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No-Hands Multiple Solo Male Orgasms

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No-Hands Multiple Solo Male Orgasms (Mental Masturbation)

[Introduction: Hello. I'm Roger and I am tremendously impressed with your site. It's a gift to mankind. I'm attaching an account I've written about a technique I've developed for achieving orgasms solely through mental processes. By "developed" I only mean that I've taught myself how to do it, not that the idea is all that new (although I thought it was when I started). I've used the words "dick," "cock," and "cum" not to titillate but because these are the words I use when I think about these things myself. If necessary, please feel free to change them -- but be careful with the word "cum" -- which is not the same as orgasm. When I use "cum" as I verb I mean "to ejaculate," and when I use it as a noun it means "semen." One of the major ideas I've expressed is the way I can have orgasms without cumming (e.g., no ejaculation), thus the need not to use "cum" and "orgasm" interchangeably. Note: This account is similar in some ways to Bill's submission on "How to Achieve the Continuous Male Orgasm'' found on this website in the SHOWING OFF section under Personal Experiences. I don't know who Bill is but he has written an excellent explanation of what I have described here in more ordinary terms based on my own experiences, which are purely mental arousal techniques, without touching the penis. I have given my e-mail address at the end and would like to hear similar experiences from other men, including Bill, I hope. Also please read my comments in the P.S. about two books that I have found most valuable in giving me useful information and encouragement, which have helped me reach the high level of self-love that I have achieved thus far. --Roger]
I originally wrote this in July 1997 describing my first no-hands ejaculation -- something that I haven't repeated successfully since that time. However, what I can do anytime I'm in the mood is to have multiple, whole-body orgasms of the highest intensity, but without cumming. I can do it for hours at a time. It's amazing. I just lie back and my cock puts on this incredible hot show for me, and for itself!
When I first started learning to do my no-hands thing in late 1996, I had to be in a very quiet, dark place, like in bed by myself. But the more I got into it, the faster I could reach that special level of consciousness, which required only part of my brain, it seemed. Soon I could easily do it even while driving (but I don't recommend this because you can easily forget the road, especially when the big waves of ecstasy begin). I've done it at my computer (if it's something I don't have to concentrate on much), and even while washing dishes or vacuuming the apartment, for example. For the most intense response, however, it's still best to do it when you can take yourself out of your ordinary world and enter your own universe of self-love in which only you and your cock exist.
Until I heard about "tantric sex" (or do I mean "taoist sex"?), I thought I had invented hands-off masturbation, at least for me. I got the idea about hands-off ejaculation, without physical stimulation of my cock, because of the way I had experienced several spontaneous orgasms over a period of years. I mean, literally ejaculating in my pants uncontrollably at the sight of a really hot scene, whether on video or in person. One time was in the 1980s when I was in a porno movie house and the guy on-screen bent down, started sucking his own cock, and then came in his mouth. I shot off right there in the theater, into my shorts. My most recent spontaneous orgasm happened a few years ago when I was watching a guy masturbating on the DC subway (Metro) and I was the only person who could see what he was doing -- and he knew it. Without being able to stop it, I came in my pants and had to go back home and change before proceeding on to work.
I thought that if I could ejaculate spontaneously this way, I was pretty sure I could cum intentionally just by mental stimulation, provided I could find the right mood and frame of mind, and a way of putting it all together. What follows is a description of my odyssey into a sort of hypnotic, sort of tantric male solo sex experience during the last two years -- although the original thoughts about it emerged much longer ago.
I crave having my dick sucked by another guy, but my biggest lifelong fantasy is to be able to suck it myself. Although I have an almost 8-inch dick, I can't come close to auto-fellatio, so now, trying to keep safe and healthy, I spend a lot of time loving my cock through J/O (which I always did anyway every chance I got). The way I am approaching masturbation now, however, is completely different. When it's successful, it's the closest thing to being able to suck your own dick, and is the most intense form of self-love.
My goal for a quite a while now has been to achieve orgasm simply by willing myself to do it, without forcing it. Getting into the exact mood and frame of mind needed to do this is essential, and there are many ways to clear your consciousness of intrusive thoughts -- dozens of books and audio tapes go into that in great detail, but not for this specific purpose. I usually do it at night in bed, and I begin by making sure I'm comfortable, not too hot or cold or distracted in any way. Lying nude with my arms at my sides, I close my eyes, let all of my muscles relax, and I try to "see" just a total blank; sometimes interesting patterns will appear and I let myself go as close as possible into a kind of hypnotic state or trance.
