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Newly Qualified Teacher

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This goes back to when I was in secondary school. Life and school life was different back then. One thing though, I SWEAR every word of this is true. (Apart from her name)


Miss Evans was a newly qualified maths teacher. She was 23 and straight out of college. Maths, unfortunately for me, was my worst subject and still is today. I cannot deal with numbers for anything. Now, our previous maths teacher was what is technically known as an asshole and he loved bullying the kids that were no good at it.

Anyway, he left and Miss Evans walked into my life. Oh, she was so pretty and she had a lot to learn about adolescent boys. We all lusted after her and used every schoolboy trick in the book to look up her skirt or down her top. How I wish we had mobile phones back then because with the desks in rows it would be so easy to take a photo up her skirt. Ah well. So, this one day, she was wearing a very loose fitting skirt. It wasn't long either. When she moved it flicked up at the back and showed her panties. I don't know about the other boys, but I was hard as a rock.

At the end of the lesson the bell rang and we had to leave. I couldn't stand up with a massive boner so I just sat there. 'It's time to go, Chris.' I just turned bright red and muttered that I couldn't. Of course she asked why and I just blurted out 'Coz I have a hard-on.' Miss Evans smiled and said 'Why?' I said 'coz of you.' I figured she would roast me alive, but she didn't. Instead she told me how flattered she was that she had this effect on me and asked me if I had a girlfriend who could 'take care' of me. I said that I was not that popular and no, I didn't.

Well, this happened a few times over the next few weeks. One week before the end of term, my lovely Miss Evans announced she was leaving. Not only our school, but teaching in general. She still gave me hard ons and she knew it. On her last day, she wore THAT skirt. My mouth was dry, but I had pre-cum all over my pants by then.

Again, at the end of the lesson I was like a flagpole. Miss Evans walked over to me and reached into my schoolbag. 'Goodbye, Chris. Use what is in your bag to help youself.' and she left the room.

When I looked in there, I found a pair of pink cotton panties. Just that they were hers would have been enough, but they were used too. In the toilets, I fingered them and finally figured out that I could smell them. The orgasm nearly blew my cock apart. I kept them until long after the scent had gone, but there was a little white mark in the crotch where her cunt had been.

Damn, that woman gave me some great orgasms. Pity there was nothing more. I found out later though that the reason she left so soon was that she was caught red handed....with one of the sixth form girls! Sometimes, there is no justice! She may have been a lesbian, but she wasn't a man hater. (or boy hater).



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