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Night Train

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I'm 45 years old from India. I found this site by chance a couple of months ago and since then it has become one of my favorites. I have been masturbating since time immemorial and do so almost on daily basis. I am fascinated by the act of masturbation and love peeping through the holes and cracks in our bathroom door or window and watch my wife masturbating, if I'm lucky to catch her doing so! And whenever this happens, it really makes my very horny and thereafter I enjoy fucking my wife.
There is one particular incident related to masturbation that is vivid in my memory since a long time. This happened when I was about 22 years old. I was traveling in a train and it was an overnight journey. I was traveling in what we call as 1st Class which comprises of a couple of coupes with four berths in each. Initially when I boarded the train at around 9 pm, I was the only passenger in that particular coupe and occupied the lower berth. Since I had already finished my dinner and having nothing better to do I went off to sleep. Sometime later in the night a young couple with small kid came to my compartment and I vaguely noticed them settling down. The husband climbed the upper berth (above my berth) and the wife occupied the lower one astride my berth. Soon I found the husband going off to sleep...I could hear him snoring! And because of this guys snoring I was having a problem in going back to sleep. Lying awake, I became aware of the woman on the berth next to mine and my attention got focused on her. I realized that she too was not asleep as I could notice her slight movements. While lying there, I kept watching her intensely in the defused light of a solitary light bulb. The mere presence of a woman in close proximity was sexually exciting and very soon I had a hard on. Naturally, my hand moved to my hard on through my jeans and I slowly started to rub my dick, all the while keeping my eyes on the woman. Gradually I got more excited and I unbuttoned my jeans and took out my 7 inches of rock hard erection and started stroking it slowly. At this point I thought I saw the woman glance towards my direction, but I was not too sure. By some strange courage, I continued to stroke my dick...more vigorously than before. Now I was absolutely sure the woman was definitely looking at me...I could clearly see her eyes, which were wide open and her head tilted slightly in my direction. Unmindful of the consequences and sexually fully charged and with the sound of regular snoring in the back-ground, I continued my masturbatory act, now for the benefit of my lady and of course my own pleasure. This was the first time I was being watched and I was performing for an audience! The movement of the moving train was synchronized with my hand and body movements. By now the woman was blatantly stating at me...motionless and encouraged by no adverse reaction from her I too had turned my body in her direction. I was so excited that I was about to cum... But better sense prevailed and I loosened the grip on my cock and just simulated the action to prolong the act for the benefit of my sole and mesmerized audience! Then after a sometime I could not hold back any longer and I stroked myself to a violent orgasm. I shot wads of cum, some of them flying in the woman's direction. Satisfied, I wiped my still throbbing cock very deliberately. The woman kept looking in my direction for a little while, and then she turned on her side in the direction away from me. I, of course, continued to look in her direction for a much longer time and then drifted away to sleep. When I woke up the next morning, my woman and her husband were not there!



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