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My third story. The first is called 'Getting Obsessed' from December. My second is called 'Very lucky to have parents like mine' in January


It's been a while since my last story, but if you read the first two, you'll know that I've been busy with my new toys.

My parents had brought sexuality out into the open, so it was a lot easier for me to masturbate when I wanted rather than finding times where my parents were too busy to notice or not at home. Not having the distraction of being constantly in need of a cum helped out a lot in school too. Turns out that a lot of my poorer marks were due to the time I spent trying to keep my parents from discovering my secret.

Now that that is over, those worries are gone and I can cum whenever I feel like it and my parents, understanding as they are, turn a blind eye to it. My mom seems to be more in favor of granting me some freedom, but my dad, guessing, just likes that I can't get pregnant from what I'm doing.

Enough of that! On to the good stuff.

As before, my lust for big toys has not yet abated. Along with that, I've gotten a bit more daring. Not only am I stretched out further than before, I'm also becoming a bit less private. I've also REALLY gotten into anal stuff. The beads my mom bought me made me learn to love having things in my butt. Of course, I like it big too.

To start off, I'll tell a story about my most recent experience.

It's gotten to be very summery where I live, so going outside is much more comfortable than a while ago. I really like to masturbate in the woods. Being out in the open for anyone to see makes me feel so naughty, even if I've never come across another person while I was out there.

Last week, around six, we had finished dinner, and my parents were watching the news as usual. I said I would be back in a while because I wanted to go on a walk before it got dark. I brought my backpack to carry a snack and a drink, as well as a few other things.

About a mile into the woods, I found a nice clearing. There was plenty of light, as the sun was about an hour away from beginning to set. A lot of the ground was solid stone and very smooth. I wanted to check if anyone was near by, so I called out as loud as I could. Nobody answered, so I proceeded to strip down to nothing.

First thing I did was just to lay down on the nice warm stone and feel myself all over. I'd really come to like how I looked and felt. I kept the hair on my head long, and the hair almost everywhere else shaved smooth. I was thinking about two days previous, where I had had a sleepover with my best friend. We recently started being open about masturbation as well. She's always so confident in what she does. After about an hour of talking, she asked if she could get off because all the talk was making her horny. I agreed, expecting her to go to the bathroom. Instead, she reached inside her sleeping bag and pulled out a big purple dildo. It wasn't as big as the ones I like to use, but it was long and ribbed.

Again, to my surprise, rather than heading off to be alone for a moment, she pulled down her pajamas and went to town on herself, pounding her pussy with that dildo. After a minute or two, her eyes shot open and her mouth was agape and her hips were bucking in the air with her back arched. the dildo fell out of her pussy with a little squirt of cum following. After that she lay there for a while with her eyes closed, still rubbing her clit slowly.

Needless to say, that night was full of things that I was thinking about out in the woods. recounting the story again on the computer is making me really wet.

After I had layed in the sun for a while, feeling my chest and doing some light rubbing/penetration, I went over to my backpack and got out some toys.

As I'd said before, I really got into anal recently. So, having thought ahead, I had cleaned myself out before taking a shower just before dinner. I was ready to go and pretty loose already. I took a tip from my best friend and brought an air pump. It was one of those ones that usually comes with those long animal balloons. It had a long hose on one end and a hand pump on the back.

I'd been using this after my best friend had told me about trying anal too, she found that pumping some air into her ass would 1; make it easier to clean out and 2; easier to get things inside. She'd said that she once pumped in enough air just before getting started, that she could get her whole fist in her ass really easily. I had to try it.

Standing on the stone still, I got out a bit of lube and covered my entire ass, pushing a few fingers in to get started. I also covered my left hand and wrist, since I didn't know what to expect.

I started out by pushing a few more fingers into my butt and then added my knuckles as I loosened up. It was pretty easy getting that far, but I'd always had trouble after that point.

