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Next Door Neighbor

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I saw a story about two neighbors and it reminded me of a fun episode in my life. This was around 1997-1998, something like that. Her name was Vanessa and she was a cock tease of the highest order. Once she reached puberty her hormones raged out of control for the next several years. She used to deliberately come outside into her backyard in just her bra and panties in plain view of me and she'd just smile and say hello. She once answered her door topless when I went to ask her mother something. She never even tried to cover up. I watched her masturbating once by putting a garden hose down the front of her bikini. The circle became complete when one night she walked around her house completely nude with all the draped open and lights on. She had an incredible body.

When she was about 19 I made a discovery. I was searching for a police frequency once when my scanner locked on a signal. It turned out to be Vanessa's cordless phone. I could listen in to all of her conversations, though I seldom did. Once when she was outside on her phone I turned on the scanner and heard her talking with her best friend, Michelle. Apparently Michelle had been flashed by a guy that day as she was walking through some woods and was telling Vanessa the story. Vanessa told her she was envious. She said, 'Dude (everyone was 'dude' to her) I'm soooo jealous. You don't know how bad I'd like to have some guy show me his dick or jerk off or something.' That gave me an idea. Anyway Michelle told her that at the time she was scared, blah blah blah. Vanessa just kept asking what the guy looked like. I became suspicious that she was masturbating during this conversation.

Anyway, a while later, late one summer night I saw Vanessa in her backyard with her puppy on a leash. This was my chance. I ran downstairs, tore my clothes off, grabbed some lube and opened the drapes. I popped in a porn tape and waited.

My plan worked like a charm. In seconds I heard the dog right in front of my window so I knew she was just outside. I stood up and turned to give her a full view of my now rock-hard penis. I slowly walked around the room and then went and grabbed the lube. I squeezed a line of it onto my dick and slowly worked it in. Once I was fully lubed I started masturbating furiously. I sat in a chair directly across the room facing the window. I spread my legs, played with my balls, and generally tried my hardest to give her a primo view of my jack off session. Because of my super-aroused state I started cumming quickly. It flew onto my feet, up onto my chest, all over my belly, everywhere. Once I came down I got a little self conscience and left the room to clean up. I heard Vanessa go back inside her house a couple of minutes later.

I turned on the scanner hoping I wouldn't hear her calling the police (it didn't occur to yet me that I was doing nothing illegal). Two minutes or so later, sure enough, she made a call. I was very happy to hear Michelle answer. Vanessa was going off like a crazy person. She was squealing, 'Dude you missed it! Remember my neighbor next door, John? I saw him playing with himself! It was awesome, he came and everything! I actually saw him jacking off! I could see him plain as day!' Michelle and her talked about it for several minutes, Vanessa squealing and answering Michelle's questions (what's his dick like, how was he doing it, was he naked, did he see you, did he cum a lot, etc.)

Vanessa was sky high. I was very relieved. She was also horny as hell, telling Michelle she wished, 'there was someone here to fuck me.' Michelle joked about Vanessa screwing me but she said, 'oh please, dude he's old (I was 39 or so at the time). She kept telling her how she wished she was here to watch me with her. She then told Michelle she had to get off the phone and masturbate (her exact words were, 'Dude, I'm going to have to get myself off. I am so horny right now. God, that was hot.' Michelle just giggled and told her, 'hope it feels good,' and they hung up.

Good times. Good times.



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