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New Coworker

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I had just started a new job that required some training. I was sent to a large city in the Midwest for a couple of weeks. I didn't know at the time, but I was to share a hotel room with one of my new coworkers. I arrived late, and accidently woke him up when I entered the hotel room. I apologized, and he went back to sleep. I too fell asleep, and we both went to training the next day. I finally got a chance to chit-chat with him over lunch, and I find out that he is gay. No big deal, I told him. I thought to myself that this could be a bit awkward since I am straight. After work, we were at the hotel bar having a few drinks with the rest of the group. Being in a pretty good mood, I asked 'Randy' if we should keep things going and grab a case of beer from the store down the road. He said yes, so I went to get it, and bring it back to the room. We both enjoyed having a few more, and were enjoying each others company. He and I got to talking, and it turns out that he is just a few years older than I. We kept talking and drinking. By and by, we both had a pretty good buzz going, and decided to call it a night. He asked if he could watch TV, and I said sure. Some lame show was the only thing worth watching, but at least it had some decent gals to look at.

He asked me if I thought they were cute, and I said yeah, pretty good looking. At this point, I was risking being rude, and just asked if he was gay or not. He said that he was, but not to worry, he wasn't going to do anything. I said that was cool, just needed to know. He decided to take a quick shower, and I kept watching the TV. I found myself getting aroused, which I thought was odd, but didn't mind. He comes back out with just a towel, and sits back down to watch some more. Mind you, we were both just lying on top of the beds, not underneath the sheets. I had stripped to a t-shirt and my boxers, and was quite comfy. He looked in my direction, and kind of chuckled. I asked him what was making him laugh. He said I was sporting a woody. I guess I hadn't really noticed it being obvious. I turned very red, and said I was sorry. He said it was no big deal, that it happens. I thought he was being cool about this, so I decided to be bold (liquid courage speaking) and ask what it felt like to be with another guy. He said it felt pretty damn good, and asked if I had ever jerked off with another man. I said once, in junior high (a lie). He asked how that felt. I said pretty good (making this up as I spoke to him). He then asked if I wanted to do it again. I thought about it, and said yes. I told him I was straight, and didn't really want it to go any farther than that. He said that was fine, and asked how to begin. I just took off my t-shirt and pulled out my 6.5 inch semi-hard cock. He dropped his towel, and stayed on his side of the room. I started to stroke nice and slow, and he did the same. His was about 6 inches or so, but he had a nice physique, and I just had a skinny lanky build. He sat on his knees on his bed to watch me, all the while stroking in rhythym to me. I really wasn't paying attention to the TV anymore, just looking at his hard cock.

He asked if he could help me out. I hesitated, and said wait one sec. I got up, and went to the bathroom to grab a towel. I came back out, and said if I could sit on his bed, he could. He obliged, and sat back against the headboard, making room for me. He said I should get rid of the boxers for more freedom. I told him only if he played nice. He said he would, and so I sat down. As soon as I did, he leaned over and grabbed my throbbing member. Wow! It felt great, and I reached for his as well. Since I was pretty buzzed, I knew this was going to be awhile before I came, so I just sat back and enjoyed it. We kept at it for a bit, and he asked if he could straddle over me to get a better grip. I said sure, and he climbed on top of my legs. His dick was pointed towards me, and I started to massage his balls, and he kept stroking me. What seemed like forever, I finally felt the familiar tingle, and started to quiver. He asked if I was ready, and I said yes. He sat down so his dick was right next to mine, and started stroking us while touching. That was enough to send me over the edge. With a grunt, I came all over his cock, and mine. He smiled and moved up over my stomach. He kept stroking, and I was feeling his balls. He finally came all over my chest with big spurts. It felt great! He sighed, and clambered off to the side. I got the towel and wiped myself up, and he did the same. I smiled, and said thanks for the good time. He said the same, and I went back to my bed. It was the only time we did 'it' since he eneded up quitting a few days later. I still remember like it was yesterday.



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