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New Things To Tell You All

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A lot has happened in the last 6 weeks. I have a new friend David. He moved in to the property across the field from us with his mom. She's now the pharmacist in our small town.

My mom invited them to dinner just after they moved in. David's mom looks hot for an older woman. She's a lot younger than my parents. I think 38.

David told me I could come to his house to workout with him. They have a nice room, not like our basement & they have mirrors & a bowflex. I've been going there a few times a week. They have pictures of workout men & women on the walls & even two pictures of his mom posing. You would not believe how young her body looks. I snapped a picture of her pictures when David was in the bathroom. She looks as good as some of the girls in the porn movies. I jerked off looking at her a few times already.

David is a year older than me & loves talking about sex, all the time. He's a lot like me. We talked about it & I told him about my never ending boner & how I feel like I need to cum all the time & he said he feels the same. He's had lots of girls though because they used to live in the big town which is about 45 minutes away from here. I told him it won't be so easy out here but he told me he's work on girls for both of us.

He took me into the big town a few weeks ago for a surprise. It was the best thing I've ever done in my life so far. He took me to a strip bar! I saw girls nude! They took off everything! There were four girls & they took turns dancing. There was one girl that I liked a lot. She was so pretty & looked so normal. David told me to give him ten dollars which I did. He took his ten dollars too & put it in her bar before she took it off. We were sitting around a small stage right where the girls danced. Her name is Tiffany & she gave us a nice show & at the end she was smiling at us at the same time as she was laying with her legs wide open rubbing all over her body. After she was done dancing she came & sat with us. I think she likes me. She was so friendly. She said she was a nice girl & was only dancing to get money for school. She seemed like a nice girl too. That night I jerked off four times before I went to sleep just thinking about her. She's the kind of girl I'd like to have.

David also took me to another place in the big town. He took me to a sex shop which is just a store filled with sex stuff. I already told him about my uncle's place where I go to jerk off to all his movies. David said I should buy some movies for him. I spent a lot of money at that place. Four movies & this other thing that David talked me into getting & now I'm glad he did. He bought this thing that takes batteries & looks like a pussy that you slide your cock into.

It was a few days later before uncle was away on the road & I could go to use his place. I was hiding this sex thing in my bag all this time out in the garage. I took it to uncle's place to try it out. It's called a tens stimulator & it's made to massage your muscles with electric waves or whatever you call them. There are two white pads with wires that plug into a small box that you put batteries in. There is also a two round circle thing that you can plug in to. The circle ones are meant to go on your cock. I was pretty excited thinking it was something to make my cock feel good.

I took off all my clothes & put on a movie. I read the instructions & plugged in the two cock circle wires. Then I had to put a small bit of this clear wet stuff on the bottom of my cock where it joins my body & more just under the head of my cock. I slid the first one down to the bottom & the second just under my cock head. It was easy because when I have a boner I don't have much cock skin left at all. My boner was real hard by then. The instructions said to start on low & work up so I did. It has settings for how much power you can use & if you want to pulse the power or use it direct with no breaks in between. I put it on the shortest pulses & on #1. I could feel tiny snaps but that was all. I turned it off then moved it to half power #5 & pulse #5. When I pushed the power button my cock got a good blast for only a split second then I shut it off. It felt like when you touch the electric fence wire where the cows are only in your cock. I turned in off right away but only for a few seconds. It hurt but in a good way.

