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New Neighbours

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So it was not long after my 16th birthday, when new neighbors had begun moving in next door. Once they had settled in, my mum thought it would be a lovely idea to go and meet them. I thought otherwise, I hated meeting people! Anyway my mum had gone over to welcome them into the neighbourhood, and we were invited over to dinner for a house-warming event of such.

We arrived and to my surprise my parents had decided to go out to dinner with them, and left me alone to get along with their daughter, who was roughly a year younger than me. She was completely beautiful! She had long brunette hair down to her back, perfect hazel eyes, a stunning body and medium sized breasts.

Anyway, we were sitting awkwardly watching TV, every now and then having some awkward chit chat, when suddenly a sexy scene came on the screen. This made it very awkward, but what happened next was weirder. She asked me what they were doing! She had no idea what sex looked like, and so I had to explain what it was to her. She then told me that she had never seen a penis before, and that she had always wanted to.

Now at this stage I was getting rather horny, considering the sex scene and the fact that she had always wanted to see a penis, when to my amazement she asked if she could see my cock. I told her no, as it would be way too awkward for both of us, but she kept on begging and begging. It finally got to a stage were she was getting serious, and told me that if I showed her she would get naked too.

I eventually agreed, and we both stripped down to just our underpants (and her in her bra) she then said that because she had more sets of underwear on that she would take off her bra to make things even. I was completely up for it. So she slowly took off her bra, and her perky large breasts pounced out right in front of me, her pointy little pink nipples looking rather hard. This gave me a rather large boner, and you could start to see it through my underpants.

Eventually I took my undies off, and my cock bounced out, immediately hard, and her face was gob-smacked. She had never seen a cock before, and she was clearly blushing. She asked why it was so hard, and I told her it was because her boobs had turned me on, which added to her blushing.

It was then her turn to take off her underwear, and she slowly pulled them down, as if she wanted to make it look hot. I had finally seen my first live pussy, and by that stage I was insanely horny. I could vaguely see her pussy lips under her pubes, and I could see they were mildly open, to which I knew she was starting to get horny too.

She then asked if she could touch my cock, and I agreed that she could, if I was allowed to touch her pussy. She firmly grabbed hold of my cock and softly stroked it, before yanking her hand away. She giggled and said it felt warm and hard, and asked if she could stroke it some more. She went on for a while, but I told her to stop because I didn't want to cum all over her.

She then told me that I was allowed to touch her pussy, and she lay down on the couch and I gently rubbed around it. She was really wet, and I could feel her pussy juices increasing as I rubbed it softly more and more. She started moaning and screaming a little, so I decided to stop.

She obviously didn't want to, because what came next was possibly the greatest thing I have heard to date. She wanted to do what the people in the movies were doing! At first I was reluctant, this might be the girl I lose my virginity to after all, but I could tell she was insanely horny, and so was I, so I agreed. I started by slowly rubbing her pussy some more, and gently put my fingers up inside her. She said it was a little sore but felt amazing. She then proceeded to rub my cock. She screamed and moaned instantly, and started moving against my fingers as though she was an expert! We kissed and touched each other, and I rubbed her nipples which made her moan some more, until eventually we were both screaming in excitement. I told her I was about to cum, so we slowed it down and my God it was so freaking amazing! With my fingers deep inside her and her rubbing my cock quite hard now, I didn't last long, and told her I was at my climax again, but she insisted she kept rubbing, as I rubbed her pussy, and I could feel her squirt all down my leg and onto my toes. This was probably the greatest sight I had ever had, and with that I ejaculated onto her leg and arm. She jumped a little from the surprise, but kept my cock placed firmly in her hand, and began rubbing the sperm into her skin. This made me so fucking hot watching her rub my sperm into her. We slowly cooled down while gently rubbing each other.

We went up and had a bath together, and we played a little more, but eventually things cooled down completely. We just sat on the couch naked, every so often touching each other, until it came close to the time our parents arrived.

We didn't tell them a thing, and we caught up all the time after that, often having sex. We started dating not that long after.



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