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New Kid In School

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As a boy, I was always fascinated by male genitalia. About a year after this story takes place, I realized I was bisexual, though if anything, I have a slight male preference. Up until the start of this story, I had seen my share of penises. When I was younger, my cousin and I, who was a couple of months younger than me, would get naked and just stare at each others' nude bodies every time we got together until I moved away at the end of the year. That was it though, there was never any touching. Then I persuaded a couple of boys to show me their penises, though they never saw mine. Lastly, my school had its own pool where we would do swimming for PE for part of the year, meaning that everyone would be getting naked in the changing rooms to put on their trunks. Even at that age, I found such simple experiences arousing, as I had started masturbating just after I had moved away from my cousin. I was playing with my penis one night in bed, when suddenly, I get the best feeling I had ever experienced. I spent the next few weeks attempting to recreate the feeling, when shortly after, I came across a book of "the birds and the bees", and after reading it and learning all about sex, I quickly figured out what to do. I had just started making cum, resulting in a few drops beading up every time I jacked off. At this stage, my penis was only 4 inches erect and uncircumcised, as the vast majority of boys in my country are.

My story starts after having just changed schools. I was just the new kid who didn't know anyone, but I quickly made friends with a group of 6 other boys, all in my grade though most slightly older than myself. We would spend every break at school on the field, just talking (often about sex), and I soon learned that the boys had regular sleepovers where they would get naked, play Truth or Dare and masturbate. As soon as I found out about this, I knew that I really wanted to attend one of these sleepovers. Eventually, I was invited. I remember hardly being able to contain my excitement as the date approached, delighted yet somewhat nervous at the prospect of a male sexual encounter (at the time, I thought I was bi-curious). Finally, the day came around and I arrived at one of the guys' houses, lugging a sleeping bag and a rucksack with me. The other guys were already there, and we decided to just watch a movie. The group of 6 consisted of Edward, Dylan, James, Zane, Zack and David. James, Zack (who's house we were at) and David were all blondes, whereas the others, including myself, were all brunettes. We were all rather skinny boys, though I was probably the tallest, despite being the youngest. After the film was over, Zack's parents had already gone to bed so we got things started. We decided to play truth or dare, and after the usual round of boring "who do you like" truths, I finally picked the first dare. I was told to take all my clothes off and to remain naked. Despite my previous excitement, I started to get a bit shy at the idea of being completely nude in front of my friends. Slowly, I removed my clothes, bit by bit, until I was down to just my briefs. I took a deep breath and thrust them down in one fluid motion, my penis bobbing up, now erect as six pairs of wide eyes studied it for the first time. I started to relax as the game progressed, now thoroughly enjoying myself. The other boys were all completely comfortable; this was nothing new to them, and we all laughed as David and James also lost their clothes, having the time of our lives. Eventually, after a number of erotic dares which included nipple sucking, stroking each other for certain periods of time and even James having to taste David's penis, everybody was naked. I was hard as a rock, having just been stroked by Dylan, my imminent orgasm fast approaching. We were all sitting in a circle with our legs crossed, penises sticking straight up in front of us, watching each other. I recall being very surprised to discover that Edward was circumcised, which he explained he had done recently due to health reasons. Having finished the game of Truth or Dare, Zack informed me that this was the point where everybody jacked off, and since it was my first time, I'd be getting "initiated". Before I could ask what he meant, Dylan and Zane grabbed my arms and legs, pinning me down. Zack explained that the new member would be jacked off while the whole group watched, as he stepped forward and started stroking my penis, slowly and deliberately. I could hardly believe it. I had fantasized about something like this for years, and now it was actually happening. I was astounded at how normal this seemed for the other boys as Dylan and Zane continued to restrain me loosely, the other three just sitting and watching intently, their hands wandering down to their crotch for a quick rub every now and again. As I was getting close, I let out a low moan. Zack stopped stroking and peeled back my foreskin, then started rubbing my frenulum gently while tickling my balls. I could not hold it in anymore. I exploded in what was the best orgasm I had experienced to that date, a (then) generous glob of cum dribbling out of my dick. Zack then scooped up a tiny amount with his index finger and brought it up to his mouth, giving it a taste. To my extreme surprise, the other boys all followed suit. Zack then announced that I would have to personally jack off each of the 6 members and taste each of their cum in order to finish my initiation.

Once I had recovered from my intense orgasm, I made my way around the circle, slowly pumping each dick as the boys lay on their backs, then scooping up a drop of each of their cum and tasting it as they had done. When I got to Edward, I found that I could not masturbate him properly without a foreskin. I scraped up all of Zane's remaining semen as he lay nearby in post-orgasmic bliss and used it to lubricate Edward's head. He ejaculated quickly, and I marvelled at his penis and the difference to mine, it being the first cut penis I saw. All the other boys had come more than I in terms of volume, but as I finished Zack, I found myself in desperate need of another wank. I quickly stroked myself to orgasm for the second time that night, now finally inducted into the group. We all cleaned up our mess and decided to just stay naked for the rest of the night, so I put away my clothes. We stayed up just a bit longer making jokes and talking before going to bed.

In the morning, I woke up first to find Edward's morning wood in my face. We had slept on a series of small mattresses on the floor, lined against each other to make one big one, and I figured that Edward must have moved around a lot in his sleep to end up in that position. I also had a serious case of morning wood, and before I could stop myself, I gave Edward's bare head a quick flick with my tongue. He was one of the older members of the group and was therefore more advanced in puberty, sporting a full bush of pubic hair and a nice 5.5 inch penis. I extended my hand forward and grabbed it, and after spitting on it to lubricate it, started stroking it slowly. Edward quickly woke up and grinned broadly when he realized what was happening. Noiselessly, he relaxed as I finished him off, his cum hitting me squarely in the face as he let out a sigh of ecstasy. I licked my own face to the best of my ability in order to clean off most of the semen, wiping the remainder of it on the blanket. Now that I could properly taste cum for the first time, having only sampled a finger-tip worth at a time last night, I found myself loving the taste. Edward had a pleasant, sweet aroma, and as I finished off his semen, he gripped my penis to return the favor. He masturbated me in a slow, steady rhythm until I came, a small drop of cum oozing out of my dick. After Edward licked it off to dispose of the evidence, we both decided to just lie back down until the others woke up.

An hour later, everyone was up. Zack found that his parents had gone out, leaving a note to say that they would return in a few hours. We therefore decided to stay naked and went into the living room to play some video games to pass the time. Before Zack's parents got home, we all went for a dip in his spa to clean ourselves after last night's activities, using the jets to get off one last time before getting dressed.

This was my first but certainly not my last time masturbating with these guys, as I was now invited to each sleepover, getting to know each member of the group much more intimately. This story ends here with my initial induction into these activities, but there may be more to come about all the adventures that stemmed from this.



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