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New Girl At School

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I heard these guys talking about Solo Touch at work. I looked in and have really been enjoying the stories. I saw some first time stories and got me to remembering my first time with a girl.


My first time with a girl is a bit of an unusual story, I would think. I was either 13 or 14 years old at the time. I just remember that I had by then noticed girls in a sexual way and had been jerking off for some time then. There was this new girl that started at our school. I just bearly got to know her.

Then, one day during PE, this friend of mine named James came up to me and told me about going over to Gloria's house (the new girl's) and what happened there. He said she let him see and touch her tits and legs and jerked him off. I was all excited just hearing this. My buddy actually getting to feel a girl like that and her actually seeing and touching his dick. The idea of this happening to me was mind blowing. So, I ask James if he thought she'd do it to me too? James said he didn't know but he'd ask her if she would.

Later that afternoon, James came running up to me. He excitedly said 'Yes, she said yes'! Just hearing this gave me a big hard on. I was so excited. 'She said she'd meet you after school'.

School finally let out and I went to looking for Gloria. I saw her standing at the main door in front of the building. I excitedly and nervously went up to her. She smiled at me and ask 'Are you ready'? I answered 'I guess'. She took off and I walked besides her too nervous to talk. We got to her house and she invited me in. I went in and she took me to her room. She was the only one there. She turned to me and ask 'Want to see my tits'? I said yes. She took off her top and bra. They were still small but were coming along. I went over to her and put my hand on one of them taking in its softness. Gloria then said 'I know boys like to feel girls legs too. You can feel mine if you want'. I reached down and ran my hand over her thighs. She then ask 'Are you ready'? I said yes and I slowly unfastened my pants and lowered them. I was showing a girl my dick for the first time and my heart was beating 90 MPH. She then put her hand around it and started stroking it. I very quickly shuddered all over as I went off. Cum flew out my dick like never before.

After this first time, I and no telling how many other boys would go over to her house after school to get 'serviced'. She finally got caught with a boy in her room and she stopped coming to school. I later heard she was going to a different school and was in some kind of program. I just know we boys at school sure missed her. It ended up being years later before I finally got to get a hand job from a girlfriend. Will sure never forget Gloria.



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