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No Longer Confused

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This was a real experience that I have been wanting to share with anyone who is interested so I wrote several drafts so I could convey to you with the best choice of words my first and most memorable experience with masturbation.


In 6th grade I was introduced to all the purposes and functions of the 'nasty' parts of my body;the parts I rarely talked about but often thought about. My penis was a private part yet my frequent erections made it somewhat public because when I would wear certain clothes my erect 'private' was obvious.

These erections were in part responsible for making me curious about 'Why?' I was made the way I was made and what was the reason, even though I was too embarrassed to ask either of my parents about the issues.

My sex education came in the form of an old, worn encyclopedia and a book my parents had purchased from the bookstore. They knew I was curious about my body but didn't want to give me more information than for which I was ready and likely figured that with a book, I could learn at my own pace.

The encyclopedia was my first glimpse into how my body worked; it had been around long before my parents even bought the 'Puberty Book'. On one page, it had a drawing of a penis and testicles and all of their internal parts. I had worn that page out from looking at it so much and perhaps that is how my parents knew that I was curious.

Anyway, the puberty book my parents purchased for me was very informative and by the time I was done reading it, not only did I know I was going start growing hair everywhere, but also that I would get more muscular and my voice would change.

For all the knowledge I gained, there was one thing that I was confused about. There was a sentence in the book about ejaculation that went something like this (paraphrased); 'About a year after the testes begin to grow, a boy is able ejaculate semen. Semen is a thick, white fluid that comes out of the penis during arousal... a boy may ejaculate semen in his sleep or while awake but either way it is a normal part of life.'

After I read that, I had envisioned myself going to the bathroom one day and just peeing out something that looked like rotten milk. I was not looking forward to that day, especially since I was 12 at the time and the book said this would probably happen around age 13. I actually imagined that a few days after my thirteenth birthday, I would end up unexpectedly expelling this alien white fluid through my urethra or I saw myself waking up in a soaked, stinky mattress.

There was a kid in my neighborhood with whom I was very good friends. His name was 'Robert' and around this time, he was 14 or 15. One day, I confided in him that I was nervous about my 13th birthday because I was scared of puberty. Robert told me that he was in puberty and it was cool because his dick was 'getting huge'.

I asked him if he had peed out the 'white stuff' yet and he told me that he did all the time. I had many questions; 'Does it feel weird coming out?', 'Does it happen everyday?', 'Do you know when it's going to happen?' and 'what does it feel like?'

When I asked what it felt like, I more specifically wanted to know more details than the book had given me such as whether it was sticky or slippery and exactly how thick it was.

Robert looked around and said, 'I'll do it right now,' and he pulled his penis through the leg in his shorts and gave it a few tugs.

His penis was much larger than mine. I was somewhat astonished at his shockingly large size (at least from my perspective) and I asked, 'Is that how my private is going to look?' Robert told me that his private parts had started getting big about a year prior.

Robert didn't keep his penis out long because we were actually outside at this time and Robert didn't want to get caught so he asked if he could go to my house. I was so curious to see what exactly was going to come out of Robert that I wasted no time in getting my parents' permission to get him into my house. That was unusual, because I remember that my room was a mess and whenever my room was messy I didn't like to have people over but this was for 'science'.

My Mom said that of course Robert could come over if he could find his way into my room. Robert and I went into my room and I got a large drink cup from off the floor and gave it to Robert. He asked why I was giving him a 64 ounce cup and told me that all he needed was a few tissues. That had me really confused but still I wanted to see the 'milk' so I got almost an entire roll of toilet paper for Robert.

Robert asked me if my Mom would barge in but he had nothing to worry about because my room had a lock on the door. Robert then pulled his shorts down just enough to let his dick and balls show and then he began stroking. He explained that he had to get the semen to come out. At 12 years old I was so naïve and was learning that there was more to puberty than I had read in the book even though in retrospect I'm sure there had to be a section on masturbation but perhaps it didn't click for me.

I watched Robert as he had a look of concentration on his face, his breath sounded as if he had finished running a race, he pumped slowly, periodically closing his eyes and moaning something unintelligible.

His penis was circumcised and subtle shades of blue, red and purple depending on where I looked. The head seemed huge to me just like mine but bigger and more 'colorful'. His penis head was reddish-purple and the shaft had veins running throughout like a bodybuilder's sculpted arm. He had a thick bush of jet black pubic hair that seemed to stop a little more than halfway up his pubic mound this was deceptive because the rest of his body wasn't really that hairy even his tummy and the uppermost part of his mound were smooth but little would anyone know that inches down below his belly-button was a thriving pubic forest.

Robert's testicles were dark almost as if he was African American but he was Italian and Irish so even though he had a natural tan I never would have expected his testicles to be as dark as they were.

Robert had been stroking for nearly 10 minutes when I was going to ask him if he was almost done but he had so much concentration on his face that I decided it would be better to wait otherwise he might not finish and I wouldn't have my curiosity satisfied.

'Here it, here it comes!' said Robert and I got closer to witness what was going to happen. His body shook almost violently when he began to orgasm. Robert shot the white fluid into the toilet paper and I observed how it didn't come out all at once like pee but it came out in bursts. His stroking became less and less fast and a few more drops oozed out and dripped into my carpet.

I then had so many questions answered at that moment, as I had just seen right before my eyes what even the most explicit book couldn't describe well enough for me. After that day, Robert wanted to see me try to jack off but I was ashamed of the size of my penis compared to his until he told me upon seeing me urinate on a bush, that his penis was the same size as mine when he was in 6th grade.

I jacked off for Robert but full ejaculation turned out to be over a year away for me when I just let out a small amount of thin viscous fluid. A few days before my 14th birthday, I ejaculated loads of thick semen into a box of tissues. . . yes I said, a box.

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