I then begin focusing all of my thoughts and energy on my dick, and it will usually get a little tingling sensation at this point but will not necessarily be hard, though perhaps semi-hard. I visualize that all of my senses are inside my dick, and I want to experience with my whole body exactly how my dick feels and how it wants to feel. I do not do anything to force my dick to feel a certain way, or the way I think it should react. I don't necessarily have to twitch my dick or try to make it throb (it's going to do that later on its own with no help from me), and I don't contract my ass muscles intentionally -- but that also happens naturally.
Now I let my dick take total charge. Actually, I have mentally programmed my mind to control what goes on with my dick and to do what is necessary to make me have orgasms without further conscious effort on my part. I let Nature take it's course. I remain passive by simply lying on my back (or side) and savoring every moment of the show that my dick is starting to put on for 'our' enjoyment.
Within a few minutes my bewitched dick will begin to swell somewhat, but it is not necessary at this early stage for it to get hard, even though the sensations felt inside my dick and the surrounding areas can be unbelievably intense at this time. In the next phase, I begin to feel that certain parts of my dick want attention and are receiving it, as if these parts were being licked or sucked at exactly the most sensitive spots, exactly as I would do it if I could get my mouth down there on it myself, or to tell another guy how to do it for me. These sensations become stronger and stronger in a rhythmic way with each breath.
I continue to lie still and cannot keep myself from sighing with the pleasure this is giving me. It's like being in another world, another universe, and I want it to go on forever. The sensations will later become even more intense and soon become orgasmic, wave after wave of orgasms of the most unbelievable intensity, in slow-motion, without ejaculation, lasting for many minutes. The orgasms are dry, as I do not ejaculate at this point, but the ecstasy is almost unbearable because they last so long and occur repeatedly many times.
Even if I never shot another load of cum again without jacking off or getting sucked, it would be wonderful just as it is. But I knew from having had the spontaneous orgasms that eventually I should be able to cum this way if I found the right mental stimulus, so I have persisted toward this goal, enjoying every failure along the way because the dry orgasms of the magnitude I have been having are indescribably satisfying in and of themselves. (Many people into tantric sex, whether it be solo or with a partner, are seeking what I am already able to achieve.)
This morning (Sunday, July 13, 1997), for the first time, I had an orgasm with the strongest and longest-lasting gushes of cum ever, and of the most mind-blowing dimensions, purely through mental concentration -- true hands-off ejaculation. I had just become awake, and as usual my dick was nicely enlarged if not rock hard at that point. I reached down and squeezed my dick, and it responded by giving a little throb. It felt so fucking hot in my hand! Then I tucked my dick and balls between my legs just a little and simply enjoyed the feeling down there. I was still half-asleep and hadn't opened my eyes yet, and just lay there peacefully, frequently lapsing back into that eerie in-between hypnopompic state of being half awake, half asleep.
In a minute or so I could sense that the blood was rushing from somewhere around my navel down into my dick and pubic area, and within seconds I began to get that tingling sensation in my dick signaling that something special was about to happen. I instinctively yielded every part of my mind and body to the rapidly developing surge of pleasure and then entered another sexual level in which there was nothing in the universe except my mind and my dick, both of which were now ready to take charge over any remaining conscious thoughts I might have had, except those intent on helping me cum. At this point all I had to do was to let it happen, without any kind of forcing.
So, I just lay there while my dick tensed up and the muscles around the root began contracting ever so slightly. Soon I was feeling strong waves of orgasmic sensations, as before, with the muscles around the root of my dick contracting very gently all on their own, without any conscious effort on my part. I just lay back and quietly let out moans of pleasure every 5 seconds or so -- that is how often the orgasms were coming -- just about with each breath. I relaxed as completely as possible, stretching my arms out and letting them melt into the bed, all the while the orgasms were coming and I wanted them to last forever.
