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No One Knows This

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My name is Angela and this happened about 10 years ago.

My parents used to own a guest house in a small seaside town in England, I would have been I guess 15 going on 16 at this time, I was very interested in boys, and for some part girls too, I was at this stage masturbating regularly each day, my breasts had started to develop and I played with myself pretty much every single opportunity I had, experimenting with my new found nipples, my clit too had become more sensitive to my fingers and the edge of my firm bed, I am skinny with mousy blond hair, and I just couldn't get enough time to play with myself back then.

Most of my long sessions were done in the bathroom, as it was the only place I could be sure not to be disturbed, I'd wait until my family were all down stairs serving the evening meal to the guests, and I'd be sure no one would come looking for me, we had our own bathroom and toilet separate from the guests, so again this was somewhere private and an ideal place to experiment with my new found pleasures.

I'd strip and sit on the loo while looking at myself in the mirror across the room, open my legs wide and look at my pussy, how naughty and sexy I looked, my mum was very strict and always told me off for sitting with my legs even slightly open. 'a girl should cross her legs when she sits' she would always say, I guess this was more reason why it felt so naughty, anyway I'd sit on the loo and play with my nipples, with one hand while playing with my pussy with the other, then I'd move to the edge of the bath, I'd start by running the water into the bath and this would make enough noise to cover my next play session, I'd get some of my mums body cream and spread this on the edge of the bath, I'd then straddle the bath, one leg in one leg out, and slide rhythmically up and down the bath while rubbing my nipples, I'd do this until I had several orgasms, I'd then get into the bath and continue my playtime, I used the long back scrubber handle on my pussy, the feeling of something hard pushing and trying to enter my pussy hole made me want to hump it and ride it, I'd leave the water running to mask the sound of my moans, and come maybe another 4 or 5 times before I was done for the night.

After this I would relax and let the waves of pleasure run down my body, and absorb the sensations of my pussy throbbing and my clit tingling, I was totally involved in this action, and nothing outside of this mattered, I'd lay there in the bath and day dream about my cousin Jon who I had a massive crush, I'd imagine his cock and how large it was, and how he would take me if he was here, this usually led to a little more playing and usually another come.

During the summer months Jon would come to stay with us for a week, and his family would stop in one of the guest rooms across the hall, they would use our bathroom for showers and bath and toilet, anyway to cut a long story short, Jon came to stay this particular summer, it must have been around July I think as I was off school for the holiday and we went out a great deal to the zoo, to shows and shopping together, on one occasion to the local swimming pool, and this was the first time I saw Jon in trunks, he was pretty muscular with blond hair and I just wanted him to take me there and then at the pool, I was as horny as hell that day, my pussy was completely sopping wet, and I had to keep getting in and out of the pool to hide my wetness.

That night I used my hair brush to get off, and I must have woke my mum up, as she came into my room shortly after my orgasm, I think she thought I had had a bad dream or something, she asked if I was ok.. Oh yeah I was ok, I was just sorting myself out.

Anyway I went to the bathroom that next morning to find dad with his head inside the airing cupboard which was against the bottom of the bath, it was a large wooden structure about 3 metres high by 3 meters wide and about a meter deep with doors on the front for towels and stuff, dad was in fixing the hot water tank as it had a heater fault, so dad left to get a new heater, as he left he told me not to use the hot water as it was turned off, great I thought how do I wash myself now... I locked the door and sat on the loo had a pee and was looking over at the airing cupboard, dad had removed the lower side of the airing cupboard, it was then that I had a very, very naughty thought, right under the upper doors were three air vents about 30 cms long with mesh on them I guess to let in air and dry the towels or something like that, anyway my naughty thought was this, If I could get inside and hide, I could watch Jon going to have a shower or a bath, he always went around 8pm every night, I was so excited I could hardly breath with excitement, I decided to put off my pussy playing until later.

Dad retuned about one hour later with a new heater thing and fitted it into the hot water tank, I took great interest and helped him, well of course I wanted to get in there and hide, it was all coming together, dad was using a temporary light and I could see right inside anyway the side was off, so I crept inside and started helped my dad by handing him his tools, I decided there was more than enough room for me, I could crouch down and still see out through the air vents, I had a fantastic view of the whole bathroom, oh god I was almost fainting with anticipation, the thought of seeing Jon naked and in the bath was becoming too much for me.

Dad finished up and I got out from inside the cupboard, suddenly to my horror dad started to refit the side to the cupboard, dad I said what are you doing 'fitting the side back on dear' I thought fast, dad I said what if you need to get back in to check it for a leak wouldn't it be better to leave the side only on a bit, good idea he said, I'll use some temporary screws.. he even thanked me for my help, little did he know my real reason for the interest in his work, I felt so fucking naughty at this point.

