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New Neighbor

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Better than a fantasy, and right next door!


Midway thru my senior year, a new family moved in next door. There's a 16 year old boy, who I became friends with thru the HS baseball team, and his dad, a guy who's not yet 40, but looks closer to 30. The oldest son was away in a college post-grad program when they moved in. The mother had died of cancer about six years earlier, I gathered.

Anyway, I used to watch NBA hoops alot with Chris and his dad. In June, I went over for a playoff game and there was a new guy, the college boy, Steve, on the couch in just his boxer shorts. Chris introduced me, and when Steve shook my hand, he gave me a lingering smile that caught me off guard. The whole family of guys were quite attractive, even though I've never really considered myself bi, or anything. It's just impossible to not notice how good looking they all are.

We watched the game, then went downstairs to shoot some pool. I was getting along with Steve like I'd known him forever. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Steve looking at me a lot.

Anyway, I left around dinner time. After I ate, my parents and sister went to a girly movie, and I decided to wash my car, obviously, putting on only shorts and flip flops. About ten minutes into my project, Steve comes out of his house and wanders over. I stopped and sat down on the stoop, as we talked about his courses, career plans, etc.

We went inside for a drink, and he noticed a can of whipped creme in the frige. 'I love this stuff,' he said, and filled his mouth with a squirt. Then he walked over to me and said open up. I did, and he over filled me, as we laughed and swallowed. He looked at me with that intense smile again, and squeezed a dab onto both my nipples, like that van der Beek movie. Sitting the can down on the counter I was leaning against, he put one hand on either side of me, bent over and licked one nipple clean, then the other. It was extremely erotic.

What's happening I wondered, as my shorts were filled with a large tent. Standing upright now, Steve touched my side gently and kissed me, starting by sucking on first my lower lip, and gliding up onto both lips. Needless to say, I kissed back, offering my tongue slowly. He reached around me and slid both hands down the elastic waistband of my shorts and onto my bare butt, and I wrapped my arms around his neck to draw him closer. We kissed and touched for maybe five minutes, before he asked when anyone was coming home. 'Not for at least a couple hours,' I said.

He smiled, grabbed me by the hand and said, 'Show me your room.' Boy, was I glad I'd straightened it up and made the bed earlier.

When we entered, he looked around, shut the door and gently pushed me up against it, once again placing his reddish, plump lips on mine. Remember, I'm 18, and live in a constant state of being turned-on. When Steve saw I wasn't resisting anything he'd done, he slowly pushed my shorts down and softly touched my throbbing erection. What a feeling. I cried out a bit, and pulled him in for another long kiss. Then I loosened his drawstring and pushed his shorts down, exposing the most beautiful dick and thick bush I'd ever seen on a guy, not that I look at many, but still.

Steve stepped closer to me, still against the door, and we made sure our dicks and pubes were rubbing against each other, up and down, side to side, right on top, my head was totally spinning to the point I was nearly delirious. I'd never had any guy on guy contact, but now I was wondering, why? No girl had ever got me this turned on before, ever.

It didn't take long before the grinding had us both panting and dripping. I suddenly clutched Steve tight and managed to say, 'I'm cumming' and just as I did, he let out kind of a yelp and a sexy grunt, and began spraying all over my mid-section, dripping onto my penis. He had a lot more cum than me, and I had one of my biggest eruptions ever.

We collapsed onto each other, breathing hard, before Steve kissed me one more time. I grabbed a towel to wipe up the carpet, and told him that was the most intense orgasm I could recall. He smiled and said, 'this is gonna be a fun summer at home, dude.'

It gets weirder, however, as I wound up having separate encounters with both his brother and his hot dad, which I'll detail in my next post. I've never been so happy to get new neighbors, and I'd wager they all feel likewise.



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