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New Experience

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This story began when I was 14 in the eighth grade.

This girl Amanda always thought that I was hot and liked me, she isn't really the super attractive type though. She is about 5'6' not very skinny so she has a stomach but not fat, and she is nerdy wears glasses, but has very large boobs, and a nice ass.

I met her because my best friends was going out with her for a couple of months in the seventh grade, but they broke up and it wasn't any big thing.

We live in the same general direction so the beginning of our walk home was in the same direction, so in eighth grade she would always ask me to walk home with her. Eventually I finally was able to do so and we walked and talked on the way home and exchanged screen names.

So we started to talk online everyday, and I don't know how but we started talking about sex one day, and from then on was always the topic of our discussions, we talked about what we would do to each other, her underwear, my dick, her tits.

We came up with various fantasies we would fulfil with each other, when in reality we were both kind of shy so never really did more than say hello in school. Except I would always stare at her ass in class because I sat behind her and see her underwear, and when she wore skirts I would always find a reason to go to the front when her legs were open. I would always get hard looking at her especially the days I was able to stare at her tits, and she knew that I was and it turned me on so much more. Sometimes I would take out my cock in class and rub it under my desk because I wanted her so bad. Eventually we got to to the point that she would let feel her ass as we walked down the hall next to each other.

One day we were talking online and she said she was wearing a bikini because she was about to walk to the town pool, and said I could come walk with her if I wanted. I don't know what compelled me but I decided to take my bike and meet her. As I rode up to her I grabbed her ass and gave it a nice good feel. She turned around startled and realized it was me, she is still very shy and didn't really speak after I grabbed her like that. I asked if she thought I wasn't going to come, she kind of just shrugged and gave a little whimper still not wanting to speak. I then asked her if I could feel her boobs, again the same reaction, so I just reached out with both hands and grabbed them. They felt so nice and soft, and I just massaged them for a few minutes.

And again I am also kind of shy so I don't know what came into me but I asked her if she wanted to see my penis, and again I got the same answer, so I just took it out and showed her. She was still in shock from the fact that I showed up because this it was pretty much only fantasies between us. I told her to go ahead and touch it, she was reluctant so I moved forward and pushed it up to her, she reached one hand out and wrapped it around my cock and gave it a squeeze. After that I had to put it away because we were on a public street. Before I left for home I grabbed her breasts and gave them another good feel.

I have had many good wanking sessions because of her and that day.

Thank you Amanda



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