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No Longer Looking

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I found what I was looking for!


You definitely need to read back posts to figure this one out, the background, and who's who.

This is a continuation of a story about 'Gale' who is a Bank VP with a corner office in charge of international finance for foriegn companies looking for financing for US operations. She is drop dead gorgeous, 90% of her wardrobe is dry clean only and she has a thing for silk, satin and cashmere. Other than knowing what she likes and going after it, there is nothing about her that anyone would ever take offence with. She is as smooth as what she wears. She says she can talk anyone into anything. She likes expensive toys but does not flaunt them. Her public life is all about others, she has a heart of gold. It is obvious she did not get where she is by sleeping her way to the top. Her interest in me seems to be built around how I purportedly get off on pleasing the woman I'm with. We are both pretty religious; she has only ever had three partners. I've sown my share of wild oats, but if I knew there was anyone like Gale, I'd have given up the wild life and done anything to win her as mine.

This being said Gale does have a dark side that I truly love! If there is a sex toy or personal indulgence she has tried it, and if it can be owned she has had one. No one knows this about her except maybe the fed-ex driver. The three men she has been with never won her trust. Yes, she slept with them but sort of out of desperation. Gale and I are on a different path altogether. We have cybered and had phone sex but they were just preludes to the night when I was finally invited to her Townhouse. We had dinner and drinks and she complained of being tense and nervous about what she was about to show me. She took me to her bed room and walked over to what looked like a closet with bifold mirrored doors.

She opened the 'closet' and there was another room. There was a modern contoured Chase longue that looked like it came out of a psychiatrists' office. Inclined but open on both sides. It had padded stirrups and in inferred light over it. There was a spa in one corner and a cedar sauna in the other, and a glass enclosed shower between. There was a large plasma screen with surround sound and opposite the shower and chase longue. I was told the shower doubled as a steam room, it had a fold down cedar bench that was over six feet long. There were over 20 nozzles in the shower that could all be controlled individually. Some of the nozzles pulsed others rained and some that were normal. There was another mirrored door by the TV. She opened these doors and it was a walk in closet. Not your typical closet though. She had a full rack silk and satin lingerie and three armoire chests right out of goldilocks; one medium size one of sexy bras and panties, and stockings, ones she would never wear to work, another small one had jewellry. The other larger one had nothing but sex toys. Along the wall of the closet, were six different sex machines. The ones that were too big to carry sat on their own cart.

Since my experience four years earlier with my Aunt, I took it upon myself to become fully versed in sex appliances. Two of the ones in Gale's collection were new to me. As the tour was conducted Gale did all the talking it was very matter of fact. Then at the end she told me I was the only man who had ever seen this, and that she trusted me to keep the secret, because of how I had kept Christie's secret. I was flattered and a little dumb struck considering how slow we had been taking things. I knew Gale was into masturbation but this was over the top, what do you say to a pleasure den like this.

Then she suggested a proposal. She said that she was genuinely beginning to fall in love with me and before we went any further she had to know was I ok with what she had shown me because if I could not share in her desires, or if I would be in anyway threatened by this, then she was not prepared to continue. She told me she really wanted me to think about it and come back the next evening if I really wanted her for everything that she was.

My response was that it would be wrong to proceed without me proving this to her given how protective she was of this part of her life. I came back with a different proposition. That very night I would share as many of her toys as she cared to. No intercourse and that if I had not convinced her by the time we collapsed in exhaustion, then I would come back every day with the same rules, until she was convinced. She gave me a big hug and kiss and said she wanted to start with a back rub and dip in the spa. I turned on the water for the spa and told her to get ready for a back rub. I had never seen Gale nude in person when she came back in nothing but a silk robe I regretted the no sex rule. I was really hopeful I would not have to wait until we 'moved on' to get some personal action.

I rubbed her back for half an hour. Other than the occasional appreciative moan she said nothing. The hot tub was full and ready, I asked if the would prefer her front rubbed or soak in the tub. In true self pleasing mode she said 'both, front rub first'. The front rub was detached, until I got to her nipples, even with the warming oil and heat lamp they were rock hard, as was I at this point. I excused myself to go get a clit vibe. When I returned she was beaming ear to ear. Apparently with dozens of toys to pick from, I had chosen her favorite.

