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Newspaper Boy

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Let me know if you like my story its my first time


First off thanks for a great site your stories are fantastic!

This story occurred when I was 15. I was delivering newspapers in the early morning before going to school. I had a route of about 75 papers and delivered them on foot through rain, snow whatever Mother Nature wanted to throw at me. Usually I would get 1 or 2 new customers a week. Once a week at night usually on Mondays I would have to go and collect off my customers and pray that I get a tip as I was only getting .3 cents per paper/day. For two weeks I was trying to collect off of a new customer that lived in an apartment building I tried Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights for 2 weeks and the customer was never home. After 3 weeks of trying I went on a Friday night around 9PM and finally someone was home.

I heard some soft music playing and looking through the peep-hole I could see flickering light, so I knocked on the door lightly...no answer, I knocked a little louder and heard a woman's voice asking who it was, I said 'paper boy' and I heard another voice sounded like another woman? As this was my first time at the apartment I had no idea what to expect.

The door opened a little and a twenty something blonde opened the door, she checked who I was and then slowly opened the door and asked me to come in. I normally do not like going into apartments but as soon as the door opened I could smell her perfume and my dick started to twitch in my jeans, I readily entered the apartment and stood back as this gorgeous twenty-four year total babe dressed in baby blue lingerie slowly closed the door slightly rubbing ever so close to my crotch but just missed rubbing her panty clad ass against my now getting harder cock.

She turned around and said that her name was Sylvie and extended her hand towards me, I swallowed hard trying to stay composed but not really doing a good job at it and stuttered my name and extended my hand trying not to look at her fantastic cleavage and instead look into her eyes as I slowly extended my hand. When our hands touched I felt an electric shock go through my body and right into my now throbbing cock!

I was trying nonchalantly to move my dick over a little as it was almost poking straight through my jeans, as I was trying to do this Sylvie started to apologize for not being home over the last weeks and said something about training for a new job and was not getting home until late, I started to say something like, that's ok when from the bedroom exited another total hottie, she was a brunette maybe twenty-five wearing a menthe green push-up bra with matching panties, as she turned towards me I could clearly see that she was totally shaven as I could see her red labia through the transparent panty. I was now in total heaven!!

Sylvie said that this was her roommate Nathalie. I extended my hand towards her hoping that our touch would have the same reaction as my early handshake with Sylvie, except instead of shaking my hand Nathalie took it in her and kept getting closer to me. All 7 inches of my 15-year-old cock is now throbbing as Nathalie approaches ever so close, I could smell her perfume mixed with something else. At first I was not sure what it was but as she pressed up against me and kissed me lightly on both cheeks it dawned on me what that other smell was PUSSY that's what. I remembered smelling my finger after finally making it to second base with my girlfriend, now my cock is almost ready to burst and my balls are aching like someone had just kicked me.

Nathalie whispered into my ear how much did they owe? Her words at first did not register at all, all I could hear in my head was beating heart and feeling my super hard cock throbbing in my jeans only inches away from Nathalie's shaven pussy, as Nathalie started to repeat her question Sylvie came towards us with a weird look on her face, Nathalie asked her what was wrong and Sylvie said that she only had $10.00 dollars in her purse Nathalie looked at me and asked how much they owed I started to think how much they owed but I was still in my own heart pounding dick throbbing world.. I finally was able to clear my head and said it would be $9.00 as it was $3.00/week.

Sylvie handed Nathalie the $10.00 bill and then turned around putting her purse on a lower table she bent at the waist and slowly spread her ass and legs ever so little causing her panty to creep into her ass crack while at the same time she slowly started to gyrate her hips as she was apparently checking her purse for more money. My cock is now vibrating in my jeans as my now rock hard balls begin to contract on their own, as I am watching Sylvie's beautiful panty clad ass slowly gyrating, I can sense Nathalie slowly approaching. I am trying to look at Nathalie but my gaze is on Sylvie, Nathalie breaks up my stare by brushing up against me just an inch from rubbing up against my almost erupting cock, she hands me the $10.00 and whispers into my ear that she is so sorry that they cannot give me a better tip but promises to make it up for me next time as she sticks her hot wet tongue into my ear, as she does that she reaches just past my almost exploding cock and opens the apartment door, as I start to back out of the door Sylvie turns around and walks towards Nathalie as she reaches her she cups her hand and wraps it around Nathalie's now dripping red pussy lips causing Nathalie to utter an ugh as they both look at me blowing me a kiss and closing the door.

I am now totally freaked out I have by far the biggest erection of my life, I just witnessed two of the most gorgeous woman in my entire life and my balls/cock are in dire need of attention. I quickly put the $10.00 in my pocket and head for the apartment stairway I am on the fourth floor, it is about 9:15 PM I did not hear anyone so I quickly drop my jeans and underwear to the floor and as I reach for my totally erect purple head 7 inch cock I grab the base of my cock and start rubbing my now oozing pre-cum into my cock it does not take long for my balls to start contracting pushing my cum ever so close, I close my eyes and start remembering what just happened when I open my eyes I see Sylvie and Nathalie's faces in window of the stairway, they must have known what their show had done to me I could not hold it any longer and uttered a loud grunt shooting a huge load of cum almost 3 feet hitting against the stairway door making a thud startling both Sylvie and Nathalie a little, but I was by no way finished shooting a second then third and fianlly fourth load of sperm coating my hand and dripping into my underwear and jeans I gasped again and looked back into the window as Sylvie and Nathalie are staring at me as they obviously are fingering each other. I started to smile but I here a noise, someone was starting to climb up the stairs from the lobby. I quickly reach down pulling up my sticky underwear and jeans and push my still stiff dick back into my pants I started to buckle up and slowly start down the stairs. Around the second floor I met another customer just getting home as she commented on how late it was she noticed that I was sweating I just said that I had ran over to the building trying to collect off a customer. She commented that it was getting late and that I should not be out so late. I said something like I know and then ran down the rest of the stairs.

As I walked home I could not believe what I had just saw, being 15 and in the late seventies there were not a lot of access to porno except my dad's mags. And as I had just started to feel up my then girlfriend this was by far the most amazing experience that I had ever had. The next morning when I delivered the newspaper to Sylvie and Nathalie there was a small bag on the door knob. I took the bag off the door and when I opened it I could smell that wonderful odor of PUSSY I reached into the bag and there was a note that read ' Last night was totally amazing at first we wanted to tease you a little but we started to get horny as well when we saw you jerking off in the stairway both Sylvie and me had two amazing orgasms. We are including our panties in the bag as we are sorry that we were only able to give you a dollar tip but I bet you will have plenty of jerk off sessions using the panties. By the way come by and collect from us again next Friday around 8 PM we promise to make it up to you! xxoo Nat!!'

Well for the next couple of months I was in ecstasy every Friday night the girls would put on a show for me and I would jerk off for them, turns out that they were lesbian strippers and were usually turned off by men, but as I was teenager they rather enjoyed teasing me seeing how far I could go before shooting off. They never did anything directly to me, sometimes they would brush up against my erection but they never grabbed my cock or let me rub it on them, only tease and watch. Eventually my girlfriend broke up with me as I never wanted to go on a date with her on Friday nights; she figured I was seeing someone else bit never thought that I was actually seeing two twenty plus girls...

Sylvie and Nathalie eventually moved after a year and we never saw each other again until 3 yrs later when I turned 18 and went into a strip club downtown. Before I could find a nice spot a hand reached out grabbing my hand when I turned around I looked directly into Nathalie's eyes before I could say anything Nathalie reached out and grabbed my crotch and said that she had waited a long time to squeeze my cock... but that is another story .. Maybe later ..



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