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Night Masturbation

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I am a serial masturbator and love it. I try to wank at least once a day, sometimes 3 or 4 times when no one's in the house. I wanked 10 times a day when I was younger and always spunked up huge loads. I am happily married and we have an active sex life. When my wife is tired or 'on' she doesn't mind me wanking, if fact she encourages it.

The other night, we'd just got into bed and I was feeling fruity, but my wife was too tired. So I said I need to wank and she said ok. She asked where was I going to do it and I said in the bed. She reluctantly agreed as I didn't want to sit on the toilet and do it late at night. Although we have great sex sessions, she doesn't like seeing me wank nor get turned on by it. I guess it might be her strict upbringing that taught her masturbating was 'dirty', as she doesn't masturbate in front of me and will not tell me whether she did before we met.

Anyway, within a few minutes she was sound asleep and snoring so I started to wank. I use the stop-and-go technique a lot and I thought this was a good opportunity to do it. I slowly started pulling my foreskin back and forth, as I have along foreskin which covers my cock head when erect. But having a foreskin is wonderful and I love it as I think it allows more methods to be used for wanking as you can use the skin in different ways.

I continued wanking at the same time as listening to my wife snoring. I was so horny my cock felt hugely thick, thicker than normal, as I am blessed with a thick cock about 2.5' dia. I've measured the circumference and it's about 6.5' around, almost as much as it is long, which is 7'. The act of wanking beside my wife seemed to turn me on more and more, as I was imagining plunging my cock in her wet pussy.

I could feel that I was getting near and stopped for 30 secs to let it subside. I started again and could feel the end of my cock was wet from pre-cum. I squeezed my cock at the end to make the pre-cum seep out, which I then used as a lubricant on the underside of my cock. I also lick my pre-cum, which I have always done since I first started wanking as a teenager. It tastes ok, but I haven't really drunk my own spunk, but I have tasted it.

So I continued wanking. My cock was so hard and slippery from the pre-cum, it was so horny. Although my wife stirred a few times, she was sound asleep as I wanked. I increased the pace of my wanking as it was so good. I open my legs when I wank on my back, which tends to increase the feelings on my cock-I don't know why, but it does. I continued wanking and felt near again and stopped just in time. I left my cock for 30 secs and didn't touch it, but I could feel I was on the edge and hoped it wouldn't spurt it. Luckily it didn't but more pre-cum came out-quite a lot-which I then rubbed all around my cock head. It was so good. I also licked it again.

I repeated this a few times, and nearly blew it again, but the feelings went away again as I stopped wanking. I continued wanking and thought I couldn't hold it any more, so I got some tissues ready. My wife stirred when I did this as tissues are noisy, particularly at night when there's no other noise! I got the tissues ready and continued another stop-and-go, then waited 30 secs. I felt I had to come now and got the tissues ready. I quietly rolled onto my side and got the tissues ready underneath my cock. I was now pulling my foreskin furiously, but trying not to wake my wife. But the physical movements when you wank tend to get more urgent as you reach orgasm and I was semi-thrusting as I got near to spunking up. I was shaking the bed a bit but my wife didn't wake up. I had to come and then my cock erupted and loads of spunk pumped out. My cock end was rock hard as I came and spurted the spunk into the tissue. After about 10 heavy spurts and what felt like loads of spunk in the tissue, I stopped rubbing my cock. I cleaned, put my cock back into my boxers and then went to sleep. It was one of the horniest wanking sessions I've had, which lasted about an hour, and I'd done it next to my wife who was fast asleep. I want to do it again soon!



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