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No Habla Englaze

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Got to love'm young & hung


My boy friend brought me to a conference at a resort hotel in the south-west. It was only three days but it corresponded with my time off, and I thought it might rekindle our sex life to spend some time together. The first morning I woke early and started playing with his morning hard on. It was not long before he was done, and out, leaving me aroused and horny.

I was a little pissed I went searching for my vibe but realized I had left it at home. I was really miffed. Than I got the idea to try the jets in the spa by the pool to get off. I went down to the pool in my bikini and one of my boy friends shirts. There was a big sign to shower first. I had showered the night before, but I had since had a deposit that should have been showered out, and away, before I poised my pussy in front of a spa jet. The shower was kind of grody, I had flip flops in the car so I went out to get them from the end of the hotel.

There was a woman's conference checking in and there were dozens of women checking out displays set up beside the front entrance. I thought they were dressed very provocatively for a professional group. As it turned out they made it their business to sell lingerie and toys at private parties.

As I approached the car I realized I was not the only one looking at these lovely ladies. There was a Mexican guy in a small pick up that appeared to be wanking to the sight. He was parked right next to our truck. I approached from around our truck and peaked over his shoulder from the front of our truck. He was masturbating for all he was worth. I quietly approached his door the window was down. By the time he noticed me it was too late he had to know he had been see. He grabbed his hat and covered his prick. I said "don't stop on my account." He replied "no habla englaze" I suspected this was part of his act but I played along. I reached under his hat and started stroking with one hand and lifted the hat with the other. He mumbled something, and in less than ten strokes he let loose with what had to be the biggest load I had ever witnessed. My hand was covered with cum. I waved my hand at him, to enlist the use of a tissue or napkin or towel or whatever. He handed me the bandana from his head. It was damp with perspiration and smelled musky and of aftershave.

I asked him why he was here. He looked at me and motioned to the woman checking in, and said "no work today, you no report me, I work for you" I told him I had no work for him. He took my hand in his large strong hands, and began to massage it for a moment, and repeated "I work for you" he kissed my palm and as the kiss broke his tongue did a tiny circle. The meaning was inescapable. I made and motioned indicating No Sex. He replied "I work for you". I wrote my room number on his hand in saliva with my finger, and motioned and said 5 minutes.

I raced beck to the room to straighten up and hid evidence I was there with a man, I was being a lustful wench, but I did not want him to know that. There was a knock at the door. I was taken back by his stature. He must have been 6'2" and at least 200 lbs. I'm 5'2" and only 110. I was rethinking what I had gotten myself into. He scooped me in his arms like I weighed nothing at all. He set me on the bed, and began to undress. I motioned and said No Sex he smiled sweetly took my hand and began French kissing each finger, mumbling again and again "I work for you". It was then, that I began to disrobe him. I had never seen such defined muscles. There was not an ounce of fat on this guy. If not for his uneven tan he could have been a Chippendale. He could not have been more than 21, he had a baby face. He motioned me to roll over. I lay on my stomach and he began to massage my neck and back. It was the most sensual relaxing thing I had ever experienced. His huge hands were tough like leather, but his touch was soft as silk. I was as horny as I had ever been. I raised my ass to his ministrations hoping he would get the idea. He peeled down my bottoms, and raised me up on my knees, lifting me from between my legs. I was a poseable doll in his hands. He began massaging my tits, my nipples were hard as stone. He removed my top, in the coolness of the air conditioning, and the touch of his hands on my boobs, had me literally dripping.

It occurred to me the moisture dripping down my leg, was more than my cream, I panicked and tried to get up saying "ducha" my high school Spanish brought from the depths of my consciousness. He held me and said again and again "relajrse" I suppose I could have gotten away but he held me with such a commanding passion, that I just surrendered as his hand began to work its magic on my pussy, while his other hand, lightly caressed erogenous zones I did not even know I had. He eventually worked two of his long thick fingers in me. They drew back again and again on my G spot as he used the copious flow from my pussy to rub my clit. When I came, I must have literally blacked out, because I came to on my back with Miguel lapping at my pussy. The though that another man was draining the unwanted seed from me, had me giddy with the forbidden nature of it all.

My boy friend stopped eating me out the first time he found me a little scratchy, because I had not shaved in a couple days. I started getting lazered, to keep things approachable. He will indulge me upon occasion, but it had been months and Miguel was wonderful. I came three more times in close succession each building on the last until after the last I was too sensitive to touch. I lay there catching my breath and Miguel went to the bath and started running water. He came back and lifted me off the bed and set me in the bath.

The water was warm but not hot, the water coming in was much hotter. I just melted. He took the shower head down and washed my hair. It was so sensual. I undid his pants, and he stepped out of them and stepped in the shower. We soaped each other up. He became rock hard and started humping my back as he soaped and massaged my tits. I turned around and saw his erect member in all of its full glory. He was definitely a grower. With it at full hardness, it was at least three inches longer, and as big around as my wrist. The head reached up between my boobs, I soaped him up and mashed my tits around his member. He fucked my tits until he came. This time I sucked the seed into my mouth. He collapsed in the tub; I lay atop him. It was like we were in a cocoon, with his strong arms enfolding me.

I was surprised by the nudge of his engorged prick. It nestled into the cusp of my labia. I rose up and slid down so my pussy lips would enfold the base of his shaft. The mushroom head became firmer and firmer as it aroused my clit. I somehow held to what little scruples I had and avoided penetration, but I came again. It took my hands to get him off again. The bathroom was steamy with the smell of sex. Miguel got out and began to dress. I luxuriated in the bath for a while. He came back in and said "I no get work tomorrow I come back". I smiled at the thought. It dawned on me; he might be expecting me to pay him. He could have helped himself to my wallet and or jewellery while he dressed. He had me at the first lick. I got up and prepared to hand him some money, he looked sad and said. "You want I no come back". I said "si manana por favor" he smiled and said "no money, you for me work tomorrow"

Indeed I did, but that is a story for another site. Let's just say boy friend got his just deserts for his wham bam from the first morning.



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