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New Friends New Bikini

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My family moved to a new city when I was a sophmore in high school. There I was introduced to a new set of friends. By the third week of school I had become one of a set of three other girls who invited me for a Friday night sleep over. It was still quite warm and the plan was to go shopping for swimsuits after school, have a sleepover at Carol's house for all four of us and then go to the beach the next day, Saturday.

Carol was the leader of the little group.

I never had a bikini before, but my new friends talked me into one. The smallest suit that I had ever owned. On the bus ride back to Carol's house the girls joked about the fashion show that we would have that evening. It was becoming obvious that I had been invited to an annual event. New swim suits and a day at the beach with lots of kids from our school.

From after shopping to about 9:00 the sleepover went as expected. Pizza, movies and small talk, mostly about boys. Then Carol asked if the rest of us were ready. The other girls knew what was about to happen and answered in the affirmative.

Following their lead, I found my new swim suit, took a turn in the bathroom that adjoined Carol's bedroom and slid into it. I was a little uncomfortable because it was so small, but it was even more modest than the other three girl's bikinis.

'You go first,' Carol chirped after we had all returned to the bedroom.

'What do I do?' I asked.

'Model the suit,' she responded.

I got up and walked around the room, but she quickly stopped me.

'We have to check your bikini line,' she said. 'Tomorrow is a big day at the beach and we can't show up with wild hairs sticking out.'

Carol sat on the edge of the bed and demonstrated, spreading her legs and revealing the crotch of her new suit. She had hairs tumbing out of each side of the small strip of bikini fabric and pointed to them. 'These have to go she said.'

She stood up and motioned for me to take her place.

I did and reluctantly opened my legs.

The other girls moved closer and Carol produced a warm basin of water and a package of lady disposable razors.

'Let's get to work,' she said to her friends.

The other two girls sat next to me on the bed and helped arrrange a towel under me. Then they held my legs, spreading them and hooking them over their own legs. The warm touch of their hands on my thighs was erotic, but I tried to ignore their pressures at first. I could not believe that anything sexual was going to happen and felt foolish for becoming arroused.

Meanwhile Carol had applied shaving cream to my inner thighs and was gently shaving my inner legs. As she did she pulled the fabric of my bikini away one side at a time exposing the outer lips of my vagina as she did it.

I closed my eyes and tried to pretend that what was happening was not sexual as she used warm water to rinse. Then she produced a skin lotion and gently rubbed it into my thighs.

The other girls seemed intensly interestred in the process, moving their finges ever higher on my legs as Carol continued.

'Now the camel-toe check,' one of them lauged.

I was so nervous that I could barely breathe when I asked what a camel-toe chaeck was.

They all laughed as Carol produced a spray bottle filled with warm water. As the other grils held my legs in the open position, Carol positioned herself between my legs and sprayed the warm water on my crotch until my suit was soaked.

'If you want to attract the boys you have to show them something,' she said. Then in one deft motion she drew her fingers through the material in my crotch making a depression that clearly outlined the folds of my vagina.

'Will Tracy get a boy tomorrow?' she asked.

The other girls nodded and laughed

I looked down noting that the wet material combined with my arrousal had resulted in a picture that could not have been more revealing. By this time I was so aroused that I was on the brink of climaxing. But I was fighting not to reveal my state of sexual tension.

'One more thing,' Carol added. 'We have to be sure that your little pussy doesn't get chaffed from all of this.'

Picking a glob of lotion out of the dispenser, Carol sent her fingers under my suit and began to rub the lotion into my vagina, moving slowly from bottom to top and stopping at my engorged clitoris. Her touch made me shiver.

'Mmmm,' she said, 'someone is getting horny.'

I wasn't getting horny, I was on fire and her touch sent me into a wild bucking orgasm.

When it was over all of the girls laughed and we traded places. Our bikini ministrations went on until all four of us were presentable for the next day's beach party. We all worked togeather to be sure that each of us had one orgasm during the shaving process. Then during the evening's 'sleeping' session Carol led a mutual masturbation session that resulted in each girl having at least one more orgasm. After the other girls had fallen asleep, Carol climbed into the bed next to me and began french kissing me. Her fingers found my breasts and we each had a third climax with her lying on top of me in the missionary postion. I would never have guessed that it was possible for girls to orgasm that way.

The four of us repeated the bikini ritual each Fall and Spring until we graduated, even after two of us found steady boyfriends. My evenings with Carol and her friends proved to be a seminar in sexuality.



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