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Nicki Across the Street

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There was this woman, Nicki, that lived across the street from me(where I use to live) and we had been good friends for several years. She was in her early thirties and really good looking. There was this other woman, Carol, that lived next door to me and I think that she and Nicki were jealous of each other. Carol sunbathed in her back in the nude and I would spy on her through the wood fence and she had done the same to me and had seen me jackoff in my back yard many times.
Anyway back to Nicki. We would both leave our front doors open and never knocked. Nicki had walked in on me in the nude many times and I had done the same to her. We both worked late so her young daughter was at school. Sometimes she would walk in when I was in the shower and would sit on the counter and talk to me until I finished. Many times she would walk over and hand me a towel and she would always commented about how good my cock looked. It was a strange relationship because we never slept together. She said she thought it would fuck up our friendship and I went along with it.
I had walked in on her many times too and she was always nude when she was home alone. She would walk around completely naked and I would have a raging hardon. She would do house work, bring me coffee or just simply sit around talking. She was beautiful and about six feet tall. She had fantastic tits but they were not very big. She told me they were only 34Cs. I told her one day that more than a mouthful was a waste anyway. I was sitting on her bed, watching her dress. She always took her time. I knew she really enjoyed me looking at her. She would ask me if she looked good. I would always tell he she was fantastic and gave me the biggest hardon. She would usually come over and give me a quick peck on the lips and tell me she loved me, but after the comment about more than a mouth was a waste she totally surprised me. She walked over to me and put her right tit to my lips. I immediately sucked her whole nipple and a good portion of her tit into my mouth and started to nurse. She looked down at me and said 'there's more than a mouthful there. You're not going to waste it are you?' and just giggled. I reached my left hand up and wrapped it around the rest of her tit and started to squeeze. I reached my right had up and started to play with her left tit. I sucked on it for a few minutes and she had closed her eyes and looked as if she was really enjoying it. She had both her hands on my head and said 'don't forget this one' and moved my mouth over to her other tit. After about ten minutes she said she was so horny and ask me if I would please do her a favor and eat he pussy. She said we still couldn't have sex, but she just needed me to take care of her like that. I did and she came unbelievably hard.
A few days later I was in my den watching a porno video and jacking off. I was completely naked, had cock rings on and had lube all over my cock. The front screen popped open and in walked Nicki. She has walked in on me before and usually I will tell her to turn around so I can put on some shorts. She has seen me naked many times but not with cock rings on and all covered with lube. This time though she was talking a mile a minute so I just threw a towel over myself as she walked into the den. She looked at the video on the TV and down at my cock making a tent out of the towel and said, 'Oh! Jack I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt you. You were masturbating weren't you? Would like me to leave and come back later or would you like me to sit down with you and let you finish?' I asked her if she would please sit down beside me and she did. Nicki reached down and pulled the towel off me and told me to jackoff for her. I started stroking my cock and it was feeling great. Nicki started talking dirty to me. She said 'you like to be watched while you jackoff, don't you Jack.? Come on baby, beat that meat for me. Look at that big cock going up that woman's ass on that video. I bet you would love to put that big fat cock of yours up my tight little ass, wouldn't you, you dirty fucking pervert? You want me to see you blow your cum all over the place don't you, you fucking dirty old mother fucker? Jack that cock off and squirt your cum on me jack. Oh! Please baby I want to see you cum.' Then she said 'wait a minute I think I owe you a blow job.' She bent over grabbed my cock out of my hand and stuck it in her mouth. She raised up and said 'Jack please blow your load in my mouth. I really want to taste your cum. You got to taste my pussy juice, so it's only fair. Please don't hurry. I want to suck you for awhile.' Her wish was my command. Nicki's mouth was unbelievably warm and soft and what she did with her tongue on the head of my cock was sending my through the roof. I lasted for about 15 minutes, then I told her I was going to cum. She kept bobbing her head up and down and sucking my cock and I blew my load in her mouth. I couldn't believe how much I was cuming. Nicki gagged a couple of times but just kept sucking and swallowing my cum. She sucked me real slowly for about five minutes after I finished cuming and the tickling in the head of my cock made my whole body twitch uncontrollably. She raised up and asked 'how was that?' I told her I had never felt anything that great before. I leaned over to kiss her and she pulled away and said 'you don't want to kiss me. I've got your cum all over my mouth.' I told her I had tasted my cum before and planted a big wet soul kiss on her. She said I was a dirty old man but she loved me just the same. We both laughed and hugged each other. We had many more good times together but never made love. I am still sorry to this day that we never did.



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