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Never Thought It Would Happen To Me

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This progressed over the course of a few months; I promise it's all true.


Ever since I was in my mid teens I'd been curious about other girls, just as an experimentation, although I am straight. When I was 15, sophomore in high school, I met this girl in one of my classes (she was 16) and we were nothing like each other, so I didn't think we could ever become friends. Still, we somehow ended up hanging out and she became one of my best friends.

One night, a few months later, she was sleeping over at my house in my bed and we got to talking about sex and I'd known she was way more experienced than I was, so it was rather interesting to hear about how many people she'd had sex with, and all the things she'd done. I still had one question that I'd always been shy to ask, but she finally got it out of me. So I asked if she had ever masturbated. She told me she has and still does. Through all this conversation I started to get so wet and I wondered if it would go anywhere, or if I even wanted it to. I'm not quite sure how far our talk went, but we didn't do anything that night.

Her parents would go out of town on business quite frequently so she would get lonely and ask to hang out a lot. One night I was over at her house and she asked me if I'd ever seen a porn; I hadn't, only some pictures online. By now we were pretty open about talking sexual so it just made me even more curious. She said she'd found a box in her step dad's closet full of porns and she wanted to watch them with me. So we sat down in her living room and started to watch one of them. It was the first time I'd seen sex being filmed like that and it turned me on a lot; I was wondering if she was turned on. I said I was and asked her if she felt like masturbating but under blankets on separate chairs. She said ok, but we were both a little awkward. Still, we watched it for a while and rubbed our clits without the other seeing. After that night we ended up watching the porns more often.

One night in particular soon after the first, we got the idea and the courage to get completely naked in front of each other and watch while the other masturbated, of course while watching a porn. This, for me, was one of the most exciting things I have ever done, being able to watch someone so closely do something I'd been doing since I was 13 and felt so shy about admitting. After a while we just kept staring at each other's fingers moving and my gosh it made me so wet watching her, and we told each other when we were close and watched each other orgasm separately. I think that was one of my most exciting orgasms having been watched by a girl. That night was really exciting.

As if it could get more intense, on another night when her parents were gone, we got naked again and took a shower together and then decided to sit next to each other on the living room floor and attempt to give each other an orgasm for the first time. This made me very nervous because being straight I felt a little out of place but I couldn't stop myself. So we kinda touched each other's boobs for a few minutes and I know we were both really horny. Then she started rubbing my clit and it felt so different from my own hand but almost perfect at the same time. I guess girls really do know what they want. So she kept rubbing me and fingered me a few times and it felt so good; I almost orgasmed but couldnt quite, out of nervousness I think, so I finished myself. Then it was time for me to give her an orgasm. I never realized what guys must go through, hehe, but at first it was difficult finding how she liked it best. Then she started moaning a little and telling me it felt really good so I kept going in the same way, taking more wetness from her vagina as I rubbed her clit. She said she was getting close so I kept going and I never knew giving another girl an orgasm could be so rewarding. She squirmed all over the place and said it felt really good, one of the best clitoral orgasms someone else had given her. I felt so proud, I know it's funny. But after that we walked around the house totally naked for a little while just because we could. I think we danced to some music and we couldn't stop laughing and believing what we'd just done!

So after this last encounter happened we did take a few more showers together, picked out some thongs together, and she ended up having some guys over a few times that we messed around with together (for another time). It was all fun, but we didn't do anything alone anymore because we didnt want to make our friendship too awkward; then shortly after she had to move away. Still...I cannot believe something so intense and crazy could ever happen to me! I'm glad for it, and wonder if it could happen again someday with someone else even though I've happily been with my boyfriend for over two years. Maybe he could get in on it...you never know.



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