I worked on her for another ten minutes and through two pelvis thrashing orgasms. I let her lay to catch her breath while I made ready for the spa. I helped her up, got in the spa, and had her lay back against me. I massaged her arms and tits as she squirmed her well oiled back on my prick. This went on for 20 minutes until she told me to get out and sit on the edge. I did and she turned and pressed her clit against one of the jets and took my prick in her hand and began stroke me. She worked on me for like ten minutes pausing at just the right times to keep me from cuming too soon. Then she went at me in earnest, I blew just as she started to convulse in yet another orgasm induced by the spa jet. I covered her hair and face with cum.

She said she was over heated and wanted a shower. We spent an hour in the shower soaping and conditioning, first cool then hot and steam, then cool again. She showed me how to use her hand held pulsing jet to get her off again in the shower. I asked her if she is normally this highly sexed, and she admitted that the test drive challenge I made to her, had her trying to test the limits. After and hour and a half in water we were pretty pruned up. I asked what's next. She asked 'you're up for more?' I said, 'Only if you are, or are you not yet convinced'. She gave me the best French kiss I can ever remember. Which in the end had me rock hard, to which Gale giggled with glee. She went to the closet and pulled out the saddle vibe. She told me this is my favorite hands free toy. From the look of things, you need my hands right about now.

This was nearly the same model that Christy had. If pleasuring a woman was my goal this evening then bringing out this machine was like handing me the keys to the scoreboard.

Gale hopped on oiled me up for a dearly needed last cum. I was not in a hurry though. I knew Gale would be a little numb from the shower so I set the machine on the lowest possible setting and rotate at 10 rpm. This went on until Gale started to squirm. I had developed an ear for Christy's and Kate's favorite speed the one they dialled it to get there pronto. I left it just below that speed and took it back as she was exhibiting that she was approaching the point of no return. She did masterful things with my prick and despite my explosive orgasm less than an hour prior, I was on the verge and she was unrelenting. It became difficult to concentrate on the machine. So I dialled it in to 'CUM NOW' and let Gale finish me off. She got there first, but to her credit kept stroking me through her orgasm, until I blew again. I only squirt when I'm really jazzed, and never on the second time around but the sight of her rock hard nipples and her energetic hand job had me cum so hard I actually ached when it was done. Gale switched off the machine and slumped forward. I jumped in the shower for a quick rinse and ran down to the kitchen to make our favorite drinks. When I returned Gale was in the shower. As I walked in she was beaming and mouthed the words 'you read my mind' as she stepped out I patted her dry and powdered her front and back as she sat on the chase lounge. So I had to ask 'are you convinced that I'm not threatened by your toys, and will be an interested participant forever more.' She smiled and shook her head and said 'Christy was right, I should have believed her'.

Then she told me 'Christy is pregnant' you know, which I knew. 'She did not know how to tell you, but after the baby comes she can't continue to take care of you the way she has been.' I had been getting vibes she was trying to make the most of something that would have to end. Gale told me 'Christy has told Bill (my uncle) that there is a particular sex toy that I had let her try, and that with her increased libido she would like to have one of her own for the next time he is away.' Gale and I knew that the time line was a few years off, but that story was basically the truth. Christy told Bill, that Gale would give it to her, because Gale was to get the new model. Apparently Christy was going to show Bill how it worked the next evening, and if he agreed, that that would be the end of Christy and my masturbation sessions after four years. It's not clear what would happen if he said no, but it didn't seem likely to Gale, Christy, or I, based on what we knew of Bill. He was secure and caring and was the first to introduce a sex toy into the relationship. So Gale asked me was I ok with that? Could I love another woman exclusively? I told her I didn't want to scare her off, but I already did. Gale started crying and I knew she was convinced.

Gale told me she loved me and wanted to abstain from anything except masturbation until we were married. That statement would probably have 99.999% of men breaking out in a cold sweat. She had basically proposed to me, and said no sex other than mutual masturbation for the foreseeable future. I snapped back, 'Would you like a long engagement, or a short one'. She started crying again. Gale makes me the happiest guy in the world and I know I do the same for her.

Gale and I have been shopping for a ring, as far as the world knows we are not engaged, but I just started my first real job and I can't afford the ring appropriate for Gale. She offered to pay for it, but that was a little too much for me. When I told her that, she smiled hugged me, and said for all the world to hear 'I Love This Man'. I'll propose to her in a few months and that's the story we will tell our friends and family, though we both know the deal was closed with an e-mail and a couple of phone calls, and with matchmaking by my Aunt Christy. Until then we will have to suffer through hours of long mutual masturbation sessions!



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