I went back to my room and sat on the bed, I planned out what to do next, I would need a screw driver, so that I could get in, I needed something to sit on, I decide to take my fold up stool, it was low and about the right height, I could hardly breath I was so excited, I was finally going to see Jon naked in the shower, I started to day dream a little at that point and got pretty horny, I stopped myself and concentrated on what needed to be done.

OK, I had something to sit on, I had been down and got my dads screw driver, and I decided I would take along a towel just in case to dry up the mess afterwards, I wonder if I should take my hairbrush, I loved the satisfaction it gives me when I fucked my pussy with it, so my hairbrush is in my plastic wash bag, along with screw driver.

Jon was out with his family most of the day and it just seemed to take for ever to get around to evening time, now I know from the past few days Jon would go for his shower around 8pm so I figured I'd need a cover story for mum and dad, I'll go to Cathy my friend two streets away, 9:30pm that would be good enough cover, I was planning this out like a military operation, it felt so wrong yet so good.

As soon as we finished evening meal I told mum I was going over to Cathy's to listen to some music and play, ok dear she shouted I shot out the back door and swung around the front, creeping in the open front door and shot up to my bedroom, I gathered up my stuff and my fold down stool, and darted to the bathroom, I locked the door, I took off the side panel of the cupboard with the screw driver and I slipped my stool through the opening, my towel and my hairbrush and screw driver went in with me, I was ready it was about 7:50 by my watch, I shot back out of the panel and I unlocked the bathroom door and looked down the hall way, the coast was clear, I left the door open and shot back in to the cupboard, pulling the side panel back on and wedging it back in place by pulling it hard, I could almost stand up but it was pitch dark in here except for the air vents, which provided a little light from the bathroom window, I decide to get prepared and took off my jeans and knickers ready, I decided to remove my t shirt and bra, I was now completely naked, it was so fucking exhilarating to the extreme, I can still feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when I think about what I did that evening, I was so daring and so completely naughty, my parents would have killed me if they had found out.

I put the towel on the stool, and sat on it, I put my feet on the stool base and let my legs spread open a little, I was already juiced up, I touched my pussy lips and she was already tingling with anticipation, I waited for what seemed a life time but was probably no more than 5 minutes, I heard foot steps and click the light in the bathroom come on, oh my god, oh my god my heart was racing, my breathing was so shallow, my feelings were making me heady, I settled myself down as best I could, it turned out to be my uncle, he locked the door and walked over to the loo, unzipped his trousers and took out his dick and began to pee standing up, I'd seen my dad do this but never had I seen another guy do this in the state I was in, he was holding his cock it was like a thick pork sausage, I could see its head dangling out over his fist as it peed into the toilet bowl, I was no more than 2 metres from this, and it was the most exciting thing I had ever seen, the thought of being able to see someone do this without them knowing I was watching was way too much, my heart was racing at 200k/ph, my breathing shallow to the point of passing out.

Uncle Jim finished up and washed his hands, and left... I was in the semi dark again, the images went though my mind, I wonder if Jon's cock is like his dads, I began to play with my nipples, and drifted off into a state of relax and pre orgasm, when suddenly click the light went on, it was my Aunt Jane this time, great I thought everyone but the one I want in here, I watched as my aunt locked the door walked over to the loo undid her jeans and pulled them down, and sat, she must have sat for a few moments when I noticed she was looking down at her pussy, kind of pulling up and in at her tummy, almost inspecting herself, I know cos I do the same, anyway she did her stuff and got off, but not before giving me a great glimpse of her shaven pussy, she left, and it was dark again, I sat for another period of time, and began to think I was out of luck when, click in walked the reason I was here, Jon took off his tee shirt and dropped out of his jeans, he had his back to me but I could see the outline of his bottom, his pants came off and he made for the toilet, he stood over the toilet and began to pee loudly, he was holding his cock with two fingers and I had the best view ever, it was big maybe as long as my hairbrush, and pretty thick, he finished up and walked over to the shower which was in the corner of the bathroom, and then I think he decided to take a bath instead, and in went the bath plug and on went the taps, he was less than 60cm from me and totally naked standing right in front of my eyes, he looked to be semi hard too as his dick stood out pretty straight and proud, he stood up and looked at himself in the mirror and grabbed his dick in his right hand, my heart shot into my mouth I almost fell of the stool, he began to stroke it slowly while looking at himself in the mirror, his cock got bigger and bigger and was jutting out like a broom handle, he was walking around and rubbing himself a little and then looking at himself in the mirror, by now my fingers were truly up my pussy fingering myself to the rhythm of his stroking, imagining he was fucking me wet soppy little pussy, he stopped and walked over to the now almost filled bath, he added some bath soap and this made some bubbles, he turned off the taps and got in, he had his back to me, but I could clearly see over his head from my position and I could see his cock sticking out of the water, he washed his hair, and then got the soap and began to wash himself all over, and then sat back in the bath stretched out, his cock was still sticking out of the bath like a periscope from a submarine.