Then I made a bet with myself. I bet I could leave it set to the same spot for two minutes straight then turn it up two numbers on both settings for another two minutes before giving in. I held my breath then told myself I was going to do it. I sat up straight in the chair & crossed my legs & put both hands at my side. I reached over & pushed the power button & my cock got a blast but I just let it go. It hurt good again & the five seconds felt like longer. It was so intense that I stopped again & pushed to off button. Then I tried a different way like it showed in the instructions. I kept the circle part un the head of my cock & took off the lower one. Instead I put one of the flat pads on the flat hard part of skin between my balls & butt. I had to use more clear stuff & a piece of clear tape they give you. Then I left the settings the same & told myself this time I for sure was not giving in. I sat back up nice & straight I pushed the button. This time the feeling was right through my cock & something weird happened. My balls felt like they were being sucked inside my body like they were being pulled on with strings attached. My cock was buzzing hard where the circle was & I could feel it all the way to where the pad was. I let all five seconds go without hitting off then it stopped. My cock went from stiff as a rock to normal hard & my balls slowly fell back down. Before I knew it the machine blasted me again. Each time the jolt felt bad & good all at once. Each time it started my cock stiffen up instantly & pointed straight into the air at the same time as my balls pulled to my body. I gritted my teeth & grunted waiting for it to stop. Then the power was off for another five seconds. I was thinking that I may not be able to go on but told myself not to be a wimp & that I could do it. Then I got another jolt to the cock. After about the tenth time I could tell I was going to like it. The jolts were hard but the good feeling was so much different than just jerking off & I wanted to keep feeling it. The two minutes were soon up & it shut off. My cock was feeling pretty good & I wanted to do more. I turned it up 2 spots on both power & time so I was on 7 & 7. This time when I pushed on I yelled out loud but I never shut it off. I lifted my butt off the chair & gritted my teeth hard for all seven seconds. It felt like so much longer though. My cock was so stiff & hard. The end was shiny purple all the time the power was jolting me. My balls felt like they went right inside & it scarred me. I felt them after & they were still outside but barley. Because I shave my cock & balls I could see exactly what was going on. Then the seconds hard blast came on 7 & I yelled again. It was more of a hard long grunt. It hurt so much but felt so good. It's very hard to describe.

My cock was feeling so good in between almost like when I jerk off for a few hours. I let the seven minutes go by & my cock hard the cum feeling close a few times but not too close. Then I changed it up a bit. I wanted to feel what it was like to cum with the jolts. I turned it to six power & to direct with no pulses. I figured I could take it constant if it was at six. I pushed on & it didn't feel much lees than before to me. My cock stiffened up instantly & my balls pulled in tight. Then the seconds passed & it just kept going. When it's on all the muscles down there are tensed up but you are not trying to make them tense. My cock was standing up so hard & it was hurting so much but still a good hurt. I left it go for a long time. Maybe almost a minute! I thought my cock would explode with the pressure & then I could feel that great cum feeling building up. I let the power go & the cum feeling came on a lot slower than when I jerk off. It built & built then it got good then great. I never felt anything like that before when I came. I never touched my cock at all. I let the machine do all the work. When the cum started to shoot it was the best! My cock bounced up & down every time a new load of cum shot out the end. It bounced up & down a lot & I shot cum all over the place. There was cum on the floor & all over my chest & face & shoulder & on the chair. As soon as the cum feeling was over I had to turn it off. My cock couldn't take any more but what a good cum it gives.

I've used the machine about 10 times now & I'm getting better with it. I turned it to 10 just once but I only got a few seconds before I hit off. It was so hard that I thought I could hurt my cock & plus it hurt way too much. Six and Seven are the best. Eight is ok for a short one but it's hard to take.

I was thinking of making David a bet & getting together to see who could take the most for the longest time before hitting the off button or shooting cum. That would be a fun bet to do & I think he'd do it. We jerked off one time together in his basement but it was short & only to shoot our cum because we had been talking about girls all the time we worked out. It was fun to do because it was the first time I jerked off with a bud in over a year. It felt a bit weird being older but David said it was only to relieve the tension so it was ok. If I take David to my uncles & we watch girls on porn it will be ok too. Then we can try to see who can last the longest & I want to try his thing too if he'll let me.

I had a lot of time on the computer tonight. Nobody will be home for a while. Uncle is at home & I don't like going there when he's at home any more. A few times he was in the room already & it just felt weird knowing I was waiting for him to finish jerking off so I could do the same thing. Once I must have just got there when he started. I waited an hour then left. I like going when he's not home.

I'm going to my room to jerk off now. I have adult magazines up there. The girls are so perfect & pretty. They look like girls a guy could get married to. My favorite mag is an older one. It has girls from universities that were trying out for a spread in the mag. There's so many girls & they're just normal girls all nude & letting their picture go in the magazine for everybody to see. They must know guys jerk off looking at their pictures. If they know they must like it & I'll bet they masturbate thinking about all us guys doing it looking at them. I'm going to jerk off looking at all of them in a few minutes. I hide a small jar of Vaseline in my room with my mags. I don't like dry any more. The electric cock thing is in my bag at uncles. I still prefer good old jerking with Vaseline & my bare hand. Nothing feels better.



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