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New Hands Only Partner

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As a divorced guy, I spend a little time out at night with friends, or by myself enjoying a drink somewhere. A few weeks ago I ran into a lady I know who is 40. Her husband was out of town and she stopped by the pub for a drink and dinner. We talked for a long time.

It seems her sex life isn't 'all that.' She said her husband travels constantly and sometimes she feels like 'climbing the walls' she is so lonely. As a single guy, I told her I felt that way also pretty often. She said 'yeah, but as a single guy you can have sex with just about anyone you want to.' I told her it wasn't THAT EASY! I told her that I hadn't had any in at least a month and I was way past due. She said 'me too.'

She said she had never cheated on her husband, but there were times she wanted it so badly. I told her I understood what she meant. I asked her if she thought kissing someone would make her feel guilty. She said, 'no, not really.' I told her I could use a large dose of that 'right now.' She said she could too. A she looked at me I leaned over and gave her a light but nice kiss on her mouth. 'I liked that,' she said. 'Me too,' I replied.

I asked her if she wanted to go to my place and do some serious making out. She said 'that would be really nice.'

I drove her to my place and we went inside. I couldn't wait to have my arms around her locked in a long passionate kiss. We stood in the living room and started making out. Oh, it was awesome. I went hard immediately and little by little started pressing my groin against her pubic area. She pressed back. A good sign!

'God you're hard,' she said. 'That feels so nice.' I told her I wanted her to feel me with her hand. She lowered an arm and started squeezing my hard dick through my pants. I love that feeling. She REALLY got passionate with her kissing when she started doing that.

'I want to make love with you so badly,' I whispered as we kissed. 'I want to also,' she said ... 'but we can't ...' As we kissed I reached down and held on to the top of her hand and gripped her hand tightly around my rod and pulled her hand up and down my shaft. Then I found the zipper and I unzipped my pants. Without breaking our kiss she reached inside and found the opening in my boxers, slipped her hand inside and wrapped her fingers around my dick. 'I want you,' I said. 'We can't ... shouldn't ...' she said.

I said 'OK, but I want to be naked with you.' I started gently squeezing her breasts and I dropped a hand and started massaging her pussy through her pants. She suddenly stopped kissing me and gave me a long look, then she unsnapped her pants. Resuming kissing, I slid my hand down her pants and underneath her underwear. Her pussy was very wet. 'Take 'em off' I said.

I stood in front of her and totally undressed. My dick was THROBBING HARD! She undressed too. What a body! Damn! I almost came when I saw her breasts and nipples and hairy pussy. We stood there making out, her hand working my dick and my fingers sloshing in and out of her pussy and working her clit.

I walked her to my bedroom and she laid on the bed. She said 'we can't do anything I would really feel wrong about.' I agreed. She let me lay between her legs and look at her pussy and finger her, and she did the same to me, feeling me, adoring my dick, and jacking me. As she did that I couldn't hold back any longer. I told her I was going to cum and she jacked me hard a few times. I started pumping cum all over myself. It was wonderful!

I knew I hadn't gotten her off yet though. She laid back down on her back and I worked and worked her pussy. She wasn't cumming though. She said 'I'm close, let me finish myself off.' Then she took over for only about 30 seconds and she came in shakes and quivers.

I took her back to her car and we kissed in the car. I told her I loved what we had just done. She said she did also. I told her I would love to do it all over again sometime, if she wanted to. She told me she liked it a lot, and she would give it some serious thought. We swapped email addresses. We haven't had round two yet, but I think it will happen again. I hope so!



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