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New Discovery

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My first story here about discovering my new hobby.


I have been visiting this site for a few months now, enjoying all the wonderful stories and I thought it was about time I made an account and shared some of my own stories. This is the story of when I discovered how much I enjoyed cumming in public.

I have been masturbating regularly since the age of 13 and at first it was just in my bedroom but then I found I got more turned on when I masturbated in other rooms of the house such as the living room or the kitchen, I think it was the knowledge that I shouldn't be doing it there and that I might get caught that made it feel so much better.

I then started to masturbate in public places, I would never take it too far, I just loved touching my pussy and clit in public knowing that someone could see. However I didn't have the confidence to take it further to the point of orgasm. I used to touch myself in public when people were around and then when I got home I would think about the rush I felt of potentially being caught whilst playing with my clit which lead to some wonderful orgasms.

I did this for years but never wanted to actually orgasm in public. Until one day where I accidentally came in public and the rush it gave me made the orgasm so intense I became hooked. I was at college and it was the last session of the day. We were nearing the end of term so we were just using time for self study to get our coursework done and I was sat at the back of the class with headphones on zoned out to the rest of the class.

I was brought out of my thoughts by one of my friends asking if she could borrow my folder to look at the assignment sheets. She took it from me and stood at the desk in front talking to the girl sat in front of me. I should mention that I'm bi sexual and found the girl who asked for my folder very sexy. I had often fantasised about her while masturbating and she turned me on so much.

I looked up and my eyes almost popped out of my head. She was standing leaning over the desk in front of me. Her tight black leggings had gone see through and I could see the spotty pattern on her tight knickers. I immediately felt my own knickers dampen as my pussy became wet with desire. I couldn't stop staring at her gorgeous bottom and the outline of her knickers. The more I looked the wetter my pussy became and the more my clit throbbed begging me to touch it.

I looked round but no one was looking at me and because I was sat at the back I was out of sight. Plus we were using the science lab so the desks were high and were fully panelled all the way round so I was completely hidden. I slowly slipped my hand under the table and placed it on my knee. I slowly began moving it up my thigh and under my skirt. As my fingers got closer and closer to my pussy it throbbed more and more knowing that it was about to be rubbed. I gently touched my clit through my knickers and had to bite my lip to stop from moaning out loud.

I gently rubbed my finger up and down my lips and teased my clit as I admired her sexy body. Her amazing body coupled with the feeling that what I was doing was insanely naughty had me on the edge of orgasm in seconds and I stopped rubbing to stop myself from cumming. I didn't usually get this close this fast, I usually just teased myself for a few minutes and then waited until I got home.

I looked at the clock.....it would be another hour and half until I got home and when I realised this my pussy screamed at me wanting to explode in pleasure right now. I thought about going to the bathroom and bringing myself to orgasm but my confidence wouldn't allow it, I was too afraid of being caught.

I removed my hand from under my skirt and went back to my work. I couldn't concentrate on anything. All I could focus on was my throbbing pussy that was begging me to make it cum. I shook it off and carried on working. I suddenly noticed that I had my legs crossed and was squeezing my pussy between my thighs. My wet knickers felt so nice rubbing against my thighs. Then suddenly the familiar sensation was building, my orgasm was starting, I was going to cum and I couldn't stop it.

My pussy and clit exploded in ecstasy spreading warmth and waves of pleasure shooting through my body. My knickers became soaked as I squirted cum into them. As my orgasm hit I knew I wouldn't be able to keep quiet, the orgasm was too strong so the moment I came I banged my leg against the underside of the desk and let out a shout. People turned round and looked at me puzzled. I told them I had banged my leg and it hurt. I couldn't believe it, I had just orgasmed in public for the first time. I was filled with embarrassment and felt myself go red, but then it was replaced with a new feeling....the feeling of utter excitement, I had just cum in front of all these people. The rush was intense, a 1000x better than the rush of just touching myself.

I left the room and went to the bathroom. I locked myself in a stall and slipped my knickers off. They were completely soaked with love juice, I had to experience that feeling again, I sat on the toilet and used my soaking wet knickers to rub my clit and within seconds I had another amazing orgasm. After I recovered I wrapped my knickers in paper towels and slipped them in my bag and went back to class.

All afternoon all I could think about was playing with myself and being naked under my skirt wasn't helping. All the time driving home I kept teasing my clit and the moment I got home I jumped in the shower and used the shower head to bring myself to an earth shattering orgasm and collapsed to the shower floor. I eventually got up and got dressed. I took my wet knickers out of my bag and left them in the shower for my boyfriend when he got home. Needless to say he certainly enjoyed them.

Since then I have loved cumming in public and have done so in some daring places which I will tell you about some other time.



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