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Nice To Blow You

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Learning to fellate myself aged 21.


You know, I'd never really thought about trying to fellate my own penis until a few years ago. I masturbated fairly regularly and every so often my girlfriend would give me head so I didn't really feel like I was missing anything. I even thought her technique was pretty good at the time.

But then while looking at internet porn I stumbled onto some article about it and was fascinated by the idea. Some weeks later I decided to give it a go.

It was a bit of a stretch at first, especially since I'm not the fittest of guys. But I found if I pulled my stomach in with a deep breath and reclined at the right angle on my sofa, I could get the head and some of the shaft in, a few inches worth.

I tell ya, oral sex is a learning curve. At first it felt like I was flailing around at random not really sure when to bob my head and where to put my tongue. I think I came the first few times more from the novelty of actually being able to reach than because of decent technique. But after a while I found a way to combine my years of self-handjobbing, knowing how I liked to touch it, with the developing oral skills.

Now with a bit more experience under my belt, I think I can say that my favourite thing about auto fellatio is that when you practice and have good control, you can keep your dick in your mouth indefinitely and have both hands free to rub lotion all over yourself or whatever you want to do at the time. Learning to breathe through my nose and not gag really helped.

These days I've got it down to something of a fine art. Sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night unable to get to sleep and I find that NOTHING is more effective than curling up in a kind of fetal position, stroking myself up and gently easing my cock into my mouth. Night time suckage when I'm groggy from sleep are slow and almost clumsy but in a nice relaxing kind of way. Often just a few minutes contented feeling the head pulsing against my cheek and rolling my tongue around it are enough, but every so often I'll blow a quick load. The nice thing is, I don't have to worry about messy sheets because a few swallows and it's gone. I tend to keep my dick in my mouth and pump it a few times with a tightly clenched fist to wring out the last few drops just before it starts going down so as to keep underwear clean and not waste a drop.

Night sucks are nice, but nothing beats the way I learned to do it, reclining on the sofa. If I get the angle right I can suck myself off while looking at porn on the big screen TV which is always nice. In the end you get so comfortable with it that you can drop trousers and be in position within a few seconds. Maybe I'll be waiting for my favourite show to start and realise I have ten minutes to wait, so I'll slide down the sofa, pull out my dick and start bobbing away at it. I find if I pull my stomach in, clench the muscles and hold my breath as I come, still sucking away, I can nearly black out from how intense the pleasure of it is.

The only problem is, I'm getting so accomplished and in tune with me when I fellate myself that my girlfriend feels like a rank amateur in comparison. My improved oral technique benefits her though, and maybe one day I'll give her a demonstration of my favourite hobby.



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