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New Experience With My Close Friend

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Brian is about to find out how close he is with his friend Tyler. Fantasy with made up characters.


Brian and Tyler were close friends since elementary school. Brian is Asian, weighs 167 pounds and 5'11". Tyler on the other hand is athletic, half white, half Mexican, 6'1" and weighs 198 pounds. Tyler is a football player by the way and is the starting quarterback. What Tyler doesn't know is that Brian fell in love with Tyler the moment they start high school. Brian is bisexual and is quiet about it. Brian age 21 starts to wonder how am I going to tell my best friend from elementary school that I have feelings for him. Then he got an idea, he will find a way to tell him through a sleepover at his house this coming Friday and invite Tyler age 20 over too since his parents love Tyler and love to have him over anyway. Thursday evening, Brian texted Tyler to see if Tyler wants to sleepover at Brian's house.

Brian: hey what's up man how are you?

Tyler: I am good man what about yourself?

Brian: I am good. Hey man I was wondering if you are free tomorrow so we can have a sleepover at my house.

Tyler: yea man that sounds fun.

Brian: cool, see ya tomorrow then.

Tyler: ya, see you tomorrow.

Brian thought to himself, wow that was easy. Now the hard part is about to happen. Brian have been practising with a mirror in order to help himself out to come out to Tyler and tell Tyler how he feels about him.

The next day, Friday, Brian and Tyler and had the same two classes that day. After school, Tyler took Brian to his house so he can pack for the sleepover that day then head over to Brian's house. While in the car, Brian start talking to Tyler to see how was his day so far since Tyler look a little worried. Tyler told Brian that he is a little stressed out with school and football and is happy that Brian texted him to have a sleepover since he need to get away from it for a day or two. When they finally reach Brian's house, Brian help Tyler with his bags and close Tyler's truck door. When they finally came to through the front door, Brian found a note saying that his parents would be gone for the weekend and will not be back until Sunday since they will be celebrating their 24th wedding anniversary. Brian decided to head to his room and Tyler followed so Tyler can unpack his bags. They were both wearing shorts and a T shirt since it was a hot day.

After Tyler unpacked his bags, he turned to Brian and smile. Brian look at Tyler and say "What?" Tyler says "Nothing, It's just that we have the house to ourselves and I was wondering what we should do." Brian grinned and said "How about dinner and a movie?" Tyler looked at him and said "What, like a date?" Brian replied "No, just two guys hanging out." Tyler say "Ok how about I pay for the movie and the dinner." Brian said "Fine but next time is my treat. They were getting ready to head out. Tyler took off his t shirt and shorts to change into jeans and a dress shirt. Brian did the same but when he started changing he can't stop noticing how nice Tyler's body looked. Tyler had amazing abs, peck and arms. It took Brian every will power from jumping Tyler. When they are done, they head out to Tyler's truck and head to dinner then to the movies after. Tyler decided to take Brian to an Italian since both of them want Italian food. After dinner Brian insists on paying for the movie stub but Tyler will not budge until he finally agrees with it.

The movie they were going to see was Just in Time. After the movie, Tyler and Brian head back to Brian's house. On the way back, they were discussing how the movie was and both of them loved the movie. As they got out of the car, Tyler hesitated for a bit since something was on his mind. Brian noticed it and said, "Hey Ty, what's up? You ok? Tyler who is blushing said "no it just I don't know how to say this but I am going to say it anyway. I like you a lot Brian, more than just a friend." After hearing this Brian was shocked but he recovered quickly and said, "I feel the same way too. I have been trying to find ways to say that to you but, you make it so much easier for me by saying that you like me first." Tyler smiled and said "yea?" Brian responded "Yea." Tyler smiled and leaned in to kiss Brian. Brian smiled and kissed Tyler back. Before they knew it, they were making out and Brian struggled to kiss and unlock the door.

After he unlocked the door, they both went inside and started making out. During the make out, Brian threw his keys a side and starting unbuttoning Tyler's dress shirt and Tyler was doing the same to Brain. They stopped for a moment and Brian says "Lets take this to my room." Leading the way and holding Tyler's hand they went to Brian's room and start making out. During this they manage to take off their jeans and boxers in the process. After seeing Brian's penis, which makes Brain moan. Tyler say "that's it big boy tell me if it feels good." Brian moaned "Fuck ya baby that's it stroke my dick." Brain moans again but said this time "Babe lets switch since I don't want to cum yet." Tyler grins and says "sure my turn." With that, Tyler stopped sucking Brian's dick while Brain start kissing Tyler on the lips then start stroking Tyler penis and playing with Tyler's testicles. Tyler moaned and saying "Fuck Brian, that it stroke my cock and play with my balls. Brian kissed Tyler again while stroking Tyler's dick, Tyler groaned and growled "Babe please stop I don't want to cum yet either since I wanna cum with you."

Brian smiled and says ok. They rest a bit then they start stroking each other again. This time they stroke one another at the same time. They start moaning and groaning together until they about to cum. When they were about to cum, both scream I am cumming, with that they cum at the same time and was exhausted after. Tyler rolled onto Brian and smiled then kissed Brian. Smiling, Brian kissed Tyler back. After that Brian said that was fun. Grinning, Tyler says lets do it again sometime.



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