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Nightime Fun With Older Guy

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I first logged onto this site a few months ago after over-hearing two ladies talking about it, in somewhat hushed tones in our local village coffee shop. Since my first visit, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories and must admit that they are something of a turn-on for me when I'm in that certain mood. However, I thought it only fair that I too should contribute with my own experiences, so here goes.

Firstly, I am a 30-something single woman, Irish born but now living in England having first moved here to go to university. What follows happened when I was still living at home with my parents in Ireland.

My fathers' business was doing well, and as a consequence he had embarked on a much needed and extensive project of renovation, modernization and extension to our home. One consequence was that whilst work was undertaken on and around my usual bedroom I had to use a downstairs room in one wing of the house normally kept for father's business associates when they visited. One such regular visitor was also a distant relation of my mother's. His name was Jeff and I'd guess he was at the time in his mid 40s, but I'd known him for 3 or 4 years at this point. He lived in the North, but visited Father regularly every week, staying at our house over night, and for 2 or 3 nights once a month. Occasionally, when work necessitated, he'd stay for a week or more. In that time I had grown to like him as he always had time for me, he chatted and treated me like an adult and didn't 'talk down' to me like some of the other visitors father had stay. He would sometimes flirt with me, but it was all playful, or so I thought, and never within hearing or sight of my parents. Around this time I also became aware of his furtive glances down my top or up my skirt when he thought I wasn't looking. At first I think I was a bit embarrassed and felt he was being sordid and would change position/cover up or such like. However, after a few occasions when our eyes met, and he smiled a sort of naughty boy smile and winked, it turned into something of a game and I'd still cover up or move, but would maybe take just that bit longer to do so. It sort of made me feel like a woman, and a desirable one at that. And I liked teasing him.

My temporary bedroom was situated such that whenever Jeff stayed over he had to pass my door en route to his room. Also, he would arrive late in the evening, often around midnight and rather than wait up for him my parents had long since provided him with house keys so he could let himself in the house. Mother would also leave him sandwiches etc, basically leaving him to his own devices. One night I was sitting up in bed around midnight watching TV, my parents would have been furious, when he tapped on the door. He said he saw the flickering light under the door and was worried that I was O.K.

So, having set the background, I will move rapidly along. Over the coming weeks whenever he visited, he would always tap on my door and pop in with a drink and we'd chat and drink before he went off to his room. He would kneel on the floor by my bed and sit back on his ankles and we'd chat and laugh whilst we drank our drinks, me milk, he whisky. At first there was nothing sexual in this, though he did start to ask about my boyfriends and such like, and occasionally the topic of conversation did touch on matters sexual, but it was all rather bland and superficial. However, my nightdress covered my breasts (unless I bent forward too much) and I was aware from the start that he liked to look at them even though they were covered! Shamefully, for my part, I somehow liked that. Then, mid summer, and for some reason I've forgotten, he took to undressing in his room and putting on a toweling dressing gown before bringing the drinks in to me. This didn't sound alarm bells for me, or if it did I don't recall, we continued our secret meetings, chatting and giggling and even flirting in a silly fashion of sorts. Then on one such visit our conversation turned to my boy friends. We had talked about boys and school friends and such like before, we had even spoken about sex, so this was no real shock. Anyway, the conversation led to my saying about a row that I had had with a boy I had dated some weeks earlier, without my parents knowledge!). The boy had wanted me to touch his cock and I had refused. In fact the more he persisted the more stubborn my resolve to not do so, and I recounted this to Jeff, though probably using the term 'down there' rather than 'cock'.

Jeff laughed, and then said he imagined that the boy simply wanted me to 'wank him off', he actually used those words, and there followed a verbal exchange which was in truth mock shock on my part, and mock innocence on Jeff's. I said something like 'You can't say that word' and he replied 'What? What did I say wrong?' It was all very flirty and laden with mock indignation and shock on my part and mock surprise and innocence on his. I can't recall exactly what else was said, but I know Jeff said that the boy had probably had a wank in bed at home afterwards anyway. I recall my mock shock and again saying he shouldn't say that to me, but I was also very aware of the growing sexual tension. I think we talked like this for a while before Jeff moved. but, when he did so, the front of his dressing gown parted and revealed a very erect penis. And he caught me looking. I wasn't staring, but nonetheless I had caught sight of the corner of my eye briefly unsure exactly what had happened and had then looked to see more clearly.. Foolishly I let my eyes linger for longer than I should. For his part, Jeff took far longer to cover up than was necessary and even managed to grasp his shaft as he did so, making sure I saw.

I have to admit that within a few weeks this had developed into something far more intimate. He would still bring drinks, but now wine instead of milk for me, and we'd still chat but our late night would end up with him kneeling upright by my bed, or leaning back against my bedside cabinet, whilst wanking himself while all the time I would lay on my side and watch him. We didn't turn the lights on, my T.V. gave sufficient light for me to see what he was doing. I had only seen a couple of boys' cocks at that time, and found Jeff's far and away the best. It looked far more masculine somehow compared to those I'd seen, certainly he had more pubic hair and as for size I guess I regarded it as being large at the time, though in hindsight I have no idea whether it really was any bigger than average. Eventually a few weeks before I moved back to my own room, he persuaded me, though I guess I didn't need much persuasion, to expose my breasts for him to see. I still have a vivid memory of one occasion when he kept stopping stroking himself several times when he felt close to orgasm, before eventually thrusting his hips forward, and then my seeing him cum without touching himself at all.

Of course I loved seeing him cum, and can recall mental images of those occasions even now. I have a particularly intense memory of him pushing his cock towards me and telling me to lay back as he wanted to cum over my boobs and nipples. It was the first time that I'd experienced a man ejaculate properly over my breasts, his cock only inches away from my face as his hand worked away on his cock. I loved seeing his pained expression as his orgasm erupted and seeing and feeling his cum on my boobs. In the last 3 weeks or so before I moved back to my room, he talked me into wanking him while he played with my breasts and nipples. The first time I did that he came very quickly, far quicker than I'd expected and his cum splattered across my boobs, neck and chin. On one occasion he encouraged me to do it to myself as well. I should state that I never let him touch me below the waist, nor let him see me naked below the waist despite his attempts otherwise.

This all ended when I moved back to my own room, though he did try to find means to continue the relationship. However, I had decided enough was enough and having got away with it that far I wasn't prepared to take further risks, however much fun I had found it.

If anyone else has had similar experiences, I'd love to hear about them.



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