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No-hands Masturbation With the Neighbor

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Part 2 of the story I started last month.


While scene after scene of my friendly neighbor masturbating in front of his camera appeared on the TV, I have to admit I was EXTREMELY turned on. He talked me into joining him while he showed me his techniques for having 'no hands' ejaculations. He got naked (his cock flopping around as he got out of his tighty-whities) and I could even see a small wet spot in his shorts where he'd already started to ooze his precum. I just sat there, amazed and erect, as he reached into his night table drawer and pulled out a jar of Vaseline and a small, egg-shaped vibrator. He proceeded to lightly coat the vibe with the Vaseline, then he slowly slid the device up his rectum. He had a controller that controlled the strength and vibration patterns in his hand. He put the thing on, and immediately his cock sprang into a full erection.

The next several minutes went by, and he described what he was feeling down there as he neared his impending orgasm. His cock stood erect and jutting out just about two inches above his belly, and it had a long rope of clear precum connecting his cockhead and the pool of liquid just below. He told me he had been saving up quite a load for that evening, and that he could now begin to feel the cum starting to flow. He had not so much as touched his cock at all this whole time. He flicked the vibrator off and began stimulating his nipples with both hands. His breathing was slow and steady, and he closed his eyes in concentration and enjoyment of the moment. My eyes were totally fixed on his dribbling cock, and my hand was stroking my own cock slowly. He smiled and told me to look at his cock, that he was going to dump the first 'mini-load'. He groaned a little, and his cock stiffened a bit, and then a steady flow of white cum spewed out of the tip onto his belly. I know he must've drooled for a good five seconds! DAMN...I couldn't believe what I was lucky enough to be witnessing!

When the first wave finally came to a stop, he opened his eyes and asked me what I thought of his talent. I just asked him if he had actually had an orgasm, and he told me he hadn't. He explained how he'd trained himself to let his cum flow out without having an orgasm. I then asked how many more times he could do that before ever reaching an orgasm, and he told me he'd actually drained his balls dry before. He started up the vibe again and had a second 'mini-load' about five minutes later. By this time, his cum was dribbling down his side and onto the sheets. It was all I could do to keep myself from shooting my own cum all over the damn place! After his second round, he told me he was ready to have his orgasm, and asked if I'd cum with him at the same time. It didn't take long at all, as he set the vibe to do a fast, rhythmic vibration that sent him over the edge quickly. I wanted to reach over and take his cock in my hand so badly, but didn't know how he'd react to it, so I held back the urge. He began to growl loudly, then he arched his back and his cock spewed thick globs of white cum onto his belly and chest. I followed soon after, and sent my cum flying, directing the ropes of cum at my neighbor's crotch. He laughed and reacted with 'Holy shit....damn your cum feels great!!' We cleaned ourselves up (he had cum all over him) and he told me he'd show me anytime I wanted how to fight back the urge to orgasm and to just let the cum flow.

It was then I knew I had a jack-off buddy.



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