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Nightmare at the Beach

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I was so embarrassed


I live right by a nice park with a beach. My house literally borders the park, and the beach isn't very far in. I always go swimming there in the mornings in summer. It's so refreshing. The beach often has 10 or 15 people there when I go either sunbathing, swimming or playing around. There is usually 20 or so people walking around in the trails before the beach, which I have to walk through to get there. It's about a 7 minute walk from my house to the beach.

Well I was swimming one morning a bit earlier than I usually go. I was wearing my bikini. Often when I wear it, I see guys staring at me. One time a guy even walked up to me and asked how old I was, I told him to mind his own business, and he told me I was 'pretty sexy'. that sort of creeped me out, but whatever. So I was swimming and whenever a wave comes I jump into it just for fun. Often when I'm in the water, I take my bottoms off, because the water isn't really clear, and it makes me feel sexy. I usually just stuff it in my bikini top.

Well, I did just that this day, no different from most times I go. The water feels amazing on my pussy. As I was jumping into a bigger wave, my bikini bottom came out of my top. I was pushed under the wave, as I often am when it's a bigger one. When I got back to the top of the water, I couldn't see it or anything. I frantically looked for it and felt for it, but the water was murky, it was hopeless. After searching for at least 20 minutes, I gave up. I was stuck. I never ever bring a towel because of how close I live. I was so nervous. I waited for about an hour in the water. I felt amazingly sexy, and I was really horny, but I was scared. I kept looking, but couldn't find my bottom. I waited and waited. I was even touching myself because this whole situation was kind of a turn on, but still frightening. I had to face it, I was going to have to get out of the water and go home. I wasn't scared for when I got home, because my parents were at work and my only sibling lives on her own. I was just terrified for the walk home.

Finally it got down to where there was only 7 people on the beach. This was the least amount it would get, and if I didn't leave before noon, a flock of people would see me naked. I decided to go for it. I slowly walked to where the water was just at my waist. I could have cried. But I didn't. I walked out of the water and swiftly began to jog towards the wooded trail. I heard someone say 'look!' I was red with embarrassment. I sprinted to the trail and hid in the woods. As I was crouching down in a wooded area, I felt some leaves on the ground tickling my little asshole. I loved it and began to touch it a little. I was just so turned on by what was happening yet, so scared, I can't explain the mixture of feelings. Part of me wanted to just go out on the open beach and masturbate in front of everyone, and part of me wanted to just be at home. I was squatting there thinking of what to do. I just decided to be bold and take the trail. I wanted people to see my cleanly shaven pussy. I hopped out on the trail and saw no one. I sighed with relief and started walking.

After about two minutes, there was a girl, a little younger than me walking her dog. I decided to just walk in front of her, she was just a kid, I could handle it. Juice was literally sliding down my leg. I walked past and made eye contact with her, I saw her eyes then look down at my pussy. Her dog all of a sudden starts smelling my pussy!! I was going to cry! She yanked the dog away and kept walking, I looked back at her as she caught a peak at my naked butt.

I continued to jog down the trail. I saw no one! I was so relieved. I was one minute away from home. All I had to do was make it out of the wooded trail, which leads to a street, cross the street and I'm home. I was jogging and I could see the end of the trail. I was out of breath and I saw no one coming so I walked. I saw a quarter on the ground and bent over to pick it up. I heard a whistle from behind me as I bent over. I stood straight back up and looked behind me. A guy was about 50 yards back staring. I was so embarrassed, he must have seen my asshole, and everything when I bent over. I began sprinting until I got home.

I made it home safely. This journey I'll never ever forget.



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