

The next morning before Jeff got driven home he grabbed my crotch through my pants and it was then that I knew Jeff was not going to be an ordinary friend.



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