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New Found Game

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We grow up too fast Enjoy your teenage years, and don't waste them by being shy!! - Experiment.


Discovering this site has reopened all the great memories of my teen years.
By the time I was 14, I had had male-to-male experiences with 4 different school mates. To this day I am amazed by the amount of 'activity' that goes on between two young males behind closed doors.... me being one of them!
My first 3 were all 'one time only' - watching each other jack off until we came, a bit of a competition really on who would come first. These experiences got a whole lot better when *S moved into the street!!
*S became my best mate within days. We spent every amount of free time together. For the 1st 2 or 3 months I would jack off every night thinking about what *S would look like naked, how big his manhood was etc etc. I was always too scared of making any moves - not once did he indicate that he was interested in fooling around with me.
Then it happened, the first day of many more to come.....
*S's parents were going away for 5 days during the school holidays and they had arranged with my parents for him to stay with us. On the very first night my parents went out and wouldn't be home for hours. We did all the usual stuff (TV, video, prank calls etc etc) until we both became bored. *S suggested we play cards, which I thought was a bit boring at the time - how WRONG I was!!.
After an hour or so of playing poker, during which the usual discussions of girls and wanking had been discussed, *S suggested we could play something a little different but I would have to be up to some things that I may not have ever thought of doing. I was game.
*S grabbed a bit of paper and started writing down a list of numbers (2 to 20) and another which said 50+.
Alongside each number he started writing instructions like 'remove your top for 1 minute' & 'sit in your underwear for 1 minute' As he got to the higher numbers things started to get more interesting like 'strip naked for 1 minute' & 'wank for a minute'
I was getting really excited about all of this, but pretended to be a little shy and unsure. The last two to be written were 20 = 'wank the other person for 1 minute' & the 50+ 'suck the other for 1 minute'
He then asked me if I was sure I wanted to play (of course I was) and I said shyly 'ok'. He then proceeded to tell me the rules. We were to use a deck of cards plus the two jokers. Each card represented its own value (Aces = 1, Royals = 10 and the Jokers = 50)
We were to deal to each other 2 cards, turned upside down.
We then took turns turning one card over each and then the second card. Whatever the two cards equaled determined which 'punishment' we would have to do.
It wasn't long before I saw *S naked. He was very nice indeed, a nice 5 inch cut cock, complete with pre-cum dribbles and the nicest butt I had (and have) seen.
Within an hour or so we both decided to stay naked, as we kept having to get dressed & undressed all the time.
The good thing about only having to wank each other for 1 minute was that it wasn't long enough for us to come, which made the night go longer. I then got dealt the joker for the 1st time (I was secretly waiting for this anyway) and 'reluctantly' went down on my best mate for the 1st time. My bedroom clock showed that it had only been 30 odd seconds into the 'punishment' when *S tapped my head and said he was about to come. I took his cock out of my mouth and tugged as fast as I could. His man seed landed all over my face and neck, it is a strange feeling when another persons warm 'private' stuff lands on you.
Once *S had composed himself, he got on his knees and said something on the lines of 'your joker has just come in' and proceeded to give me my first blowjob. He sucked and licked and wanked my cock for a whole 20 seconds - BANG!! I exploded all over him, but he took my pulsating cock back into his mouth for the last few pumps and sucked me dry.
After about 10 minutes of laying on the floor we got up, showered and hid the new game card really well and went to bed.
We played this game every opportunity we got during the next few days, weeks and even years!!
It wasn't until my girlfriend fell pregnant (I was 17) that we stopped. I got married (*S was my best man) and had 3 children with my wife.
*S is still my best mate, and up until he got married a few months ago, we often talked about our teenage years together and use to have the occasional mutual jack off together. I think he feels guilty on cheating on his wife now, but that didn't stop him when he was single and I was married!! So I will be making sure I get him alone soon and bring up our teenage 'memories' just to see if I can jack that nice cut cock just one more time........
Believe it or not, I am not gay, I only have thoughts and desires for woman, but there is just something about the two of us jacking off together whilst talking about our past.



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