Gradually, the orgasmic contractions became faster and stronger, but I was still lying comfortably on my back, eyes shut, and not doing anything but experiencing what my dick had been programmed to do all along, with no help from me at this point. I just experienced the feelings. By now I was deeply in my 'trance' -- and probably had been for quite a while -- eyes still closed and eyeballs pointing upwards, my mind and body quietly but intensely in a state of ecstasy. After many minutes and several cycles of these incredible dry orgasms, and at a certain critical point that I had never intentionally crossed before without physical stimulation, I could feel in my dick and the surrounding muscles, in my drawn up balls, all the way down into my prostate and the ejaculatory mechanism, that I had entered the one-way road to cumming. No matter what I did now, I was going to cum soon!
My dickhead started swelling as it always does when I'm getting to the point of cumming, but it did so very gradually now. The muscles around the root of my dick were contracting with stronger force, and my spine was arching almost imperceptibly with each contraction. I was breathing slightly faster than normal, but my body wasn't getting so tense and tightly drawn up the way it does when I'm pumping my dick hard and fast, as will happen in those types of jacking off sessions, or when I'm being sucked. Now, it was a gradual buildup to the inevitable climax, and my whole body was savoring the magic of the sensations, which kept coming with greater frequency. This was going to be a triple-intensity orgasm in slow-motion, and instead of having to perform all of the physical actions required for a regular orgasm, I could just lie back and enjoy my mind making love to my dick, or maybe it was the other way around. But I knew it would almost be like when you kick back and get a blow job, where the only thing you have to do is to supply the dick and let the guy sucking it do his thing, for his enjoyment as well as yours. Here, I was taking on both roles and doing both, to myself, with myself, and for myself.
When I finally started cumming, I came in long, hard, hot gushes -- many gushes, for what seemed like an eternity. To use a cliche, the intensity cannot be described in words; it has to be experienced to be appreciated, but 'nut-blowing' applies here more than in any other experience I've ever had. After ejaculation was finally over, I lay there for a long time, feeling the wonderful, loving, warm, wet cum that had shot between my legs.
Anytime I'm in the mood, I can have the multiple, whole-body orgasms described earlier -- and I can have them over and over during a session, or several sessions -- but I have not been able to actually ejaculate again the way I did that first time. By this I mean, no-hands ejaculation. Sometimes after I have more than an hour of multiple, mind-blowing dry orgasms I will finish myself off with just a few strokes, which causes a much more intense ejaculation than normal.
One major thing that helps me get into the "act" really quick is to wear a cockring. I can go into my trance almost immediately if I have a cockring on. For this purpose, I don't use a metal one, but a simple one composed of a double layer of those wide rubber bands that you often see at the supermarket holding bunches of broccoli together -- same as the ones that you get in seafood restaurants to keep the lobster claws clamped together.
After I originally wrote this, I realized that I had not understood the meaning of the word "tantric." I realize now, as a gay monk explained to me, that "the goal of traditional tantric sexual practice is to ride the wave of erotic desire, metaphorically speaking, without dissipating its energy in ejaculation." In that sense, I am already doing it, easily achieving the ecstatic state or mind and the intense physical sensations that are almost of a spiritual nature. However, my long-range goal, in contrast to that of traditional tantricists, is to consistently go beyond the "dry" ecstatic state into the "wet" one.
It so happens, however, that the practice I've developed for my own purposes coincides, to a certain extent, with some of the basic concepts of tantric sex, but that doesn't mean, again for my own purposes, that I shouldn't be able to take myself one step beyond by actually ejaculating whenever I wish. I can have "pure" multiple tantric dry orgasms for extended periods of time during several such sessions a day, and repeat the process over and over each day. If the sexual tension gets to the point where I can't stand it any longer, I will masturbate in a very non-tantric way by various physical means, traditional and otherwise, and then shoot a great load of cum.
P.S. More than a year ago (early 1997), when I was in the process of developing my no-hands technique, I heard about a book called "The Joy of Solo Sex" by a Dr. Harold Litten. I bought a copy at Lambda Rising in DC (an excellent, non-porn gay bookstore). There was one particular chapter, "Psychic Orgasm - The Ultimate High," that discussed the kind of experience I was seeking. The whole book is a solo- sex-lover's delight. [see ordering information on this website in the "resources" section] A sequel, "The Multi-Orgasmic Man," gives lots of information on sexual secrets of the ancient Chinese Taoists, and then applies that wisdom in the form of practical techniques that any man can try for himself.



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