I got the air pump, and slipped the hose up my ass and clenched down on it. I pulled the plunger on the pump up and then down once. I immediately felt my anus expand. It was a new feeling. I liked it. I repeated that action for a few minutes, going slowly. I eventually felt like I couldn't hold any more without bursting. I pulled out the hose, still clenching my butt. I stood there for a minute, enjoying the feeling of being so full. When I was just about to push my fingers, and hopefully, my fist into my ass, I felt the pressure release, going up further into my colon. I guessed that I needed to be loosened up inside too.

I though that this was normal, so I inserted the hose again and continued pumping air inside me. This time though, I never found my limit. It kept going in and in until I noticed that my belly was feeling tight. I was not longer my slim self. In my excitement, I hadn't noticed that I had actually filled myself up to the point that people would have assume that I was a few months pregnant.

Seeing this as an obvious stopping point, I relubed my hand and ass, and put my fingers at the entrance to my anus.

I then stopped clenching down and pushed my hand in at the same time, making it easier to fist myself and to keep the air from escaping at the same time.

My fingers and knuckles went in with the usual amount of resistance. Inside, I felt completely open. none of my fingers were touching the walls of my anus. feeling this freedom, I proceeded to push the rest of my hand in.

It went in so easily! My ass felt endless-clearly I had more space to explore. My clit was throbbing as I bent backward to get at a better angle to keep exploring. I was wetter than ever, and literally dripping from my pussy. I had to really arch my back to do this, but I actually got my ENTIRE forearm inside my ass! The air had made it so easy to push further. Though this, was my limit, I wasn't finished. I felt up my large intestine and reached a 90 degree turn. I reached my fingers up and over it, feeling a very soft section. I pushed on it and felt my fingers moving inside me.

At this point, I couldn't wait. I pulled my arm out a bit so that I could bend down to get my dildo.

I was so wet, I didn't need any preparation. I just pushed the entire thing inside me, feeling it with the hand still in my ass as it was pushed into my pussy. After I had gotten it in, I was in ecstasy. I couldn't handle it though. I started to pump my fist inside my ass, but my first orgasm made me lose control, making the dildo fall out onto the stone with a small stream of cum.

I pulled my hand out of my butt and knelt down breathing heavily. After a while, I started up again. I pushed my hand inside my ass, but didn't bother going far or trying to use the dildo. I pumped my fist in my ass as fast as I could, feeling my anus contract as I did so. I rubbed my clit like the world was ending. I was actually crying from how amazingly powerful my building orgasm was. I fell to my knees once more, pulling my hand from my ass. Another orgasm. I couldn't stop. I grabbed my dildo while I was still climaxing and fell onto my back. I spread my legs and shoved the big thing into my pussy. I wasn't screaming or moaning this time though. All the time I was gasping for air, feeling like I couldn't get enough because my orgasm was taking so much energy from me. Still pounding the dildo into my cunt and rubbing my clit, I finally had my last climactic orgasm of orgasms. it was the most powerful I have ever had. Earth-shattering. Mind-blowing.

Cum gushed over the dildo, still being pumped in and out of my pussy, drenching my legs, hands, and a large area around me. After a lifetime's worth of pleasure in what was probably only a few minutes, I stopped rubbing my clit, and took put my dildo to the side.

I lay there on the stone, the sun just beginning to go down behind the trees. My hips would still twitch a bit as my clit gave out little twinges of pleasure accompanied by the occasional tiny squirt of cum.

Later when I got home, it was nearly dusk. I was exhausted but SO happy. My eyes were half shut as I walked through the path, carrying my clothes and backpack in my arms. I really didn't care about being seen. I was too content with everything around me. When I got off the forest path to my street, I saw no house light from any of the neighbors, so I walked to my house, still naked.

When I got home, I saw my parents, both still watching TV. I went through the front door and right up to my room. The sun had just set, and I was very ready to sleep. I crawled into bed, very appreciative of the feeling of my soft comforter on my body and fell asleep.



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