I was fascinated by the size, I moved my head right up to the vent to get a better look, and I could see it, I could almost touch it I was that close, the water was still filling the water tank and this was making a very loud noise, he began to pull his cock back and forth revealing a circumcised head each time, I came once more with the rhythm Jon was creating on his cock, he began to speed up and then stopped got out of the bath and sat on the edge of the bath opened his legs and began to stroke himself again, I could now see his balls swinging back and forth, they looked so full, within a few moments Jon squirted a long jet of come all over the bath, followed by two more spurts, I had another orgasm at this point, I couldn't hold back, I was coming and coming one orgasm after another, my nipples were as hard as a rock, I was that close I swear I could smell his sperm.

Jon got back in the bath and started to wash his cock with the soap, it was still sticking out like a rod, I was so wet and horny as hell, I needed something inside my pussy, so I had another naughty thought, my dads screw driver looked like it would fit me, that was good enough I reached down and picked it up, rubbed it all over my pussy and tried to push it inside, but it must have been bigger than I thought, no matter I thought its going inside me I need this, and I pushed hard, plop in it went, oh god I came again and then again, Jon was drying himself at this point, and still had a poking out cock, he pulled on his pants, and I saw him move it around in his pants, I guess it was to make it more comfortable if its in the right way.

I was still pumping the screw driver in and out and coming, when Jon left the bathroom, I came down a little while later, pulling the screw driver out gently, and tried to get off my stool, I could hardly stand my legs were so weak from coming, I snuck out of the side panel, locked the bathroom door and put on the light, took out my stool and soppy wet towel, I decide I'd go to bed tonight wet, I was going to get off one last time, I was exhausted, but still so exhilarated, I got dressed.

I ran the stuff to my room, and shot out the front door and back in again shouting into the downstairs bar that I was home, OK dear my mum shouted back, god if she only knew the truth I'd be sent to boarding school.

I went to my room and stripped off, got into my bed and started to play with my pussy again, I put two fingers inside and she felt different, not as tight as before, so I reached down got the screw driver again and had another session which must have lasted an hour before I drifted off to sleep.

I woke in the early hours, needing a pee so up I went to the loo, turned on the light and sat down looking over at the airing cupboard thinking to myself my god you were in there watching Jon jerking himself off, this not surprisingly made me wet again, I took the side panel off and went in to check that I hadn't left anything inside, I was just about to get out when in walked someone, oh god I had forgot to lock the door, shit, shit shit, it was aunt Jane this time in her dressing gown, I heard her lock the and froze to the spot, I crouched up to the vent again, and watched waiting for aunt Jane to finish so I could get out, she was completely naked under her dressing gown, and let the shoulders fall while still sat on the loo, I thought nothing about it until I heard a little moan coming from my aunts direction, was she playing with herself, she was, she had her hand down the toilet and was working away at her pussy, after a while she stood up and took off her robe, I got a full view of her 34 year old body, it was slim and attractive for a woman her age, she went over to the bath took hold of the long handled bath scrubber and walked back over to the loo, she sat down laid back against the wall opened her legs and using the handle of the brush began to fuck herself with it, and here I was thinking I was the only one that did it like that, aunt Jane came in about 2 mins I guess she was randy and woke up like I do sometimes, anyway she wiped the handle with loo paper and put it back on the bath side, my pussy was tingling just thinking about what I had just seen, aunt Jane cleaned herself up and walked out, tuning off the light, I waited a few moments and did the same.

I climbed back into bed, got the screw driver and fucked myself again and again with it, my god I must have had 15 orgasms today, I was so fucking exhausted, I came in seconds and tried again only this time I fell asleep, I woke about 9am to my mother shouting to come say goodbye to Jon who was leaving to go back home in an hour.

I got dressed and said my goodbyes, I looked at Jon in a totally different way than before, after all I had seen his intimate moments in the bathroom, I never had the opportunity I had like that night again, but I still remember it like it was yesterday, I'm married now with two beautiful children and still manage to get myself off at least once a day, I never tell my husband what I do, it's my little secret while I read Solo Touch, my toys are more real and I still get it off in the bathroom or shower.

Thank you Solo Touch.



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