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Sex in Marriage has it's ups and downs. If you start getting lemons find a way to make lemonade.


I guess I need to give some background. I have masturbated since I was young. It was usually with a much directed purpose. It was to find release without getting caught. We lived in a small house, and I shared a room with two sisters, both older. I never caught them, and I made sure I was never caught.

After marriage I continued to Jill alone, but only when my hubby was not available, or when I couldn't sleep. I work swing shifts so daytime sleep is sometimes a problem. The goal then to is to wand one out, with immediate release the goal.

We mutually got each other off, and did ourselves, in the others presence, but I was always first to cum, due to me practicing as a younger girl and conditioning as an adult. Then I would help him, frequently we moved on to other stuff, because my hubby always had a slow trigger. It was not at all unusual for me to cum three of four times before we could get him off. This was the pattern for all of our marriage. Until lately.

Lately things have gone on for two hours without him getting off. By then he has me completely played out. I help him as best I can, but all I want after that much activity is sleep. Needless to say a quickie was never in our repertoire, regardless the method we tried. It got so masturbation was the only thing that ultimately got him off though.

My favorite toy until recently was my wand vibrator, when I need to juice up, or felt ready for another orgasm, in less than two minutes I was there. The only problem was that after three or four goes with that in a session I get numb. I go from being a one minute wonder to a nerve dead lump. As I said I used to help out hubby but recently that seems to distract him more than it helps. What inevitably used to put him over the top, was watching and feeling me cum.

Again this was fine until recently because now I went numb with the wand before he got off. We tried everything, watching porn, him stroking, me stroking, various masturbation toys, to no effect. Although he enjoyed being with me, Jack'n and Jill'n, or whatever, he did not get off.

I started doing research on the internet which is when I found this site (very cool by the way) and found a vibrator that said it would not numb you out. I thought to myself, I'll bet anything it won't get me off either. I've always had a preference to strong clitoral vibrators. I was frustrated to tears by not being able to get my hubby off, so I decided to bite the bullet and bought it.

All our other sex toys have been my hubby's idea, maybe with some gentle direction from me, but this thing looked stupid, like a turd brown tooth brush. I could not see myself getting him to buy such an expensive toy regardless of how highly it was recomended. It promised orgasms, but virtually everything we ever bought promised nerve numbing orgasms. That of course was part of the problem in retrospect. When you're in a hurry clit pounding does the trick, but that that was no longer the goal, at least when we were together.

I tried it out alone at first. I wanted to make sure it could deliver an orgasm before introducing it to our joint bedroom. It did the trick, it took a little longer but it got me there, and after I was ready for more. I think I finally had six orgasms over the course of an hour and a half, each more intense than the one before. I stopped more out of exhaustion than out of numbness.

I told him about it the next day after work, he was so turned on that I would take the initiative that the price never came up!

We skipped dinner and headed straight to bed. Normally we are morning people. (though I like it before bed better) I was sure not going to complain. He watched me work one out and it really had me squirming. I thought he was going to bust a nut as I finished, but it was not to be. I worked on him for a while until I was literally dripping in anticipation of the next session, knowing it would be better than the first. I was so puffy and wet I could not believe it. We went at it again separately. I was determined to make it last. I started on a low setting. It had me writhing in less than a minute. I had seen the effect of my last more prolonged build up and release, so I was determined not to cum until I saw him squirt.

Having given myself permission to take my time for the first time in my life, I really enjoyed the build up. I was right near the edge ever closer then pulling back. Watching sweet ecstasy on my hubby's face, something I had not seen in a long time. Finally he was sending his inevitable no turning back signs, and I cranked it to high and put it right on my clit. I did see him start to spurt but then my eyes involuntarily snapped shut and it hit me, wave after wave, of the most intense prolonged orgasm of my life. I must have blacked out because when I came to, my husband was standing over me with a towel. I was a sweaty spent mess. I had peed a little too, something I had not done since experimenting with my first vibe.

I just smiled and gave him a big kiss. I looked at the clock. I had completely lost track of time. It had been an hour and a half and I had only cum twice. I learned from that. I will never again rush to climax without a reason to do so.



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