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New Years Eve

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I really have enjoyed all your stories here on Solo Touch. So I want to share something that happened to me a few days ago, on New Years Eve.

The names and places have been changed.


I live in my own apartement in New York, my friend Paul, lives in Washington and goes to school there. We decided to spend New Years Eve together, since neither of us had any other plans.

So, Paul arrived about 3:00pm that day, we made some food, eating tacos and burritos.

We had a drink. The whole evening just turned out to be a normal visit, playing Playstation 3 and watching some movies. All this up to the fireworks.

After the fireworks and we were in 2008, we started talking about all the things we had done regularly and big events through 2007. Then I brought up jerking off as a regular thing I did, that triggered the both of us, we started talking about women, and our happenings there. So of course, I got really horny, and I could see through Pauls pants, that he was too. I started to swing in to jerking off again, and Paul wanted to watch some porn, since I did not have any, we went online and started chatting with this girl on webcam. It turned out she didn't have a webcam, but sent us pics of herself, and videos too. In return, we had to do something 'special'.

I took the initiative and took off my pants and boxers, sitting there naked in front of Paul, who had neved seen me naked before actually. It wasn't embarrassing at all. I told Paul to do the same, and to my surprise, he did!

This was the first time I saw him naked too, and I got a bit proud when I saw his cock. It was smaller than mine! I'm about 8' long and 5,5' round. We discovered this when we measured there end then. He is 6,5' long and 4,5' round. We are both uncut.

Then after about an hour of just wanking to her nice pics and videos, she said she was getting tired and not very excited anymore. We both wanted to keep this going, so we convinced her to stay, but she wanted some more action she said.

So I said to her that we would obey all her commands from that point on. She quickly told us to jerk each other off, something I was totally ready for! But Paul did not seem to like the idea of this. So, again she said she would leave. That convinced Paul to do it! He grabbed my dick, and just held it lightly, so it would look like he did it on the webcam. I got a little annoyed about that, so I squeezed his hand on my cock, and jerked it for him! He was a bit shocked and pulled away, but he came back, saying 'It felt just like my own cock, just bigger' with a little laughter in his voice. Then I took his dick and jerked him off, this is something I actually had dreamed of earlier, so this was a big moment for me!

Eventually he didn't bother to make any effort with my cock, just held it and jerked it real boringly, if you know what I mean.

But I really enjoyed jerking him off, so I put my soul into it. We actually did this for several hours, always building up, and edging. In the end, I was getting tired, and wanted to cum, and the girl on the net wanted to see us cum too! So I decided that Paul would make me cum by jerking me off. For real this time.

Paul was critical to this, but agreed to do it. So I sat in my chair in front of the webcam, and Paul started to really jerk me off. this time it seamed like he found it fun. And me, I felt like never ever before! He started to wank just around the area where the head stops and the shaft starts. This was like HEAVEN! And faster and faster he jerked me, until I shot the biggest load of my life! and the longest ropes too! I must have shot like 10 ropes of cum, all over my hairy chest and Paul's hand. He even got some on his chest too.

And the girl on the net really liked it as well. After recovering from the exctasy, I said that it was my turn to return the favor, and Paul agreed, but only because his hand was so tired he said. Then, with Paul in the chair, I used my own cum as lube, and started working his dick with both hands, one on his cock, the other on the balls. After a while, it didn't seem as he was going to cum, and he said that he couldn't either, because you're a guy he said. I sure was going to make him cum!

Soon I felt him pumping against my hand, and he shot a rope on my arm, I was shocked my this, only to get the next two ropes in my face! the next three to four ropes shot on his chest and all over the floor.

We both looked at each other and started laughing! We both agreed to this again sometime soon!

Happy New Year folks! Hope you enjoyed the story!



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