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New Neighbor Karen

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Karen and her husband moved in next door to me and she is so cool. She‚??s about 22 years old with beautiful red hair. She is very friendly to this dirty old man and treats me like a friend after just a few weeks. I love exposing myself but was being cautious with her. I had only wore some very thin red shorts, that have little hole in them for ventilation, but make them completely transparent. She seemed receptive to this and appeared to like what she saw so I got a little braver. A few days ago I got up the nerve when I saw her in her bedroom with the window open to try something more. My cock was really hard and I was completely naked. I opened my back door and Karen spotted me right away. She looked for a few seconds then turned and walked out of her room. I quickly closed the door. Later that day Karen, her husband, some other neighbors and myself were all out front visiting. Out of the blue Karen said, 'Jack, I saw you coming out of your back door earlier. What were you doing?' I thought, Oh! Shit. I‚??m busted. I made up something about hearing someone knock. Karen said 'sure, whatever you say Jack' looked at me and smiled.
Yesterday she was raking the courtyard between our homes. I had my thin red shorts on and opened my back door and said Hi! I must have scared her because she jumped then laughed. I told her I was sorry that I had not intended to frighten her. There are about six steps up to my back door which put my cock eye level for her. She is a large girl. Not heavy, but about six feet tall and a very nice body. I have never seen her with a bra on and she always wears very lose fitting tops. We talked and she took several good looks at my cock which was getting really hard. She bent over to pickup some leaves to put them in the trash can but stayed there for what seemed like a long time. Her top fell open and I had a perfect view of two of the most gorgeous tits I have ever seen. She looked at me and smiled. She said she needed to finish up before dark.
I told her it was pretty hot out there and wouldn‚??t she like to come in for something cool to drink. Karen looked in my eyes, then down at my cock, smiled and said ' sure Jack. I would love something cool to drink'. We went to my kitchen and I invited her to sit down and asked if a rum and coke would be O.K. She said that would be great. I turned and started making the drinks while we made small talk. I knew she was looking at my ass which you could clearly see my crack through the thin shorts. She asked me where I got my shorts and that they looked so comfortable. She surprised me and asked me if I had ever worn them out in public. I said I had a couple of times. She looked me right in the eyes and said 'you like exposing yourself, don‚??t you?' I admitted that I did and that I just couldn‚??t get enough. She surprised me again and asked me how often I masturbated and I told her everyday and sometimes several time in one day. Our conversation got much sexier and I could tell Karen was getting turned on.
Karen looked at me and said'I want you to expose yourself to me, Jack. I want to see your big cock right now'. I did as I was told, stood up and dropped my shorts to the floor. I had on a triple cock ring so my cock was really swollen. Karen looked at it and said 'the head of it is so big and red. Jack, I want to watch you jack yourself off. Do you want me to watch you jackoff that big cock and see you squirt?' I told her I had been dreaming about nothing else since she moved in next door. I suggested that we go into my computer room and I showed her the SOLO site. We started reading the stories and I started jacking off. Karen would read a little and then watch my hand stroking my cock. She told me several time that that looked so fucking good. I asked her if she would join me, but she said no, she just wanted to watch. I told her I loved having her watch me completely naked and jacking off while she had all her clothes on. It was making me so hot.
I kept stroking myself and it was feeling so good. Karen said she couldn‚??t believe how long I was lasting. She said most men would have blown there load after just a few strokes but she was glad because she was really enjoying what she was seeing. I told her it came from a lot of practice exposing myself. She ask me to tell her some of my stories about me exposing myself. As I started to tell her I was getting hotter and hotter. She kept saying 'you really did that? That woman saw you cum all over yourself? That young woman really saw you shoot off on your steering wheel? What did she say when she saw you doing that? That is so fucking exciting. Jack please cum for me. I want to see you cum now'. Karen‚??s wish was my command and I started squirting everywhere. She jumped back but it was too late. She was wearing shorts and got a huge stream right across her thigh. She said 'Oh! Yes Jack, keep cumming. That looks so fucking good. I can‚??t believe how much you‚??re cumming'. I told her it was because of her.
Karen grabbed one of my jackoff rags and wiped off her leg. She then proceeded to wipe me off and said 'I can‚??t just leave you here all wiped out with cum all over you after you gave me such a great show'. She said she had to go but wanted to know if she could come over the next time her husband was gone and watch me jackoff again and would it be O.K. if she brought a girl friend. I told her I couldn‚??t wait. I will follow with the story as soon as it happens. She told me how much she liked the SOLO site.



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