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No Assumptions (Continued)

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Please read the first story before this one for the background.


I sure was glad to hear all your kind responses to my post last week.  I showed Andrea and she liked the way it turned out. She said that my description of her was too flattering, but everything else was good. I also told her to check out the comment section and see that everyone wanted to hear more about us. She really was flattered, but told me that if I was going to post anything else that I would have to let her edit it some. It turns out she wasn't too impressed with my grammar and punctuation (oops). She is the smart one after all. So we're sort of writing this story together. We hope you like it.

I guess I should just pick up where I left off. I called Andrea the day after our little lakeside adventure. I still wasn't sure why she kissed me before taking off and was wondering if she was just being silly and friendly, or if she meant more than that. It turns out Andrea didn't even know why she'd kissed me. When she answered her phone she started apologizing for it and blamed it on stuff. I could tell that she was really scared that I thought she was a freak and wouldn't want to be friends with her anymore. It took a few minutes but I finally got her to calm down. I told her that I thought it was very sweet and nice of her. I reminded her that I kissed her too and that we had shared a lot of personal stuff that night. A friendly little peck was no big deal. I did not tell her that I wish the kiss had been longer or that I had been fighting the urge to make out with her basically all night. I still wasn't ready to go there with her yet, especially now that I was sober and sitting fully dressed on the sofa at my moms house in the middle of the afternoon instead of mostly naked on the lake shore at night. We finally got the point were we were joking about it and agreed to meet for coffee in a couple of days.

When we met we were like old friends right away. We could talk about anything. When it was time to go we hugged and when we separated I smiled at her and before she could do anything I reached up and grabbed her face, pulled her down and gave her a nice firm kiss right on the lips. I let her go with a grin and said, 'See, no big deal.'  Her eyes were really big and for a second she just stood there, but then her face broke into a huge smile and we both started laughing. We went out for coffee a few more times over the next week. Every time we talked we got more and more comfortable with each other. We just clicked.

One night after I'd helped my mom to bed I called Andrea. It was early and we were both bored. I invited her to come over so we could hang out in my backyard. I couldn't really leave my mom home alone at night (my mom's friend had stayed with her after the social gathering when I went to the lake with Andrea). She was there in a few minutes and we made a drink and went out back. The night was hot and sticky as usual, and I was barefoot in a short little tank top and some booty shorts. I had been thinking I would finally tell her I was bi that night and see how she reacted. If she was into it I might want to make a move and I wanted to be dressed for it so I wasn't wearing anything under my top and shorts. It was pretty obvious though the top and the shorts weren't much more than underwear. I like to show off a little at times so thinking that Andrea could tell I wasn't dressed properly was exciting. As we sat there with our drinks I caught Andrea checking out my little boobs and that turned me on. Andrea was dressed in shorts and a tank top too, but hers were a little more presentable. She still looked sexy though. We parked ourselves on this comfy little padded patio bench looking out over the fields. We didn't have any neighbors in that direction, just a long downhill that belonged to a farmer.

As we talked our conversation eventually worked back around to sex.  For some reason I can get horny really easily at times. I have learned that Andrea is the same. We started talking about things we wished that we had done, fantasies and things like that. Finally after I'd had enough courage and we had been talking about some gay people we knew, I asked her if she'd ever thought about being with a girl. To my surprise she was quiet for a bit then said she had, occasionally. Then she asked if I'd thought about it. I told her I'd done more than just thought about it. She turned and looked at me with a surprised smile on her face and said, 'really?' 

Her smile made me feel a lot better. My nerves finally relaxed and I couldn't stop giggling. I told her the story of the first time I'd hooked up with girl. She had actually cheated on her boyfriend with me and he didn't even know she was bi, but that's another story. I didn't go into a lot of detail about who did what to whom and all that, but after I told the story she had a lot of questions. Was it any good? Did it make me feel bad after? Did I like it? Was it better than with a guy? She went on and on. I realized that she thought it had just been a one time crazy fling so I told her I had liked it so much I'd done it a bunch of times with a few different girls and would definitely do it again if the right girl came along.

Andrea got real quiet for a while. She had a little smile on her face as she stared out over the fields taking sips of her drink. I was getting nervous again. I finally broke the silence and asked if she was ok? She nodded, but didn't look at me. She just kept on staring and smiling. I asked if she was freaked out and she shook her head.  So I asked her what she was thinking. I was pretty nervous. She said she didn't really know. She had often wondered what it was like to be with another girl, especially in the last few years, something having to do with this sociology and psychology focus group she had been part of in college. She said she'd never been friends with a girl who had tried it and always wished she could talk to somebody about how she felt who would understand. I finally started to relax a little and told her she could tell me anything she wanted and I wouldn't judge her or think less of her.

