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New Experiences With a Friend

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When I was younger I would often go over to me friend's place to spend the night. We normally ended up jerking together. His family was comfortable around the topic of sex in a way that my family wasn't. His mother knew what we were up to but pretended that she didn't. My friend Ryan was paler than me, had auburn hair, hazel eyes and a lot of freckles. Even young he had a large dick at six inches already before high school. This wasn't the first time we wanked off but it was a memorable one.

It was Friday afternoon and his dad was still at work, his sister was out and his mother went to the shops for an hour. She often left us alone at his house. After she left Ryan said he had to show me something. His father always left porno mags lying around the bathroom and his bedroom and we found his video collection weeks ago.

'Look at this,' Ryan said holding up an obviously new DVD.

'Whoa,' I said. It was a gay porno with three blokes.

'Wanna watch it?'

'Fuck yes,' I said my dick hard as a rock at the thought of watching such a taboo video.

We sat on his bed as he put the video in and got tissues ready to catch our spunk. We both stripped and were sitting comfortably when the video started with three guys playing with each other.

'That is so hot,' Ryan said jerking his cock, giving his head the characteristic twist that I hadn't mastered yet.

I grunted in agreement as I squeezed my balls. It was a hot day and were both already sweating.

The guys started to jack each other on the video and our cocks were aching for the need to release. We watched as one of the guys sucked another's nipple and he moaned. I glanced at Ryan and saw that he was thinking the same thing. Without a word I leaned over and bit his nipple which was as hard as our dicks. Ryan moaned and grabbed my balls with his hand (we often jerked each other off). 'Fuck yeah Chris. Fucking hell, it feels good.'

Out of the corner of my eyes I saw one of the guys on the film stick a finger in another one's ass. Horny out of my mind, I slowly slid my own hand down Ryan's stomach and over his balls to his butt. I almost chickened out of actually doing it when Ryan groaned again. Encouraged I slid my finger up his arse all the way up to my knuckle. Ryan gasped and moaned louder.

I was jerking my dick while fingering Ryan's asshole while he was wanking himself and my balls. I looked up at him from his nipple and he suddenly leaned down and kissed me. I was shocked. We had never down anything like that before. I had kissed girls but this was entirely new. And I found that I liked it. I kissed him back and I began to thrust my hips and Ryan was now sliding his hand up and down my body.

'This is so hot,' I panted.

'Yeah, I think I'm going to cum soon.'

'Me too.'

I leaned down and spat on his cock until it was lubed up enough to squish and Ryan returned the favour. We watch as the men on the TV start to cum all over each other's faces. Ryan suddenly pushed me down on the bed and straddled my chest, his balls resting on my chest.

I'm gonna fucking cum,' he said jerking his cock at a furious rate. I watched as cum spurted from his cock all over my face just like the guy in the video. Some of it went into my mouth and it tasted salty but I liked it. Ryan rolled over and laid there panting.

I wiped my face with my hand and in the spur of the moment rubbed it over my cock and balls as extra lube.

Ryan slid a hand behind me and slipped his finger up my ass like I did for him. That drove me over the edge.

'FUCK!!!' I shouted and cum spurted from my cock. Six or seven squirts landed on Ryan's chest and stomach until it puddled.

I collapsed next to Ryan and we kissed again.

'That was fucking, fucking hot,' Ryan said breathlessly.

'Shit yeah,' I agreed.



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