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New Roommate

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For I'd say a month before I left home for college, I was worried about how I would handle the fact that I jerked off in bed every night before I went to sleep and again in the morning about dawn when I always wake up with a painful hard and pulsing dick. The morning is the worst because I start having sex dreams and wake up in the middle when it feels like my cum has moved halfway up my dick but not come out. I was to move into a shared dorm room. I already saw the type of room on an orientation tour and the bedroom section was so small and tight. I figured out like I could jo in the bathroom or shower and I tried getting into that habit at home but it just did not satisfy me, and was like just to get off and did not feel as great and relaxing as when I laid down in bed naked on a towel, gobbed on some Vaseline and had a good leisurely pleasuring of myself.

So the day I moved into the room I met the guy who would share it with me. I already knew a little about him because we friended on Facebook after the University let us know who we would be rooming with. He was a good looking guy, maybe better looking than me, about 6 feet tall, thick blond hair with a cool styling job. I knew his interests included swimming and La Crosse, and in person he had a better build than his Facebook pics which may have not been that recent. Truth is I felt like he was like higher status all around than me as my looks are pretty ordinary and I am thin and not athletic. So I wanted to make a good impression on him and tried hard for him to think I was as cool a dude as I thought he was.

Getting on with the story the first night we went to bed about the same time. I left on my T-shirt and boxers and he slept just of his boxers. It was hard to do but I kept myself from jerking off. I tossed and turned for about an hour before I could fall to sleep because this was such a habit for me. In the morning I got up at dawn again with such a painful set of nuts that I had to get up and go to the bathroom and whack it off.

The next night I waited until I was sure he was asleep, went and got some tissues from the bathroom and rubbed cream over my Dick. I pulled my shorts back up and went back to bed, and got under the sheet. I roll down my boxers and gave myself a good hand job. I had a hold a sheet of one hand and it all got messy. The next day I was pretty depressed because I was pretty sure it was never you get a good jerk off as long as I had this situation.

Then on the third night I started to do the same thing. I was back in bed and the room was pretty dark. Also I can't see much without my contacts in. But I heard noises from his bed and looked over and even with the dim light and my nearsightedness I could see he was lying stark naked on top of his sheet and was stroking himself. I stopped jerking off so he wouldn't hear me and figured he thought I was asleep. I wish I could've seen more but I heard a lot because he was very noisy and as he got closer to coming he whispered some curse words and when he was shooting he wound up kneeling on his bed and trying to stifle loud sounds but not too effectively as I think it would've woken me up even if I had been asleep. Now I was really horny. I could tell he was mopping himself up with a towel or something. Then almost right away he seemed to fall off to sleep. A few minutes later I started to jerk off again and this time felt good about putting a towel under me and leaving the top sheet off. I took my boxers off all the way and drop them on the floor by the bed. I had a real good come and mostly I was thinking about what I just seen and heard. I was wondering if I could wear my contacts to bed one night so I could see them better and then take them off after he finished.

The next morning he went to the shower first, and when he was coming out and I was going in he said to me' morning dude. Heard you whacking off last night.' I was stunned and had no idea what to say. I said awkwardly, 'I think you do it to.' He said, 'yeah every night!' Then he just went on talking about something else. I was SO glad he was that cool about it! I wish I had had the nerve to say that or even to think of saying it.

Anyway I'll bet you can guess what happened the next night. I waited in my bed till I heard him whacking off, looked over to confirm it as best I could without my contacts in, and then rolled back the covers right off the bed, peeled off my boxers, and started to do myself. His bed was nearer to the window and therefore a little brighter than mine but I was sure he could see me well enough since he doesn't need glasses.

But almost as soon as we started, he spoke. He said, 'Hey, dude, mind if I turn on the TV and flip in a porn disk?' I had been trying to pick up on his way of talking because things are very formal in my home, and I said back, 'Hell yeah, do it!' The TV was his and was by his bed but I could see it from mine too. As he put in the disk I got up (with a big boner sticking up to my belly now) and dug through my drawer to find my old eyeglasses so I would not need to put the contacts back in. We got back in our beds and proceeded to do it. Now not only could I see the porn that was playing but could watch him clearly at the same time! And he did not try to stifle himself but was like talking to the women in the clip as though he was fucking them. Except maybe for the very first time I came (which is a different story in itself) this was the greatest moment I can remember. He blew first, once again sitting up on his knees and shouting at the last moment, and busting wad after wad all over the place! That made me blow a huge wad right as he was finishing.

I have to stop as this is so long already but we are really comfortable now and I think he likes to have a buddy to JO with, even though he would not say so I am sure. I sure like it better than doing it under the covers.



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