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Nipple pleasure

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Nipple pleasure

Toying with my nipples yields an unexpected result. This story is part fantasy, part true. I leave it to the reader to decide which is which.


I have very sensitive nipples, and I love it when my wife tugs and teases them until they are erect. I especially enjoy it when she tells me its time for my "special". That's when she sits on my hips, sliding her wet cunt back and forth along the length of my stiff cock, then leans over and starts sucking on one nipple, then the other. That makes me very, very hot, and it always brings on my orgasm. And bless her, she delights in looking down at my cock, trapped between her lips, and watching my cum pulse out and coat my belly.

Last night I was toweling off after my shower and when I rubbed the towel across my chest I got the usual nice tingle from my nipples, a little message that said "Hi, let's play."

On a whim (and because I was feeling especially horny) I decided to see how good I could make myself feel by playing with my nipples. I set the towel down on the chair and stood in front of the floor length mirror next to the shower. I could see my entire body. At first I ran my hands sensuously over my chest, just grazing my nipples. I felt a pleasant sensation that ran down the front of me and resonated at the root of my cock. I noticed a slight movement there, and as my fingers took hold of my nipples and pinched them playfully I watched as my cock thickened and grew longer. Soon I was tugging and twisting my nipples, which had stiffened to firm little buds. I licked my fingers and drew my nipples out from my chest. The feeling was delicious, and I watched as my cock gradually grew erect. By now my heart was beating strongly and my cock rose with each beat until it was pulsing upward at a 45-degree angle.

The sight of my stiff cock and my hands tugging at my nipples was making me really hot. I spread my legs and began thrusting my hips forward, as if was fucking. I imagined a certain woman friend bent over in front of me, her wet cunt swallowing my cock with each thrust. I pictured her looking back over her shoulder and watching me with a smile on her face and lust in her eyes, as I pulled at my nipples and fucked her.

At that point I felt a strong urge to take hold of my cock and masturbate but I held back and just increased the intensity of my thrusting. To add to the excitement I began grunting like an animal in heat. My nipples were sending electric sensations to my cock as I pulled and twisted them and I was breathing heavily, flooded with sexual energy. And then, unexpectedly, I felt a powerful throbbing sensation at the base of my cock, followed by another, and another. Sparks lit up my brain and I shuddered as I began cumming. My knees nearly buckled, my skin tingled, and I groaned aloud as wave after wave of intense orgasm shook me. Two ropes of hot cum flew from my cock, splattering the mirror, followed by shorter bursts that landed on the tile floor. My orgasm went on and on, my cum now slowing to a stream that clung to my cock and flowed down to drip from my balls.

It was then I heard a soft chuckle. I turned in the direction of the sound and there was my wife, standing in the doorway. She was stark naked, and smiling from ear to ear. Best of all, her hand was between her legs and she was gently fingering herself.

I'm such a lucky guy!



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