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Never too old for Something New

Posted by: Author: Age: 53 Posted on: 4 comments
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It just goes to show you that you're never too old for new things.


Having been married for more than half of our lives it goes without saying that our sex life had slowed to the point that when it happened it was usually me that instigated it. Last year we bought a new home in the country that rewarded us with a very secluded back yard and sitting area and it wasn't long before I found myself wearing less and less outside when I was home alone.This started with going topless getting sun to the point I was brave enough to even get on a tractor and mow out back (the vibrations from that tractor are great). And when my chores were finished I would always reward myself with some self pleasure. It was this past summer on a weekend when my husband was home working in the yard and I was relaxing out back the urge hit me to take off my top to see how long it would take him to notice,I won't bore you with details about my looks but I will say I can still turn a head or two when I want. Well I may have been a half hour or so before he finally noticed and with a smile on his face he walks up and asks what I think I'm doing,and without hesitation I reply I'm getting some sun and care to join me ? After putting his tools away he sits aside me and takes off his shirt to which I reply,you don't have to stop there no one can see us anyway.. Well he did stop there but after a few trips in the house to mix a few drinks I thought I'd spice it up a bit more and the next time returned without bottoms on and I could tell for the first time in awhile this whole episode was arousing him. It wasn't long before I finally convinced him to remove his shorts and join me in the fun and in doing so exposing the nicest erection I've seen in awhile. We spent the next hour or so really enjoying the day and each others company and watching his erections come and go. I finally went inside to mix a few more drinks and while doing so I happened to look out the window where he was sitting and couldn't help but notice that he was sitting back and slowly stroking himself to another beautiful erection. In all the years of being married and having a healthy sex life not only have I never seen him masturbate but to be honest the topic of masturbation was never brought up,I mean I assumed he did and maybe he assumed I did as well but it was just not discussed. So when I took sight of this I have to confess it was a bit arousing so when I returned I did it quietly and when he caught sight of me he quickly stopped to hear me say oh hun you don't have to stop doing that, I think it's kinda hot..and after a few more assurances he finally again started to stroke it like he was before.At one point he looked at me and asked if I wanted to help to the reply of noooo keep going. I could tell he was starting to get comfortable when he claimed it was unfair that he had to it and not me and that was all I needed to hear so I pulled my chair around to face him,smiled and put my hand between my own legs and began doing the same. For the next few minutes as we sat there staring at each other as the pace began to quicken and I could feel I was building to a powerful climax and as I did I finally told him that I was getting close and I guess that's all he needed to hear when I saw him tense up and then release stream after stream of cum on his legs Between the sight of this and him moaning I soon followed with probably the most erotic orgasm I've had in years. When it was over we both just sat there and looked at each other and laughed saying how that might have been the weirdest thing we've ever done but both admitting it was great. From that day on we have had countless sessions out there and find ourselves outside naked quite a bit and I think we're both disappointed when we have other things that we have to attend to on his days off. So in closing I guess what I'm saying is ladies if you want to spice things up a bit you might want to try something like this,it certainly has spiced up our sex lives. I could tell you several more episodes that have happened since but I have probably gone on long enough. Hope you enjoyed..Brenda



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