She finally turned and looked at me and said, 'thank you. That means a lot.' I scooted closer to her and wrapped my arms around her, not in a sexual way, just a nice hug. You know how hard it is to have a good hug when you're sitting next to someone like that, but we managed. We held onto each other for a long moment. Finally we parted far enough so that we were looking right into each other's eyes. She had a little smile on her lips and I just knew it was alright, so I leaned in and kissed her. This wasn't a little peck but a real kiss.  She kissed me back. We just held that kiss for a long moment then pulled back and stared into each others eyes. I turned and set my drink down on the patio and then she did too then took off her glasses. We smiled at each other because we both knew what was going to happen next without even saying anything.

I put my foot up on the bench facing towards her and reached out and pulled her to me so that she was leaning in between my legs sort of sideways. She reached for me and we started making out. Not in a crazy, wild way, but in a soft sensual way. The more we made out though the more she was getting into it. I ran my hands over her back and sides and her hair and face. She was moving her hands along my back and sides and arms. Finally I slid my lips down and started kissing and biting her neck and slid my right hand down and ran it over her breast. She threw her head back and kind of moaned. I kept doing that for a little while still outside her tank top but I could tell she loved it. I did too. I was sort of grinding on her hip between my legs and I could tell I was soaked. Something you need to know about me is when I get really turned on it's like a flood down there. I've even worn pads sometimes just so I won't stain stuff.

Anyway, we kept going and I finally slid my hand down her stomach and started rubbing up and down her leg and sliding my fingers in between her thighs getting closer and closer to the top. I could feel how warm she was. Finally I got to the top and was rubbing my fingers back and forth on the seam of her shorts. Her legs were still together but she pushed her hips forward, pressing into my fingers.  We were still kissing but we were both breathing really hard. It was still really hot and we were both sweating like crazy so eventually we leaned back to get some air. She looked in my eyes then down at my body. My tank top was plastered to me with sweat and showed everything. Then she looked right down at the crotch of my shorts.  They were so wet they had actually soaked through into her shorts where I had been grinding. I probably looked like I'd been thrown in the lake everything was so wet.

I could tell Andrea was surprised by what we'd just done, but she wasn't running for the hills. We were so hot and sweaty though we needed a little break. I scooted back a little bit to my end of the couch still with one foot up and one foot on the ground so my legs were wide open for Andrea to see what she'd done to me. She kept looking which turned me on even more. We both picked up our drinks again. The cold liquid felt so good going down. Then Andrea lifted her foot up on the bench so she was facing me with her lags open too. She looked so hot covered in sweat with her hard nipples poking through her top. She asked about my mom and I told her not to worry because her room was on the front of the house and she'd ring a bell if she needed anything but I was sure she was totally passed out because of the drugs she was taking for her illness. I kind of knew what she was thinking but she didn't want to make the first move so I did.

I put my drink down again and slid my hand down to my crotch right into my soaking shorts and slid a finger right inside. I threw my head back and moaned out loud. Then I slid both hands up, pulling my top up at the same time, and started playing with my nipples. I was so horny I guess I was kind of putting on a show for Andrea. My boobs were totally exposed anyway so I just whipped off my top and slid one hand back down my shorts while one played with my nipples. It felt so good I couldn't stay quiet. After a while I opened my eyes and looked at Andrea. She had one hand under her top playing with her nipple and the other down her shorts, which were unbuttoned and unzipped. This was so much more intense than what we'd done at the lake because it was still bright enough to see everything and we were doing it for each other and because of each other. I don't really know how to describe it but it somehow it felt just as intense as if we were touching each other instead of ourselves.

I don't know when the rest of our clothes came off, but eventually we were both naked, facing each other on opposite sides of this bench that was no bigger than a loveseat, playing with our pussies. Our legs that were up were sort of overlapping, and just feeling her skin on mine, and watching her body moving was driving me crazy. I wanted to make it last, but watching her and feeling her and the pure sexuality of the moment was more than I could take and eventually I couldn't hold back anymore. I came super hard! I felt like I was going to pass out. As I started to come down though I looked at her and she was looking at me with her mouth open and breathing hard and I could tell by the way she was rubbing herself that she was super close. I leaned forward and ran my hand over her raised leg up her thigh towards her pussy and she lost it. She came so hard she was shaking and making noise almost like she was crying. It was super intense!

We just lay there for a long time trying to catch our breath. We were moaning and saying stuff like 'wow!' and 'holy sh*t!' and other things like that. Eventually, we got it together enough to talk. We agreed that that had been awesome. She said that had been one of the sexiest things she had ever done. I told her there was plenty more to do. She looked away but smiled. Part of me wanted to just go for it right then, but we were both so hot and sweaty and exhausted and decided not to.  Besides, that had been her first girl/girl experience and I didn't want to push her too far.

Eventually we got our stuff together. She took a quick shower to rinse off because she didn't want to have to explain anything to her roommate. Before she left though, I made her promise that she had enjoyed everything and that we were still friends and there was no weirdness between us. She said we were great, but she said next time she wanted to wear her contacts so she could see better! We were cracking up.

After she left I was still so turned on I think I got off twice again before I could fall asleep.

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