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Next To My Wife

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I awoke a few minutes ago and reached over to kiss my wife. She was laying turned away from me so I kissed her soft left bottom cheek. She rolled a bit toward me and I slide my hand along her flat stomach to her perfect left breast. My fingers felt the softness of her breast, but her nipple was still pressed against the bed. So, I rolled over on my back and felt the night air against my skin as I always sleep in the nude. I felt her turn to face me, but her continued regular breathing let me know that she wasn't going to fully awaken.

My left hand reached down to fondle my limp penis while my right one traced the nipple on my right chest. Her breathing was just inches away from my right shoulder as I lay on my back. I started to pull gently on my limp penis with my left hand and it responded by becoming nice and plump. My wife has never been one to enjoy watching me masturbate, even though I love the feeling of being aroused and stroking my hardness. I wondered if her eyes were part way open as she adjusted her vision to the dim night light in our bedroom. This made my penis become hard in my stroking left hand. I alternated between pulling on my right nipple to reaching down to my ample scrotum and gently massaging my balls with my right hand. But, I thought that using my right hand may block her vision from my stroking left hand, so I just lay my right hand next to my thigh and massaged the skin of my outer thigh while I enjoyed holding and stroking my hard penis in my left hand. It really felt wonderful. I squeezed my butt checks together to push my hard penis into my left hand a few times. I then reached over with my right hand to stroke my hardness back handed. This way the tip of my penis gently bumps the inside of my right wrist and the sensitive underside of my penis rubs along the palm of my right hand. I pulled on my scrotum with my left hand. Her breathing continued to be regular and I debated whether I should wet my penis with my slippery warm saliva and take my arousal to the next level or if I should waken her enough to suckle on her breast while I stroked my hardness. I reached over to touch her arm and she said she didn't want to awaken now, but wondered if she could awaken me to make love later when she awaken. Of course I said yes and I went back to enjoying my dry gentle stroking of my most pleasurable hardness. As I did that, I thought about Solo Touch and decided to get up and write this, the light of the computer screen allowing me to look down on the plump head of my hard penis. Which I have to stop typing with after a sentence or two and stroke. I guess I will save my cum until she awakens and just enjoy the arousal of my hardness!



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