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New Year's With My Best Friend

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This happened the night of New Year's with my best friend who's a boy.


All of my family had this one huge New Year's party and I had my best friend at the party. By the way, my best friend is a boy. He's 15, the same age as I am. Well, we were at the party and when the party was over, probably around three in the morning, my friend asked me if I would like to stay over at his house because he didn't want to go by himself and I said, yeah. My mom didn't say no when I asked her because she knew that we were best friends and that we wouldn't do anything that wasn't good.

That night, we were at his house in his room. Everybody was asleep in his house by 3:30 am. We were just there talking about everuthing, when I told him I had to go to the bathroom. He was going to change into some shorts so that we could go to sleep. I was supposed to sleep on his bed and he was going to sleep on the floor.

I went to the bathroom and when I came out he was naked and was about to put on some shorts. It was obvious that he had a hard on; you could see because of the big bump he had in his boxers. I just said, I was sorry and turned around. He said that it was ok and that he didn't mind if I looked at him while he was changing.

So, I turned around and faced him. I just smiled and he smiled back. I just said, 'Damn! Your wife will be very lucky when she gets to be with you. I'm sure you're going to satisfy her real good with that buddy of yours.' He just smiled and said that he couldnt wait to get married. Then I asked him how would he make love to her.

We are the best of friends and we could talk about anything. The question that I asked him didn't make him nervous or anything, so he answered it. He said, 'I would first kiss her and just feel her body from head to toe.'

This was really getting exciting by the way he was saying it. He said, 'I'd just start to softly and slowly touch her hips, then her thighs and end up at her pussy.'

I was really turned on by this time. I started rubbing my pussy and he started to get even more turned on than he already was. He was still in his boxers because he got distracted by my question and didn't put on his shorts. We were lying together on his bed. He, slighty, ran his hand over his dick. I could see his dick sticking way up because he has an athletic body and flat abdomen.

So we were there, just talking about this and he moved, and by accident he touched my left breast. I think he did that on purpose. He apologized and I just smiled. We talk for about another ten minutes and every two minutes or so he would move and 'accidentally' touch my breast. I just said, 'I know you want them(my breasts).' He smiled and said that they looked nice.

I am a size 38c. I have a nice ass and I am in shape.

I said, 'Go ahead and take a look!' I took off my tanktop and undid my bra. He was just staring at them with amazement. He asked if he could touch them, and like the good friend I am, I said, yeah.

He had his hand inside his boxers and was feeling his hard cock. I was really wet. He started to first, play around with my nipples then he just pinched them. It felt good!

He said that he was getting kind of horny and he blushed. I asked him why he was blushing and he said that it was because he was embarrassed. I said there was no reason to be embarrassed and he just smiled. I said, 'It's not fair that you get to touch and I don't.'

He smiled and said, 'Help yourself!' and then took his dick out of his boxers. I looked at it in amazement. It was probably about eight and a half to nine inches long. I just took it in my two hands and started to stroke it. He was smiling and grabbing my tits while I was stroking his, oh so hard, dick. Then, he slowly moved his hands down my back, then down my hips and then moved toward my pussy. He slowly circled my clit and then he did it faster and faster. I started to move my hips really fast. He said he was about to cum, and I said that I would really like it if he came on my tits, which he did. It felt so good to feel his warm cum on my tits. I came right after he did. He was fingering my pussy when I came. I just closed my legs really tightly and came all over his hand.

After both of us came, we changed and went to sleep. He didn't sleep on the floor; instead he slept with me in his bed; we shared covers and all. He just hugged me and asked me if I wanted to be his girl. I said, yeah. Right now, we're boyfriend and girlfriend.



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