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New Friend at the Pool

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Well let me start this off. I am 18 years old, 5'11', 150 lbs and semi-athletic. I have brown hair and green eyes. I work at a pool and there are always very nice looking guys there. One day, just as I was finishing my shift, a nice brown haired guy about my age caught my eye. I saw him going towards the locker rooms at the far end of the park, and I decided to follow. He had his clothes with him and so did I. We got into the locker room about the same time without words. He stood there unpacking, shirtless, with great abs. I was starting to get an erection just looking at that. I started to remove my shorts. I faced away from him at first, but I could tell he was staring at my ass. I took my shorts completely off and turned around. I met his eyes as he was locked on my hard, 5.5' cock. I smiled and he apologized. I said not to worry about it. He began taking off his shorts and I watched the whole time. He revealed his cock in its fully erect, 4.5' glory. I stood there, now harder than ever, staring at it. He turned back to me and saw me staring. He said, 'Want to touch it?'. I replied with no words and we both walked into one of the stalls and closed the door.

I reached out and grabbed his cock right away. We were close and we began to rub against each other, our cocks together. He felt so warm and I was so horny. I began jacking him and he did the same. His cock fitted right into my hand which left my other hand to play with his heavy balls. I jacked slowly, then fast, while rolling his balls in my hands. He jacked me slowly and it was the greatest feeling I had ever experienced. He was using one hand and I asked him to play with my ass too. He licked his finger and began circling my asshole. I was about to cum. He slowly slid one finger into my ass and I exploded. I began to cum and it felt as if I was never going to stop. Cum exploded everywhere: on his hands, his dick, his chest, up to his chin, and even onto his lips. He squeezed out my last few drops and let go. I went in and kissed him hard, tasting my juices in the process. Now it was his turn; he said he was so close! I began jacking him harder and harder. He shook and with a light moan, he burst all over my hands and chest. We were both soaked in cum and continued kissing.

We had both finished and ran to the showers across the empty locker rooms. We began kissing and showering each other until we were both clean. We stepped out and got dressed, without words. He said he would see me at the pool again for sure, and he walked out and left. I can't wait for our next adventure together. Maybe next time I will learn his name.



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